Saturday, August 22, 2009

Obama Bankrupting the United States

The Obama Administration announced today that the deficit over the next ten years will be $9 Trillion instead of the $7 Trillion originally projected by them. They say this will happen because of slower Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth than originally thought. Well hello! What Obama failed to say is that their policies are what is causing the slow growth. Raising taxes as proposed by Obama, the HealthScare Reform Program complete with Death Panels, CAP and TAX, the job killer bill that will raise the cost of energy for all, the SwindleUS Package, the auto industry bailouts, the hundreds of millions of dollars going to ACORN and all the other socialist schemes proposed by Obama are the reasons for these unsustainable deficits. And, don't forget this is the tip of the iceberg because there is another $10 Trillion of Medicare and $44 Trillion of Social Security unfunded liabilities also sitting out there because these programs are bankrupt.

Obama is a clear and present danger to the United States. If these deficits are allowed to happen, our dollar will collapse, interest rates and inflation will go through the roof and unemployment will persist. All of this will certainly happen because the Chinese and other foreign investors will cease buying our debt. When that happens the FEDS will be forced to print money, which is already happening, hence the reason the result I describe is certain.

We could conclude that Obama, like Jimmy Carter is just incompetent for allowing this to happen. However, I believe that since Obama is a socialist that this is all part of a grand plan to bankrupt the United States so that the federal government can step in to deal with the "national emergency" kind of like what happened when Hitler stepped in to deal with the very same "crisis" that Germany experienced in the early 30's.

These unsustainable deficits are not a done deal provided we the American people step in and JUST SAY HELL NO. We have to act to save our country. The election in 2010 will be among the most important in American history. We have to take back the Congress from Harry Reid, my Senator from Nevada and Nancy Pelosi, the San Francisco Speaker of the House in order to begin the end of the Obama Presidency. We have to do this for our children and grandchildren to save our country for them. Expect to hear more on how you can help.

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