Friday, January 16, 2015

Keystone Pipeline - A Giant Infra Structure Project

Emperor Pinocchio Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress continue to insist that the federal government borrow money from the Chinese, adding to our $18 Trillion National Debt, to fund infra structure projects.  The Socialists say it would create thousands of jobs.  Of course, when Obama talks about the Keystone Pipeline Project, requiring no government money, which apparently Obama intends to veto if approved by Congress, there is no acknowledgement of the job creation.  Obama down plays the 42,000 jobs that would be created as "temporary" and therefore not worthwhile.  If that is the measurement standard, then all infra structure project jobs are "temporary", since once a road or bridge is built, the jobs go away.

In this particular case, by bringing the Canadian oil into the US, it will be refined in Louisiana, which will create thousands of permanent jobs.  Then Obama goes on to say that this only benefits Canada, since the refined gas can be sold to other countries.  Obviously, Obama failed Economics 101 and simply does not understand markets.  It does not matter to whom this oil or gas is sold.  Adding this Canadian oil and gas to world markets helps pump up supply, which brings down prices for everyone. 

More than 65% of the American people, including Socialists, support the building of the Keystone Pipeline because it is good for America.  Unions support the building of the Keystone Pipeline because it will result in high paying often union jobs.   It is time for Emperor Obama to approve the building of the Keystone Pipeline because it will create thousands of jobs, while minimizing carbon emissions into the environment, since it will not longer be necessary to ship this oil by truck or rail, which is happening now, once the Pipeline is built.  It is time for common sense to prevail; but don't count it. 

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