Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Obamanistas Intentionally Did Not Go To France - End No Go Zones

While two million or more people and about 40 leaders from various countries marched in Paris, France to protest the murders committed by Islamic Fascist Terrorists and to protect freedom of speech, Obamanistas were missing in action.  Not only did Emperor Pinocchio Obama not show up to represent the United States, he sent no high level member of the administration to stand with the French people.   It is clear that this President refuses to recognize the threat we face from adherents of Radical Islam that will murder moderate Muslims, Christians, Jews and people of all other faiths, or no faiths, to establish a Caliphate in the Middle East and beyond.  It is disgraceful that no high level Obamanista participated in this March on the streets of Paris.  But this was no accident, or oversight.  Obama does not want to be associated with the term Radical Islam. 

At the same time, many countries in Europe have "No Go Zones", where the city police will not go, ceding to Radical Muslims their neighborhoods where they are practicing Sharia Law, rather than live by the laws of the particular country.  This is happening in the name of multi culturalism, which is just plain crazy.   All countries need the Melting Pot concept to assimilate immigrants to create one nation, speaking one language as the primary language and one culture.  To do otherwise, is a path to national destruction.  We see what is happening in France as 10% of their population are now Muslims that often live separate and apart from French society. 

These No Go Zones are breeding grounds to recruit Islamic Fascist Terrorists.  All of this has to stop to deal with the Islamic Fascist threat that we face around the world.  This is a battle between Western values and freedom and Fascism as bad as what we faced during World War II with the Nazi's.   This is about good versus evil.  Anyone who would murder in the name of God is actually doing the Devil's work.  Where is the Winston Churchill, or the Franklin Roosevelt, or Ronald Reagan that we need to defeat this form of Fascism.  Certainly, Pinocchio Obama is not that man.  If we are to live in peace, without the constant threat of Terrorism on our city streets that appears daily, we must recognize the threat we face and deal with it aggressively.  What other choice do we have if we are to remain a free people. 

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