Friday, January 16, 2015

Obama Releasing Terrorists From GITMO

While Western countries are dealing with Terrorism around the world, Emperor Pinocchio Obama is continuing to release Terrorists from Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) in his attempt to close down the prison.  To date, Obama has released 117 Terrorists; but to be fair President George W Bush released more than 500.  In both cases, this is crazy.  Many of these Terrorists are ending up in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries fully intent on committing more Terrorist attacks to kill Westerners. 

WE ARE AT WAR WITH RADICAL ISLAM.  When is Obama going to recognize this fact of life.  Would we have released Japanese or Nazi Prisoners of War, while World War II was still going on.  Of course, not.  Further, Congress will not allow Obama to close down GITMO because it is a perfectly logical place to hold Terrorists.  Obama's contention that the existence of GITMO is a recruiting tool for Terrorists is ridiculous.  Whether we use a prison in the United States, or GITMO to hold these murderers is irrelevant.  What is relevant is that if we bring these Terrorists on to US soil, they could be eligible for US citizen legal protections, rather than tried using military justice as the basis for trial.  This is a big deal.  For the most part, these Terrorists are not American citizens and therefore the protections in our Constitution do not apply.

Since Congress will not approve closure of GITMO, Emperor Obama is just releasing these Terrorists to make it happen.   The blood of those killed by these Terrorists, once they end up back in the battle, committing Terrorist attacks, is on Obama's hands.  Obamanista logic is perverse.  It is perfectly OK to kill these Terrorists, using drones even if there is collateral damage, than to hold them in GITMO.  The notion that collateral damage is what is really being used to recruit more Terrorists does not seem to register with Obama.  Again, this is just common sense; something Obama seems to lack.

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