Friday, August 28, 2009

Obama's National Security Force

President Obama is proposing the establishment of a National Civilian Security Force under the auspices of Americorp. The President wants to spend as much money on this internal security force as we spend on the American military which is just astounding. Where are these billions to fund this new civilian security force going to come from? First, Mr. President we already have a civilian security force. It is called the National Guard that exists in every state under the command of each Governor and it is often federalized to deal with national emergencies. What Obama is really talking about is incorporating ACORN into Americorp and putting the entire inner city on the federal payroll. While I suppose this would be better than welfare as a workfare program, it is clear that this would be Obama's private, personal army of supporters. In essence, this force would be Obama's storm troopers. This President is purposefully bankrupting the United States to forever change our nation, which is bad enough; but this new move is really frightening and a clear and present danger to the American people.

Remember, the federal government is already funding ACORN, the group established by Obama, with hundreds of millions of dollars to support Obama's socialist agenda. There is a provision in the HealthScare bill that gives ACORN millions to sign up people for government HealthScare. The federal government also funded ACORN to register voters in the last election and we know the end of that story. Obama wants to use ACORN to conduct the census next year which is really dangerous because they will manipulate the count to gain Socialist seats in Congress. Obama wants his National Civilian Security Force in place to be his street fighters and since they will be on his payroll, this force will be his enforcers. It is happening now as members of ACORN and SEIU (The Service International Union) show up at town halls and in front of people's homes that do not toe the party line.

In history we have seen this story before. Hitler established the Hitler Youth and the SS Brown Shirts completely loyal to him because he did not trust the traditional military. Hugo Chavez, the Communist dictator of Venezuela, has his civilian force that he calls out when ever he needs them. The Soviet Union, Communist China, North Korea, Iran and Iraq under Saddam all have used civilian security forces similarly under the direction of the supreme LEADER to silence opponents and enforce their corrupt and dangerous schemes.

President Obama has a grand socialist scheme for America that becomes more obvious by the day. This is the "change" he was talking about during the election. We need to stand up and JUST SAY NO before it is too late. This National Security Civilian Force will be used to take away our freedoms. Don't think it can't happen because history is our teacher. It has happened in other countries. Obama will send out his thugs to polling places, community meetings and door to door to intimidate citizens. It is already happening now. Don't forget this is the administration that asked Americans to turn in their fellow citizens to the White House for sending out "fishy" e-mails. This is the kind of informant program that existed in Nazi Germany, Communist countries and Iran. The HealthScare bill requires the IRS to turn over our tax returns to the HealthScare Commissar which is a violation of current law. Please sound the alarm bells with your friends and neighbors. President Obama is a threat to our freedoms and our very way of life. This is a very serious matter indeed.

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