Monday, August 31, 2009

President Obama's America - Not Our America

President Obama does not relate to our founding fathers and the immigrant experience that are the foundation of American life. Obama is instead a citizen of the world. As such, culturally Obama is not an American which is the reason he does not relate to the 50% of people in the United States that pay taxes to support the other 50% that pay no income taxes at all. Obama was a "victim" who grew up in a dysfunctional family. His father was reportedly a drunk and a philander who abandoned his mother shortly after Obama was born. Obama's mother in a sense abandoned him too for a number of years to go to school or for work. Though Obama spent some time with his mother in Seattle and Indonesia while living with a Muslim step father, Barack Obama was actually raised by his grandparents in a white middle class family in Hawaii. Since Hawaii is a multicultural society, Barack Obama did not suffer the segregation that existed in the US. Instead, Obama was a multi-racial kid growing up in Hawaii without his parents which shaped his personality.

Barack Obama went to Occidental College in California and Harvard on scholarships where he became a well educated man. In those days, he wasn't called Barack at all. His name was Barry when he wanted to fit into American society. After he became an attorney and decided to be a Professor, Community Organizer and Left Wing Activist in Chicago, he realized that he had to be Black in Chicago politics to succeed. So the best way to become an African American in Chicago was to join a large Black church presided over by a radical Black minister who apparently hates Whites. I actually believe Obama when he said he never heard the Reverend Wright's racist rantings against Whites during the 20 years Obama attended that church because Obama sat in those pews in body only. Obama's mind was probably a million miles away as he plotted the development of ACORN and his political career. Barry Obama used that Black church and their pastor and members to become Barack Obama with a need to be loved and adored because his parents were never there for him. It is important to recognize that as soon as Obama no longer needed or could defend Reverend Wright, Obama threw him under the bus. The psychology is as clear as day. To date the Obama's have not selected a church in Washington DC because they no longer need one. Sadly, Obama is not a Christian or a Muslim. Obama is instead a Godless Socialist and opportunist that uses God and people when ever it is convenient or necessary to further his political ambitions.

President Obama grew up in a dysfunctional family that was not traditionally American. As such, Obama cannot relate to the American immigrant story because his father never became an American that succeeded in the United States. As the victim of a dysfunctional family, Obama relates to all other "victims" in society that have used victimization as an excuse to fail, even though he succeeded, rather than those who came to America with nothing including slaves, often speaking different languages, and succeeded in spite of their plight because they refused to be victims. In essence, Obama wants to provide reparations for all "victims", though he will never use that word, not just those whose ancestors were slaves. So when Obama speaks of "transformational change" it is crystal clear now that the change he is referring to is a move away from the beliefs of our founding fathers, the immigrant experience of hard work and perseverance and capitalism to the socialist model that exists in other countries.

As such, as a Socialist, President Obama believes in redistribution of income. During the campaign when he was questioned about the fact that higher taxes rarely result in more revenues for government, (again Economics 101) he acknowledged that historical fact; but said it still would be fairer to take more from the "rich" which he defines as any family making more than $250,000 a year to "spread the wealth" as he told Joe the Plumber. Clearly, President Obama does not understand Economics 101. Making the "rich" poor will never help the poor.

President Obama advocates allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire at the end of 2010 and raising taxes of one sort or another even more to make it more "fair" and or for social engineering purposes. When those tax cuts expire, the average combined federal and state tax burden on the 50% of Americans that pay income taxes will grow to more than 50% in 39 US states. So in Obama's socialist America, full of victims, the goal is to have 50% of working Americans give up 50% of their income to support the other 50% of Americans that pay no income taxes at all. Obama's Socialist America is the 50/50/50 America, derived from his conflicted and dysfunctional family background and experiences, not the America of our founding fathers or our immigrant ancestors.

Those of us who believe in the America of our founding fathers and immigrant ancestors must stand strong in opposition to President's Obama's Socialist America not just for our children and grandchildren; but for all Americans even those that support Barack Obama because they will be the biggest losers if President Obama succeeds in driving the "transformational change" he champions making them wards of the state and the rest of us slaves working to support a federal government with an insatiable appetite for our money. As Margaret Thatcher, the former Prime Minister of Great Britain once said, "Socialism works just fine until the government runs out of other people's money". There is no doubt that President Obama has a grand Socialist scheme for America that is the result of his experiences. It is surely not the America of our fore fathers.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Economics 101 For Dummies and Democrats

Years ago I took Economics 101 as an elective while earning my Political Science and History degrees at Cal State. I was exposed to Paul Samuelson, John Maynard Keynes and my heroes Adam Smith and Milton Friedman. Then I earned a PHD in Economics from the School of Hard Knocks while working in business all over the world for the last 30 years. In doing so, I have worked my way through numerous recessions, real estate cycles and "crises" like wars, natural disasters, and financial calamity (still happening). As such, I am always amazed that presumably smart politicians like President Obama and the Democrat Socialists that control Congress were either asleep during Economics 101 or they hope against all odds that these tried and true principles are not valid. History tells us time and again that the principles described in Economics 101 are true. So, I thought I would post Economics 101 for Dummies and Democrats so that my readers can pass this posting along to their Democrat friends. And, I want to make it very simple because most Democrat Socialists are hard of thinking. So here goes.

1. Raising taxes leads to slower economic growth and if taxes are too high to no growth at all and even decline and less government tax revenues. Lowering taxes leads to higher economic growth and more tax revenues going to the government. This has happened every time taxes have been raised or cut.
2. Government actions distort the market place creating winners and losers. i.e. the Cash for Clunkers program which advantaged car dealers and manufacturers was at the expense of mechanics that would have fixed the clunkers and car parts makers. And, poor people will now have fewer options concerning the purchase of a car. People who bought new cars will also experience higher insurance and vehicle license costs pulling money out of the economy that would have been spent on other purchases like appliances. So though about 600,000 cars were sold, the program may actually cause job losses in other industry segments.
3. Unions have actually destroyed jobs by demanding compensation and benefits that had no relationship to the skill set of the employees unions often represent. i.e. $70 an hour fully loaded for an auto plant worker. Union demands in the last 50 years, have resulted in the loss of millions of manufacturing jobs in the US in heavy industry, textiles and service industries. Those jobs are now overseas. The only union jobs that have grown are government union jobs.
4. Job killer laws result in job losses in the US because those restrictions often do not exist overseas.
5. Competition is global not national so US employees, for better or worse, are competing with potential employees in other countries that work for substantially less money than employees in the US.
6. Socialist command economies result in slow or no growth and generally higher unemployment.
7. For every government job added, two are lost in the private sector because the taxes necessary to support government employees drain the private sector of money that would otherwise have been invested to grow the private sector.
8. Bigger government in the end leads to less economic growth and revenues for the government because while government jobs contribute some to the economy, government does not pay taxes; hence there is less money to support government expenditures. Bankrupt California, now in a death spiral, is the best example of a high tax and regulation, big government state that cannot afford the programs enacted by the California Socialist legislature because as a result of their actions companies keep voting with their feet and leaving the state further eroding the tax base.
9. Deficit spending results in higher interest rates, inflation and if excessive, the collapse of the currency. There are numerous examples in history.

Economics 101 principles are tried and true. When President Obama and the Democrat Socialists that control Congress pass laws like the SwindleUS Package, Cap and Tax, HealthScare, Job Killer bills etc. they are actually hurting the American economy and people and causing job losses which will result in even higher government deficits. These laws will result in more jobs going overseas because of the law of unintended consequences. Business will vote with their feet as has happened in California and the United States. In fact, in the last few years a very large bio tech company built a $2 Billion plant in Northern California. Before it ever opened a decision was made to move that subsidiary to Singapore. It was actually more cost effective to write off the entire $2 billion investment than to open that plant in California and the United States. This story is rather common.

If only President Obama and the Democrat Socialists that control Congress had learned the lessons of economic history and or worked in business, they would better understand corporate decision making. While no one is arguing for sweat shops or a lower standard of living for Americans, Democrat Socialists simply do not understand that their legislative actions, enacted in a vacuum, are often detrimental to the United States. Every time government changes the rules, business just goes to Plan B in response. The principles of Economics 101, which Democrat Socialists do not understand and or choose to ignore, always prevails in the end.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Senator Harry Reid - Missing In Action

Democrat Socialist Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Majority Leader of the US Senate is missing in action. Senator Reid will not show up for a face to face town hall meeting in Nevada because he knows it will turn into a riot. After all, it was Senator Reid who called those of us who attend Tea Party Protests, evil mongers and a members of a "mob. As such, Senator Reid is extremely unpopular in Nevada, with poll ratings in the toilet. Nevada is a purple swing state about evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats. The inner city of Las Vegas is solidly Democrat. The suburbs of Las Vegas are 50/50. And, the entire rest of the state including Reno and the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe are majority Republican. Hence, my home state of Nevada has a Republican Governor, a Democrat controlled legislature, one Democrat Senator (Reid), one Republican Senator (Ensign), two Democrat Congressmen and one Republican Congressmen. The mayor of Las Vegas is a Democrat while the mayor of Reno is a Republican.

Most important, Senator Harry Reid is up for re-election in 2010 and as of now various Republican challengers are polling better than Reid. The reason this is happening is that Senator Reid has been missing in action or worse related to the serious issues we face in Nevada. The state of Nevada has among the highest unemployment rates in the country at 12.5% because both tourism is down as a result of the recession and President Obama, who has never managed any public or private enterprise, angrily denounced corporate America for holding business meetings in Las Vegas. Right after Obama came out against Las Vegas, $400 million of convention business was immediately cancelled because companies did not want the visibility of holding business meetings in Las Vegas even though it is one of the most cost effective venues in the country because convention priced hotel rooms are comparatively cheap. This is one of the reasons federal government employees always show up for conferences in Las Vegas because the room rates fall below federally approved rates. In addition, as a result of Obama's pronouncements, Wells Fargo, forced to take TARP money, cancelled a conference they had planned for Las Vegas and instead moved it to San Francisco; no doubt with room rates twice the cost of Las Vegas. Mr. President, if only you had worked in business you would know that companies, organizations and government employees go to Las Vegas because it is cheaper than other venues. In coming down on Las Vegas, you actually cost the Treasury corporate income tax revenues because companies using more costly venues will just have higher business deductions. If only President Obama and other Democrat Socialists understood the law of unintended consequences.

In any case, when President Obama came down on Las Vegas, the Democrat mayor of Las Vegas went ballistic and demanded an apology and a retraction. But once again, Senator Harry Reid first said he agreed with the President and then when the fire storm came, Reid was again missing in action. Next, Nevada has the highest foreclosure rate in the country. Again, Senator Harry Reid is missing in action because Obama's SwindleUS Package, that Reid pushed through Congress, has done nothing to grow the economy and end the recession. Obviously as people lose their jobs in Nevada because of lack of convention business which Obama caused, they cannot make their house payments which is contributing to Nevada's foreclosure rate. And, all this deficit spending including the SwindleUs Package that is bankrupting the United States is probably making matters worse.

Yes, Senator Harry Reid, who comes from Searchlight, Nevada has been missing in action. Perhaps we need to build a tall light house in Nevada that would shine all the way to Washington DC to remind Senator Reid that he works for the people of Nevada not President Obama. Senator Reid, you can run and you can hide; but come November of 2010, we know where to find you. I suggest you start planning your retirement now because we are going to do all we can to help you find another job. Maybe, your friend the President will appoint you the Czar in charge of defeated politicians then you and former Senator Tom Daschle can meet regularly to reminisce about your days in office.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Obama's National Security Force

President Obama is proposing the establishment of a National Civilian Security Force under the auspices of Americorp. The President wants to spend as much money on this internal security force as we spend on the American military which is just astounding. Where are these billions to fund this new civilian security force going to come from? First, Mr. President we already have a civilian security force. It is called the National Guard that exists in every state under the command of each Governor and it is often federalized to deal with national emergencies. What Obama is really talking about is incorporating ACORN into Americorp and putting the entire inner city on the federal payroll. While I suppose this would be better than welfare as a workfare program, it is clear that this would be Obama's private, personal army of supporters. In essence, this force would be Obama's storm troopers. This President is purposefully bankrupting the United States to forever change our nation, which is bad enough; but this new move is really frightening and a clear and present danger to the American people.

Remember, the federal government is already funding ACORN, the group established by Obama, with hundreds of millions of dollars to support Obama's socialist agenda. There is a provision in the HealthScare bill that gives ACORN millions to sign up people for government HealthScare. The federal government also funded ACORN to register voters in the last election and we know the end of that story. Obama wants to use ACORN to conduct the census next year which is really dangerous because they will manipulate the count to gain Socialist seats in Congress. Obama wants his National Civilian Security Force in place to be his street fighters and since they will be on his payroll, this force will be his enforcers. It is happening now as members of ACORN and SEIU (The Service International Union) show up at town halls and in front of people's homes that do not toe the party line.

In history we have seen this story before. Hitler established the Hitler Youth and the SS Brown Shirts completely loyal to him because he did not trust the traditional military. Hugo Chavez, the Communist dictator of Venezuela, has his civilian force that he calls out when ever he needs them. The Soviet Union, Communist China, North Korea, Iran and Iraq under Saddam all have used civilian security forces similarly under the direction of the supreme LEADER to silence opponents and enforce their corrupt and dangerous schemes.

President Obama has a grand socialist scheme for America that becomes more obvious by the day. This is the "change" he was talking about during the election. We need to stand up and JUST SAY NO before it is too late. This National Security Civilian Force will be used to take away our freedoms. Don't think it can't happen because history is our teacher. It has happened in other countries. Obama will send out his thugs to polling places, community meetings and door to door to intimidate citizens. It is already happening now. Don't forget this is the administration that asked Americans to turn in their fellow citizens to the White House for sending out "fishy" e-mails. This is the kind of informant program that existed in Nazi Germany, Communist countries and Iran. The HealthScare bill requires the IRS to turn over our tax returns to the HealthScare Commissar which is a violation of current law. Please sound the alarm bells with your friends and neighbors. President Obama is a threat to our freedoms and our very way of life. This is a very serious matter indeed.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Senator Edward Kennedy - A Misguided Legacy

Many are mourning the death of left wing Democrat Socialist Senator Edward (Teddy) Kennedy, christened the "lion of the Senate" by the liberal media. Mr. Kennedy was first elected to the US Senate in 1962, to fill his brother John's seat, when he was 30 years old. Senator Kennedy served as the senior Senator from Massachusetts for almost 47 years and as such he deserves gratitude from all for his years of public service. Unfortunately, as a result of his socialist, left wing ideology, Senator Kennedy did far more harm than good during his tenure.

Senator Kennedy could be a Democrat Socialist because his father Joseph P. Kennedy was a ruthless, capitalist and some would say scoundrel that left behind a fortune including the Merchandise Mart in Chicago (several square blocks in size) the allowed Senator Kennedy to collect millions each year in income. The fact is that Senator Edward Kennedy, like President Obama, never managed any public or private enterprise or "worked for a living" a day in his life. Senator Kennedy never held a real job in the private sector which is the reason for his complete disconnect with the American people. Kennedy never understood what it meant to "make payroll" because he always had our tax money at his disposal.

Kennedy was a typical left wing, tax and spend Democrat Socialist that had no clue about the American economy. So the thought that he would wag his finger at the corporate executives before his Senate committee, that had actually created jobs, is really despicable. And, making matters worse, Senator Edward Kennedy not only inherited his family's money he also inherited all the Kennedy well known, character flaws making his grand standing even more offensive.

In any case, when Senator Kennedy took office in 1962, there was a vibrant textile, furniture and fishing industry in the Northeast. Over the years the textile and furniture industries first moved to the South to seek a better business environment and then eventually left the country entirely and has relocated to Asia Pacific. The fishing industry that spawned the term "Boston Cod" is significantly smaller today because of federal regulations preventing American fishermen from fishing off our shores. Those restrictions by the way do not apply to other countries that do fish off our shores. These things occurred because Senator Kennedy has been instrumental in the passage of many job killer laws that have resulted in jobs moving over seas. So the very people he was trying to help, he ultimately put out of work.

In addition, Senator Kennedy has always been a champion of Social Security and Medicare which are predicated on a younger generation paying for the benefits of the older generation. Over the years, though Senator Kennedy was a Roman Catholic and the church opposes abortion, Senator Kennedy was an ardent proponent of unrestricted abortion. Since Roe V. Wade became the law of the land in 1971, over 20 million innocent babies have suffered abortion murder. Aside from the sin against humanity that is abortion, these 20 million babies would have grown up into tax paying citizens had they survived. 70 million baby boomers are now retiring. Clearly, one of the main reasons Social Security and Medicare are bankrupt is that this lost generation is not here to fund these programs. As such, Senator Kennedy in supporting abortion acted to harm Social Security and Medicare. In addition, Senator Kennedy has played a big role in bankrupting our country over the years by adding social programs that are just not sustainable.

Finally, Senator Edward Kennedy was vicious in his attacks on Republican Supreme Court nominees Bork, Thomas, Roberts and Alito and then asked Republicans to be kind to recently appointed Supreme Court Justice Sotomajor. As such, Senator Kennedy was a hypocrite of the highest order. And, Kennedy was opposed to both Iraq wars even when EVERYONE thought that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Senator Kennedy, along with President Obama, is a member of the "blame America" crowd that faults the United States for all the problems of the world. The United States is not safer today because of Senator Kennedy's tenure in office because he always supported gutting the military and our intelligence agencies.

Senator Edward Kennedy served in the US Senate for nearly 47 years. It was just too long and is a clear example of why we need term limits for all political offices. Politicians of either party in office for decades do not live in the real world. The founders intended that our elected officials be citizen representatives not elected for life. Kennedy like all Democrat Socialists never understood Economics 101, the law of unintended consequences or what was necessary to protect the vital interests of the United States. Senator Edward Kennedy did far more harm than good during his time in office. May he rest in peace.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

September 12 - Washington DC Tea Party Protest

Thousands of patriots will gather in Washington DC, including me, on September 12, 2009 to protest President Obama's socialist agenda, the SwindleUs package, the HealthScare Program, the Cap and Tax Bill, the bail outs and the trillions of dollars in deficit spending that are bankrupting the United States. This Tea Bag Party is sponsored by numerous organizations committed to responsible government all of which are identified on the protest web site at I want to add the National Freedom Forum to the list of sponsors. Of course, Democrat Socialists, who are hard of thinking, like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and others have referred to us as members of a "mob", anti-American, evil mongers, astro turf, etc. etc. Though it is not true, I am proud to wear that label in defense of freedom and our country. Clearly, President Obama and the Democrat Socialists that control Congress do not understand the anger that is fomenting across America. WE ARE MAD AS HELL AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE.

The people showing up at town hall meetings and Tea Bag parties across the country are not part of any organized "mob" as contended by the Democrat Socialists. In fact, it is the Democrat Socialists sending in their street fighters and thugs from ACORN and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) in bus loads to town hall meetings not those protesting Obama shenanigans. Instead, we are just individual concerned citizens who are saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Bankrupting the United States is not acceptable because we know it will lead to the collapse of our country and the demise of freedom as we know it. We do not want to leave Obama's big government, socialist America to our children and grandchildren where 50% of the people pay income taxes to support the other 50% who pay no income taxes at all.

What is happening in these town hall meetings and Tea Bag parties is the best spontaneous American form of peaceful revolt and protest. Those of us who love our country are telling those who would change it into a socialist nation that we will not stand for it. Freedom is precious and worth fighting for because we have seen what happens when socialism prevails. History is our teacher and we have learned those lessons well. American blood has been spilt to protect our freedoms time and again. Now it is our turn to protest and fight for our freedoms and our country. Mr. Obama, DON'T TREAD ON ME. You have awakened a sleeping giant. The silent majority will be silent no more.

Any one interested can still be part of the Washington DC Protest on September 12. Just go on the protest web site at to register. We will gather at Freedom Plaza on September 12 at 8:00 am and then march down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol building to make our voices heard loud and clear.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Obama's Shadow Government

President Obama has appointed more than 30 Czars without Congressional approval while most President's have had 3 or 4 to govern various hot topics like Drugs or National Security. Some of Obama's Czars are left wing radicals, known communists or environmental wackos. Many of Obama's Czars came from radical academia. It's funny the word Czar actually emanates from the Russian word Tsar which meant emperor. This Russian word came from the Latin word Caesar which was adopted by Roman Emperors to honor Julius Caesar after he was assassinated. However, President Obama has chosen the wrong Russian word to designate his many Czars costing tax payers millions of dollars. Instead, and going forward, we should refer to all these Czars as Commissars as the more appropriate Russian Communist word for this shadow government.

What is interesting about Obama's Commissars is that they duplicate the Cabinet that is authorized by the US Constitution. In fact, it is hard to understand why anyone would want to be a Cabinet member since with these Commissars in place Cabinet Secretary's are irrelevant as Hillary Clinton is discovering. Instead, everything is being run from the White House. As such, these Commissars fall outside Congressional oversight which admittedly is suspect; but better than nothing as a check and balance on the Executive Branch. Most important, these Commissars jobs, at high salaries, represent a pay off to all of Obama's left wing cronies. This is Chicago style patronage at its best. And, if it was harmless and just millions of dollars at stake, we could look the other way; but unfortunately, appointment of these Commissars has a sinister impact. Many of these Commissars believe in redistribution of income through high taxation. They want the 50% of us that pay income taxes to support the other 50% in the United States that pay no income taxes at all. They support environmental wacho schemes like Cap and Tax that will cost millions of jobs, accomplish little and raise energy costs for families by an average of $3,000 or more a year. These Commissars are not troubled by the $9 Trillion deficit (which will probably be double) that is now projected in the next ten years. It does not bother them that Medicare and Social Security are bankrupt. Clearly, Obama's Commissars are there to loot the federal government even if it bankrupts the country to support all their favorite socialist schemes, ACORN, government owned companies, the HealthScare Program and their supporters. In fact, they want to see a bankrupt US to foment a "crisis" that will result in even more government control of our lives. Again, Thank God for Fox News because without Fox there would be no oversight at all of President Obama shenanigans.

P.S. It was reported that Michelle Obama has a staff of more than 20 at a cost of several million dollars when other first ladies did very well with just a few attendents. Again, this is just more Chicago style patronage at tax payer expense. While Michelle does need someone to help her with proper dress as First Lady, I suspect most of these people are just more political operatives for the President at taxpayer expense.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Thank God for Fox News

Fox News is under attack for its coverage of the Obama Administration. A group called, that promotes action among African Americans launched a campaign to get advertisers to abandon Fox News and in particular the Glenn Beck show. So far 33 advertisers including Wal Mart, CVS Drugs, Clorox and UPS have either limited or curtailed advertising on Fox. This is happening because Fox is the only news channel that provides complete coverage about Obama's socialist schemes. Clearly, if Fox had not brought attention to the details of Obama's HealthScare Plan, the American people would have no clue about the 1,008 page socialist bill proposed by the Pelosi House of Representatives. And, Glenn Beck has been running a continuous investigation of ACORN, accused of fraud in many states. ACORN is receiving hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal government to advance Obama's Socialist agenda. These are the left wing street fighters of the Democrat Party. Fox also provided complete coverage of Obama's SwindleUs package and the Tea Bag parties happening all over the US. Clearly, Obama's poll ratings are falling by the day and left wing radicals see Fox as the culprit for providing information that counter's Obama's propaganda machine. Obama's town hall meetings are completely staged with adoring fans as was the case in Montana and Colorado so we certainly can't view them as a credible information source. And, Obama is just not telling the truth about his HealthScare Plan. Any one who has read the bill proposed by Pelosi can surely see the truth.

We need Fox News now more than ever as the only credible source of information on TV. As a result, Fox has the highest ratings on TV. The other major networks NBC, CNBC and MSNBC are all owned by GE (Government Enterprises). It is no coincidence that GE Capital received billions of dollars from the federal government in a bail out. Yet isn't interesting that there are no calls by the left wing liberals in Congress to limit salary for GE's liberal CEO Jeff Imelt even though he has run GE into the ground. As I once heard old Senator Sam Irvin say at the Watergate Hearings in 1968, "Whose Bread You Eat, Whose Song You Sing". GE has eaten lots of federal bread and as such they are today the propaganda mouthpiece, through their TV stations, supporting the Obama Administration.

Thank God for Fox News. If not for Fox, we would only be fed Obama propaganda supported by the liberal news media. We need to do everything we can to support Fox including calling these advertisers to make it very clear that if they don't support Fox, we won't support them. We can play this game too.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Obama's HealthScare Program - Death & Taxes

If the 1,018 page US House version of the Obama HealthScare Program passes the full Congress and is signed by the President, it will the largest expansion of the federal government in American history. Aside from bankrupting the United States which it will surely do, this legislation will lead to intrusion into our lives like no other law is our history. In addition, it really should be called the Death and Taxes Bill because it also provides for a huge expansion of IRS authority to monitor our personal finances like never before. This new law which is supposed to make us healthy is going to make us really sick and tired of dealing with government bureaucrats. It will lead to rationing and a lower quality of medical services just as has occurred overseas.

The word "penalty" is used in this legislation 156 times. The word "tax" is mentioned 172 times. So if we don't do as instructed by the federal government we will be hit with penalties and new taxes at ever turn. And, a new Czar, a Health Choices Commissioner is actually going to make the rules, yet to be determined, that govern our lives.

Obama plans to pay for HealthScare by cutting Medicare benefits by $500 Billion and raising taxes on the "rich" those earning more than $250,000 to bring in another $500 Billion. I guess that would be all right if this new government entitlement actually ends up costing what is projected, however, just when has the government been right in its projections? Medicare, which is bankrupt, is actually ten times more expensive than was originally projected in 1965 when the law was passed. If Obama's HealthScare Program is true to form, rather than cost $1.2 Trillion over the next ten years, it will be 10 times more. So senior citizens will ultimately pay to provide insurance to 12 million illegal aliens by rationing of services to them. The so-called "rich" will pay more in taxes; but it still won't be enough because raising taxes never results in higher income to the government. Just wait and see, the next thing we hear about is a VAT (value added federal sales tax). More on that in another posting.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Obama's Cash for Clunkers - Another Dumb Idea

President Obama and the Democrat Socialist controlled Congress just spent $3 Billion of deficit spending on the Cash for Clunkers Program to stimulate auto sales. On the surface this sounds like a good idea until the law of unintended consequences kicks in which politicians never seem to understand. First, 4 out of 5 new cars purchased under this program were either Toyota's or Honda's. The Ford Focus came in as number 5. It is interesting to note that the one American car company that seems to be winning is Ford, that took no bail out money, not GM or Chrysler that filed for bankruptcy. In any case, who can blame consumers? Toyota's and Honda's are great cars that hold their value. And, many of these cars are made in the US anyway so in that sense it is good for America even though the profits are going to Japan. As a free trader that doesn't bother me because in the end the money will recirculate anyway. What is important though is that consumers rejected government motors, GM and Chrysler in a big slap in the face to Obama; their CEO.

But this program is actually going to cost more jobs than it creates. Think about it. Those clunkers that have been destroyed as a requirement of this program require more repairs. Repairs involve new parts. So now the mechanics that fix cars lose jobs. And, the guys that make the parts some of whom work in the US lose jobs too. Finally, analysts now say that this program will cause the price of used cars to go up. This is not good news for the poor, who buy these older cars to go to work and/or for young people who often go off to college or work in these used cars.

So President Obama just borrowed $3 billion from the Chinese and other foreigners for the Cash for Clunkers Program and it will probably result in job losses in the US. It would be nice if these left wing politicians would think through the ultimate consequences of their actions. Cash for Clunkers was dumb, dumb, dumb. If they were going to waste government money, it would have been smarter to provide all car buyers a $2,000 cash credit for buying any new car without the requirement that the old car trade-in be destroyed. If the Obama whiz kids had done so, twice as many cars would have been sold for the same amount of government spending. Oh I forgot, Cash for Clunkers was supposed to be social engineering to get gas guzzlers off the road. I suspect many of these cars would have been gone anyway in the next few years and the government would not have had to spend a dime. Oh well, it's only money; a billion here, a billion there; but whose counting; clearly no one in the White House.

Obama Bankrupting the United States

The Obama Administration announced today that the deficit over the next ten years will be $9 Trillion instead of the $7 Trillion originally projected by them. They say this will happen because of slower Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth than originally thought. Well hello! What Obama failed to say is that their policies are what is causing the slow growth. Raising taxes as proposed by Obama, the HealthScare Reform Program complete with Death Panels, CAP and TAX, the job killer bill that will raise the cost of energy for all, the SwindleUS Package, the auto industry bailouts, the hundreds of millions of dollars going to ACORN and all the other socialist schemes proposed by Obama are the reasons for these unsustainable deficits. And, don't forget this is the tip of the iceberg because there is another $10 Trillion of Medicare and $44 Trillion of Social Security unfunded liabilities also sitting out there because these programs are bankrupt.

Obama is a clear and present danger to the United States. If these deficits are allowed to happen, our dollar will collapse, interest rates and inflation will go through the roof and unemployment will persist. All of this will certainly happen because the Chinese and other foreign investors will cease buying our debt. When that happens the FEDS will be forced to print money, which is already happening, hence the reason the result I describe is certain.

We could conclude that Obama, like Jimmy Carter is just incompetent for allowing this to happen. However, I believe that since Obama is a socialist that this is all part of a grand plan to bankrupt the United States so that the federal government can step in to deal with the "national emergency" kind of like what happened when Hitler stepped in to deal with the very same "crisis" that Germany experienced in the early 30's.

These unsustainable deficits are not a done deal provided we the American people step in and JUST SAY HELL NO. We have to act to save our country. The election in 2010 will be among the most important in American history. We have to take back the Congress from Harry Reid, my Senator from Nevada and Nancy Pelosi, the San Francisco Speaker of the House in order to begin the end of the Obama Presidency. We have to do this for our children and grandchildren to save our country for them. Expect to hear more on how you can help.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

National Freedom Forum

As we deal with President Obama, the most radical left wing President in the history of the United States, four other Presidents in American history come to mind. The first is Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the Declaration of Independence describing the rights of man and the effects of tyranny. President Jefferson also implemented the Louisiana Purchase which more than doubled the size of the United States in our manifest destiny to stretch our great country from sea to shining sea. The next great President was James Madison, who wrote the US Constitution that forms the basis for our republic. This incredible document that expresses "We the People" in its preamble, has for the most part stood the test of time like no other Constitution in the world. President Madison in effect also ended the Revolutionary War of 1776 during the War of 1812 finally establishing the United States as one nation under God free from British tyranny. Several years later, Abraham Lincoln, perhaps our greatest President, acted with malice toward none to preserve the United States as one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all. Finally, President Ronald Reagan was elected after the failed Carter Presidency to end malaise and bring morning to America. President Reagan in his simplicity was a truly great man. Ronald Reagan understood that freedom was the basis for all government decisions as he worked with Pope John Paul to bring down godless Communism and the Soviet evil empire. President Reagan believed in low taxes and individual aspirations and success. Mr. Reagan saw government as the problem and not the solution.

As I see government today, it is neither the problem nor the solution; but rather the opportunity for us to work together in our quest for liberty, truth, justice and prosperity for all. As such, and in view of President Obama's socialist plans for America, I will write frequently about the political issues of the day. I will endorse conservative candidates and use this forum to raise money for them because elections matter. As John Kennedy said during his inauguration, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country". Today, like never before the United States is threatened by bad ideas that could forever change our republic. ObamaCare socialist health care reform is bad for America. This 1000 page bill will turn over the health care system of the United States to the federal government that has bankrupted Social Security and Medicare. The proposed 1,500 page Cap and Tax Bill before Congress is a job killer bill that will result in much higher energy costs for all. Finally, Obama's SwindleUS Package has done nothing to end the recession and in fact has contributed to job losses hindering the recovery if one ever occurs. We all have to stand up and be counted. As we consider the greatness of President's Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln and Reagan, we cannot allow President Obama to fundamentally change our country by implementing a failed socialist ideology that hasn't worked in any country in the world. It is time for change all right. We need to elect candidates to Congress who share our ideals to stop President Obama from passing his agenda. In the weeks and months ahead, please expect to hear more. JM