Saturday, January 10, 2015

Michelle Obama - The Fix May Be In

We recently learned that Socialist Senator Babble Boxer of California will not run for reelection in 2016.  Boxer is retiring after 21 years of unaccomplished service in Congress.  This is one federal pension we should all be happy to pay because Boxer is probably one of the dumbest, left wing politicians in the Socialist Party and that is saying a lot because so many of them are really stupid.  In fact, this Blogger cannot think of one thing Babble Boxer accomplished while serving in Congress.  She did scold a five star General for saying Yes Mam to her during questioning before the Committee that she chaired, rather than referring to her as Senator Boxer.  But otherwise, Babble Boxer has had a rather uninspiring Senate career. 

Apparently though, it was always good enough for the Socialist voters in California that never expected much from Boxer, since they reelected her several times.   So now, we must wonder if the fix is in for Michelle Obama.  The word on the street is that the Obama's have either bought, or are looking to buy a home in the Palm Springs, California area.  This could make Michelle's new found residence California, after her husband leaves office, even if her husband Pinocchio still claims Illinois as his principle residence.  They may very well want to do just that because then Michelle could run for Boxer's Senate Seat, while Pinocchio could continue to pay the lower personal income tax rates of Illinois.  In fact, California's personal income tax rates, at upper income levels, are about double those of Illinois. 

Pinocchio Obama could winter in California to play golf.  If Michelle Obama was elected to the Senate, she could spend her time in both California and Washington DC; not a bad life, once their kids are off to university, which is just a few years away.  But would the Socialists in California vote for a Carpet Bagger the way the Socialists in New York did with Hillary Clinton.  There is no doubt that California is the bluest of all Socialist States.  It would be nearly impossible for a Republican Senate Candidate to win in California, even if the Socialist candidate was clueless, as they often are.   However, California is much more Hispanic than New York.   And, there are many California Socialist Hispanics in office, waiting in the wings to replace the two Jewish Senators representing California; Boxer and Feinstein.  These Hispanic Socialists are not likely to just step aside to allow Michelle Obama to swoop in and take Boxer's Senate seat.  Michele Obama would have to fight for it, something she may find ugly.   In any case, it sure looks like the fix may be in.  Time will tell if the Obama's are following the Clinton pay book.   After all it is tough to give up the good life that comes from living in the White House and using Air Force One to jet off on vacation several times a year at taxpayer expense. 

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