Friday, January 9, 2015

Islamic Fascist Terrorist Attack in Paris, France

Once again we see another brutal Islamic Fascist Terrorist Attack, this time in Paris, France.  These Islamic Radicals murdered 12 people, including two police officers, protecting a left wing news magazine that uses cartoons in satire to make fun of everything and everybody, including Mohammad.  Ironically, one of the murdered police officers, seen begging for his life in a video, was himself a Muslim. This particular attack is an attack against Western Civilization and freedom of speech, which is the foundation of our liberty.  We all know that the lame stream left wing media is often irreverent; but it is what it is.  We must protect their freedom of speech, if we are all to have our freedoms protected.

France, in particular, has a growing Muslim population, which now comprises about 10% of its people.  Muslims are a growing segment of the population because France has allowed them into their country.  These immigrants refuse to assimilate, often practicing Sharia Law within their communities.  Since Muslims have many more children than the typical French family, it is only a matter of time that the French will become a minority within France.  When that happens, Islamic Radicals will demand changes to French law in accordance with Sharia Law.  The French people better wake up and soon to stop all this from happening. 

From a world perspective, all Western countries better understand the fight before us.  These Islamic Fascists want to impose a Caliphate in the Middle East and beyond.  They are more than willing to murder Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists and all peoples of other faiths and or people with no faith to install their brand of Islam.  We are fighting for our freedoms and way of life.  This Blogger hesitates to call this a new Crusade because it is not about Christians opposed to Muslims.  It is instead about all freedom loving people of all faiths, including moderate Muslims, against these Islamic Fascists.  We cannot ignore this threat, or down play it as sometimes occurs with Obamanistas that often refuse to use the word Islam tied to these Terrorist attacks.  In fact, these Islamic Fascists are as bad as Adolf Hitler and just as dangerous. 

We are at war requiring a formal Declaration of War by the United States and many other Western countries.  However, this war is not against a particular country; but rather is against a Fascist Ideology.  It is what it is and we better act to destroy it now and or we will see many more Terrorist murders around the world. 

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