Monday, August 24, 2009

Thank God for Fox News

Fox News is under attack for its coverage of the Obama Administration. A group called, that promotes action among African Americans launched a campaign to get advertisers to abandon Fox News and in particular the Glenn Beck show. So far 33 advertisers including Wal Mart, CVS Drugs, Clorox and UPS have either limited or curtailed advertising on Fox. This is happening because Fox is the only news channel that provides complete coverage about Obama's socialist schemes. Clearly, if Fox had not brought attention to the details of Obama's HealthScare Plan, the American people would have no clue about the 1,008 page socialist bill proposed by the Pelosi House of Representatives. And, Glenn Beck has been running a continuous investigation of ACORN, accused of fraud in many states. ACORN is receiving hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal government to advance Obama's Socialist agenda. These are the left wing street fighters of the Democrat Party. Fox also provided complete coverage of Obama's SwindleUs package and the Tea Bag parties happening all over the US. Clearly, Obama's poll ratings are falling by the day and left wing radicals see Fox as the culprit for providing information that counter's Obama's propaganda machine. Obama's town hall meetings are completely staged with adoring fans as was the case in Montana and Colorado so we certainly can't view them as a credible information source. And, Obama is just not telling the truth about his HealthScare Plan. Any one who has read the bill proposed by Pelosi can surely see the truth.

We need Fox News now more than ever as the only credible source of information on TV. As a result, Fox has the highest ratings on TV. The other major networks NBC, CNBC and MSNBC are all owned by GE (Government Enterprises). It is no coincidence that GE Capital received billions of dollars from the federal government in a bail out. Yet isn't interesting that there are no calls by the left wing liberals in Congress to limit salary for GE's liberal CEO Jeff Imelt even though he has run GE into the ground. As I once heard old Senator Sam Irvin say at the Watergate Hearings in 1968, "Whose Bread You Eat, Whose Song You Sing". GE has eaten lots of federal bread and as such they are today the propaganda mouthpiece, through their TV stations, supporting the Obama Administration.

Thank God for Fox News. If not for Fox, we would only be fed Obama propaganda supported by the liberal news media. We need to do everything we can to support Fox including calling these advertisers to make it very clear that if they don't support Fox, we won't support them. We can play this game too.

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