Saturday, August 31, 2013

Call the Congress Back NOW

Secretary of State John Kerry, in a very Presidential speech, went on TV to tell us that Assad's Syria committed crimes against humanity when they killed more than 1,400 of their own people with chemical weapons.  Kerry went on to say that it is in the Vital Interests of the United States to act to deter Syria and Iran, their patron, from doing even more heinous crimes.  OK, that all could make sense.  

But, a day later, apparently with no sense of urgency, incompetent Socialist President Obama went on TV telling us he has the power to act to fire those cruise missiles as Commander In Chief; but that he will seek the approval of Congress when they return from vacation on September 9 to do so.  Then, this tone deaf President, along with Vice President Joe Biden, went off and played golf; just unbelievable. 

Which is it.  If Kerry said it was in our Vital Interest to act, then why the hell is Obama going to Congress for a vote days away when the President said he has the authority to act unilaterally.   Obama's foreign policy is simply incoherent and confusing. 

Historical precedent indicates that the President could act unilaterally; but this Blogger is pleased that for once Obama is falling back on the Constitution to involve Congress, most particularly because the Power of the Purse to spend the money to implement this military action resides with Congress.  However, Obama is doing all of this for political reasons, not common sense.  Since he has no allies behind him, except maybe France (TBD), Obama does not want to go it alone going into the 2014 Congressional elections.  

Obama wants Congress on record, one way or another.  But, what if Congress says No to military action, which is feasible, as happened in Britain.  It will make Obama look even weaker and more incompetent than he already looks around the world and that will be dangerous.  Obama drew a red line in the sand,  however misdirected that may prove to be.  Now, Obama has to act, or he will look like a paper tiger to countries like Iran, North Korea, Russia and China and again that is very dangerous.   If Congress says No and then Obama goes ahead and attacks Syria anyway, it will precipitate a Constitutional crisis.  Obama continues to demonstrate his lack of experience at every turn. 

Look, Obama should ask the leaders of Congress to call the Congress back into Session NOW and not wait until September 9.   Waiting is giving Dictator Assad time to hide, or bury weapons, or even get them out of the country to Iran.   If Obama does eventually order the firing of those cruise missiles, which is inevitable one way or another, the impact will be minimal and a waste of time and money.   Further, there are other issues requiring immediate Congressional debate and action like the Debt Ceiling, ObamaCare and the Budget for next year.  

This is going to be a major battle in Congress and it is time sensitive.   The federal government is going to run out of money, or spending authority in the next month.   Obama should forget about going to the G20 meeting next week for fun and photos.   We have all these issues on the table that are too pressing for the President to be away until September 6.  Aside from dealing with Syria, the time to act on all of these issues in NOW.    

Friday, August 30, 2013

The Power Of The Purse

The US Constitution gives the Congress and more specifically the House of Representatives the Power of the Purse.  All approvals for spending are supposed to begin in the House, go to the Senate for approval and then on to the President for signature.   When writing the Constitution, James Madison also gave the Congress the Power to Declare War, fearing a Chief Executive more likely to do it on his own, as we have seen many times in our history.  

Shortly, we are likely to see Socialist President Obama rain down shock and awe on Assad's Syria in reprisal for them using chemical weapons to kill over 1,400 of their own citizens.  Dictator Assad crossed the red line that Obama drew in the sand a year ago.  So now, the President presumably must act to maintain his own and the credibility of the United States. 

It is often argued, though also subject to debate, that the President of the United States, any President, has the power to take military action without Congressional approval, as Commander In Chief.  The only problem with this argument is what about the Power of the Purse.  Even if Obama has the power to act unilaterally, those cruise missiles sitting off shore in the Mediterranean, cost $1.5 million each.   If Obama pushes the button to fire all 450 cruise missiles sitting in five US ships, the President will be spending about $675 million.  When all is said and done, this military action could cost a Billion dollars or more.

In the age of Sequester, when the military has been cut by 50% over the next ten years, where is the money coming from to implement this military action.  This is not just about the President's war powers; but rather the Power of the Purse.  I know, I know a Billion dollars is chump change in Washington DC; but it is still a Billion dollars.  The federal government will have to borrow about $400 million, adding it to our $17 Trillion National Debt, to take this action.   How can the President, any President, spend this money without Congressional approval. 

More often than not, the original checks and balances in our Constitution, put there by our Founding Fathers, are ignored.  Obama picks and chooses which laws he wants to enforce.  Not sure how Obama has the power to do that when he as sworn an oath to faithfully execute the laws of the land.  Shock and awe is coming.  Shortly, if all 450 cruise missiles rain over Syria, we will see a Billion dollars go up in smoke.   We can only hope that Socialist President Obama is ready to deal with the aftermath the next day.  Doubt it.   

Obama - Biden Hypocricy - Britain Says NO

When both Socialist President Obama and Vice President windbag Joe Biden were Senators, both claimed that the President of the United States needed Congressional approval to take any military action, as a result of the War Powers Act enacted by Congress in 1973, over President Nixon's Veto.   Biden even went on to say that if the President ignored the War Powers act, it was an impeachable offense.  This legislation was presumably enacted coming out of Vietnam to prevent another Vietnam, which was an undeclared war, much the same as Iraq, Afghanistan and other actions taken by various Presidents.   Of course, all Presidents, Socialist and Republican, have declared the War Powers Act unconstitutional and as such, they have ignored it. 

However, for Obama and Biden to ignore the law, while no surprise, it is the ultimate hypocrisy, given their past pronouncements.  The fact is that many Presidents have taken military action from the very beginning of our history, without Congressional approval, within their power as Commander In Chief.   We could argue if the President, any President has the power to do this, however there is historical precedent.   The real issue is this particular President, Obama who was so opposed to unilateral Presidential Power when George W Bush was President.  Now that the shoe is on his foot, no doubt, Obama will act as other Presidents to launch cruise missiles, shock and awe, on Syria as a result of the red line he drew in the sand.  Now Obama has to act to maintain the credibility of the United States.

The question is what will happen the next day.   Britain, our closest ally will not be with us, for the first time this Blogger can recall.   While British Prime Minister David Cameron wanted to take military action along side Obama, the British Parliament voted NO.   This is really a vote of No Confidence in Obama because Obama's foreign policy lacks a clear vision in keeping with our Vital Interests.  Obama has caused this mess in the Middle East as much as anyone could.   Israel, our only real ally in the Middle East, is now in even more danger than when Bush II left office because of Obama's incompetent foreign policy, "leading from behind".   Weakness and indecision always results in wider war and that is likely to be the outcome from Obama's actions; just wait and see.  Where is Ronald Reagan when we need him. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

MTV Video Music Awards - Disgusting Display

This Baby Boomer grew up amidst Free Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll, in California, so I am hardly a prude.  However, the recent MTV Video Music Awards, where 20 year old Miley Cyrus "entertained" the audience and those watching on TV by sticking out her tongue to simulate some kind of sex act and bending over to offer herself to the audience and Robin Thicke, singing a duet with her, using a Styrofoam big finger to play with herself.  It was pretty disgusting.  If this young girl, not young woman, had been completely naked, rather than half naked, it would have been deemed Triple XXX rated pornography. 

Young children were watching this show and therefore, it was all totally inappropriate.   Miley Cyrus is trying to move away from her squeaky clean childhood star image to become a "woman" and an Actress.  I get it; but how does portraying herself as a slut, on a TV show with young children watching in a world wide audience, get her there.  I know, I know, it is all about publicity and she got plenty of it, including now in my Blog, as a result of her disgusting performance.  If this is what it takes to make the transition from popular child star to becoming a "woman" in Hollywood, there is really something very wrong with our society. 

But that is the point.  We now live in an anything goes secular society, where wrong is right and right is wrong.  It is all backwards.  And, where is the women's movement, the National Organization of Women (NOW) crowd, that burned their bra's in the sixties as a demonstration of women's liberation, related to the degradation of women in the media.   How can any self respecting woman be pleased with Miley Cyrus bending over to present herself like a female dog in heat.   What will we be seeing next year as a topper. 

We have got to get our country back on track.  Abraham Lincoln, once said that "anarchy leads to more anarchy".   What we have in the United States is anarchy.  Socialist President Obama picks and chooses the laws he wants to enforce.  The Constitution is irrelevant to Socialists in government; nothing more than a mere nuisance to get around.  So why should anyone be surprised when we hear about "hooking up" on TV as though it means meeting for a coffee.  It does not mean catching a fish. 

Marriage between a man and woman is often viewed as old fashioned and for many unnecessary related to having children.  As a result, more than 73% of Black children are born out of wedlock into a life of poverty and misery.   Whites and Hispanics are a little better as their out of wed lock birth rate is about 40%.   So, is there any wonder that we have dysfunctional families and kids that murder and commit other anti social crimes.  

What we saw at the MTV Video Music Awards was just symthomatic of a sick society. And, it is getting worse by the day because many of our leaders will not stand up and proclaim right from wrong.   There is evil in our society.   We see it everyday in the news.  We saw it at the MTV Video Music Awards.  It is what it is.  

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Socialist President Obama - Words Matter

Socialist President Obama has a hard time understanding that words matter, especially when they come out of the President's mouth.  Obama practices Class Warfare and racial politics, in word and deed, that divides our nation and retards economic growth.  Obama drew a red line in the sand related to the use of chemical weapons in Syria a year ago.   Chemical weapons apparently have been used, so now for Obama to have any credibility at all, on the world stage, Obama must order shock and awe on Syria.  Shortly, we are likely to see cruise missiles used to destroy military facilities and installations in Syria.   Ironically, Obama cannot attack the facilities housing chemical weapons because it will disperse the killing gases.

So, Syrian Dictator Assad may lose some of his conventional weapons; but be left with his chemical weapons, which may end up being his only means of fighting the Civil War in Syria.   As such, even more Syrians may end up dying from chemical weapons.   And, where is all of this going.  Obama certainly will not land troops in Syria to remove the Assad Regime.   Assad and Iran may attack Israel in response leading to a wider war in the Middle East.   Iran could also attack other US facilities in the Middle East, making it necessary for us to go to war with Iran.  What about Russia and China that are supporting Dictator Assad.   Will they just sit on their hands as we attack Syria, probably not.  While they will not attack the United States, our relations with these countries will suffer.

Obama just giving the order to fire cruise missiles is easy.  We can cause a lot of destruction in hours; but it is the aftermath that is both uncertain and likely to have longer term ramifications.   If only Socialist President Obama understood that words matter, just maybe he would have not drawn that red line in the sand that now will force him to act.   This is what happens when we have a naive, inexperienced President. 

It was President Obama who went on his Apology Tour in the Middle East, after first being elected, to reach out to Muslims.  Radical Islamic Fascists, a large percentage of Muslims, have spit in his face.   We have chaos in the Middle East that comes from Obama's weakness and inexperience.   If only Obama would allow the United States to fast track energy independence, we could tell these people in the Middle East to pound sand.  

We are embroiled in the Middle East because Western countries still need oil from the Middle East.  It is just that simple.  It is time that we protect our Vital Interests by becoming energy independent, which is entirely possible given new discoveries and technology in the US.  Instead, we will shortly get involved in another Middle East war.   It is just plain crazy and the result of Obama's incompetence.      

Monday, August 26, 2013

Dr. Martin Luther King - 50 Years Later

This week marks the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's famous "I have a dream speech" given in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC to several hundred thousand people.  It represents a real turning point in the Civil Rights Movement leading to all the progress that has been made to date.  Fast forward 50 years to today.  Legal segregation is against the law.  We have a mixed race, Black President, which in itself is remarkable.  There are thousands of other elected Black officials throughout our country. 

It says a lot about the American people and an end to the systemic prejudice and racism that existed 50 years ago.  While there may still be  discrimination in our society that dies with each generation, the fact is that millions of Blacks have realized the American dream, through education and hard work, to enter many professions and the media making them solidly Middle, or Upper Class in our country.   And, all people can now live anywhere they can afford, without any restrictions.  Matter of fact, this Blogger's next door neighbor is a Black doctor, with a wife that was a nurse and specialist in kidney failure, before she decided to stay home, to live the Ozzie and Harriet life, to raise their children, no different than my wife.  Yes, this life style still  exists in America among the successful, regardless of race. 

That is the good news.   But, what would Dr. King, who was a Christian Minister, say today if he was told that 73% of Black babies are born out of wedlock that has led to the destruction of the Black family in our inner cities.  Further, many of the abortions in the United States are performed in our inner cities on poor Black women.  And, though there has been progress, the poverty rate is higher today under Socialist President Obama than when Bush II, or Jimmy Carter was President.  How would Dr. King respond if he was told that 93% of murders in the US are committed by young Black men.  And, that by a ratio of 6 to 1, there are more Black men in prison, that have been convicted of crimes, than While men, even though Blacks only make up about 13% of the population. 

The laws are all in place to guarantee equal protection and equal access to the benefits of our society to those who work hard and play by the rules; yet millions of Blacks still live on the dole in poverty and misery more than 48 years after Great Society Programs were supposed to end poverty.   For the most part, thankfully, the day has come when Blacks, like all Americans are judged "by the content of their character, rather than the color of their skin".   Yet, perhaps Blacks more than any other group in America have suffered most as a result of the degradation of our culture.  Hip Hop, a Black Phenomenon, is a reflection of that degradation as use of the "N" word, violence and disrespect for women is a common theme. 

Surely, if Dr. King were alive today, he would acknowledge all the progress that has been made very much because of his work; but at the same time decry the state of Blacks in the inner cities of our country.  We will never know if Dr. King would preach the values of personal responsibility, hard work, education and morality today as the solution to problems facing Blacks in our inner cities, rather than the victimization story that is so common now among so called current Civil Rights Leaders that live off the poverty and misery of the poor. 

Given Dr. King's feelings, that he demonstrated on so many occasions, this Blogger would like to believe that Martin Luther King Jr. would speak the truth.  And that is that God helps those who help themselves.  Blacks, like all Americans, depending on government for sustenance is no different than being back on the plantation.  It is hard to imagine that Dr. King would see it any other way. 

Obama/Holder Suing To Block Voucher Program

Obama's Justice Department, led by Attorney General Liar Eric Holder is suing the state of Louisiana to block their School Voucher Program, which is designed to allow kids in failing inner city schools to go to private schools.   All should know that usually more than 50% of participants at the Socialist Convention, each four years, are Union Public School Teachers.   So, is it any surprise that Obamanistas would do everything they can to keep poor Black and other minority children, chained like slaves to inner city public school plantations, to benefit Teacher Unions.

This is happening while President Obama and most Socialists in government in Washington DC have their children in expensive private  schools because the public schools in Washington DC, that spend more than most other public school districts in the country, are horrible.   Don't forget, one of the very first things Obama did when he was first elected President, within days of his inauguration was sign an Executive Order ending the School Voucher Program in Washington DC for about 1,100 poor Black kids.  So, the first Black President put those Black kids right back on the public school plantation, even after their parents begged Obama not to do it.  It is disgraceful. 

The cycle of poverty, misery and violence in our inner cities and particularly in the Black community will never be broken as long as Black and other poor children are forced to go to failing public schools, just to benefit Teacher Unions because their parents don't have the money to send them to better schools.   Let me see.  Socialists that support a woman's right to choose abortion to destroy a living human being do not want to give poor parents the choice between lousy, failing public schools and a better education in the private schools where they send their children.  Go figure. 

All of this proves that Obama, the job killer, could care less about lifting the poor out of poverty.  In fact, Socialists like Obama want to keep as many people in poverty, on the dole, as possible to buy votes because it is their ticket to power so they can continue feeding at the trough.  This is obvious to everyone; but the Low Learners and Takers that vote for Socialists.  What a shame that generation after generation of inner city poor kids are being sacrificed to allow Socialists and their Teacher Union friends to stay in power living off the fat of our land and the poverty and misery of the poor. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Obama's Red Line In The Sand

A year ago, Socialist President Obama drew a red line in the sand concerning the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government against rebels in Syria.   The presumption was that if this occurred the US would organize some kind of military action if this took place.  We see now that chemical weapons have been used.   Now what Mr. President?

Obama's foreign policy, particularly in the Middle East, is incoherent.  As someone who got an "A" in International Relations 325, this Blogger cannot figure out what Obama stands for, or against and neither can the rest of the world.  Sometimes, Obama supports Dictators like Mubarak and Terrorist, like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, except when people riot in the streets.   Other times, Obama leads from behind to bring down Qaddafi in Libya.  Obama says Iran will not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons; but they certainly will have them very soon.   The Egyptian military is fighting the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists, so shouldn't we be supporting them, instead of withholding aid, or condemning them.  So, what is the story. 

One thing is for sure, when the President of the United States, whoever he is, draws a red line in the sand, it better mean something.   When Obama drew that red line in the sand, which we now see was foolish, related to the use of chemical weapons in Syria and then does nothing when it happens, it destroys the credibility of that President.  As such, Obama is viewed as an incompetent, paper tiger overseas and that is dangerous because it could cause countries to miscalculate, which always leads to inevitable wider war. 

The lesson I learned in International Relations 325 is that a nation should only go to war to protect its Vital Interest.  As such, as long as we are dependent on the Middle East for oil, we have Vital Interests in that region; but not related to Syria.   And, the story in Syria is basically which is the worst evil, the Dictator Assad, supported by Russia and Iran, or the rebels, some of whom are affiliated with Hezbollah and Al Queda, both enemies of Israel and the West.    This looks to be a lose, lose situation to me.

Look, it it time for some reality politics in the Middle East.   The notion that there will be Western style democracies in the Middle East, except for Israel, is ridiculous and naive.  Our goal, at best, should be the advancement of plural, secular societies in the Middle East, probably run by Dictators, or quasi Dictators, to enforce the peace.   By the way, I just described Saddam Hussein in Iraq.  We should oppose any group, or government composed of Islamic Radicals and Fascists that would impose Sharia law on their country and murder their opponents, which in Egypt includes Coptic Christians.   All we should hope for in the Middle East are governments that will not attack Israel and that can maintain stability.  That's it.

Socialist President Obama apparently did not take and pass International Relations 325.   If he had, he would understand that the position this Blogger just outlined is our only alternative in the Middle East.   As such, we might be better off if Assad remains in power in Syria and the military in Egypt clamps down on the Muslim Brotherhood.  It is what it is.  This might not be a pretty picture; but it may be the best we can hope for in these countries to avoid chaos that could draw us into a wider war to protect our Vital Interests. 


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Promote Faith & Family

Socialist President Obama once disdainfully said of Conservatives that we cling to our guns and religion.   What he forgot to mention is that we also cling to our traditional families with a Mom, a Dad and children.  Secular Socialists and the lame stream, left wing media often make fun of the traditional family by even portraying it as dysfunctional.  Instead, they display the "Modern Family", as normal, which is every configuration; but traditional.  This Blogger supports any family configuration that is loving and a good role model for children, but there is absolutely no substitute for the traditional family. 

As Doctor Laura always says, "you are your children parents" and that last an entire life time.  This Blogger grew up in an intact two parent family that certainly was not the vision of Ozzie and Harriet, as my parents often struggled to pay their bills.  Both my parents worked full time in blue collar jobs.  In fact, my Mom worked six days a week, on her feet, her entire life until she retired at 65 years old.   And yet, even today at 93 years old, my Mom never complains about the life of hard work she experienced.  My Mom always said the gray strands in her black hair were a badge of honor. 

My parents never preached the values of right and wrong to us; but they lived a life that pretty much told the story.  Though they did not make much money, they were frugal and able to pay off their mortgage before it's term.   Their reward came after retirement because though their pensions were low, their home was paid off, which eventually translated into equity that is today paying for my Mom's assisted living that provides her the security and comfort of someone who is rich. 

Most important, my parent's were role models related to the notion that it takes hard work to succeed.  The end result is that both my brother and I, that came from nothing, but Faith and Family Values, went on to achieve remarkable success, through education and hard work, in keeping with the American dream.  Sadly, we have the breakdown of the family in America promoted by a federal government that often has replaced Dad in the home.   More than 7 out of 10 Black babies and 4 out of ten White and Hispanic babies are being born out of wedlock to a life of poverty, misery and sometimes crime. 

Dads in our inner cities are often nowhere to be found, either in terms of role models, or financial support.  This has happened because poor single Moms are actually rewarded with more Welfare and Food Stamps on the basis of having babies out of wedlock.   In addition, failing inner city public schools and all public schools are not allowed to speak of God as the left wing media makes fun of people who believe in God. 

We see the end result in the news every night.  Senseless murders and evil on our streets and in the media.  We have to go back to the notion of Faith and Family as the bedrock of our society.   Government can never be a replacement for the traditional family and God in the home.   To get there, we need government policy and a President, as our leader, that promotes Faith and Family, rather than does every possible to destroy both.  That is certainly not Socialist President Obama.  This is one more reason we must take back our country by removing Socialists from office, that worship government, instead of God and promote the "Modern Family", as normal.   We have work to do to get our country back on track.  To do otherwise is to destroy our country, which does not work for me.      

Friday, August 23, 2013

Obama's Black Sons

Socialist President Obama attempted to turn the killing of Trayvon Martin, which was clearly a self defense case, into a racially inspired murder.  The court case proved it was no such thing as George Zimmerman was found innocent.   Obama went on the say that if he had had a son, he could very well have looked like Martin.  Really?   Would Obama's fictitious son have acted like Martin, who had problems in school and took drugs.  Not likely.  Now we have another high profile case that happened in Oklahoma; but it is just an example of many, of three young thugs; two Blacks and one White that murdered a young college student, here from Australia, in cold bold, while he was jogging. 

First, premeditated murder, often in heinous crimes, is evil and the hand of the devil, no matter if the  murderer is Black, White or Green.  Premeditated murder is by definition a hate crime regardless of the color, or sexual, or religious orientation of the victim.  These three thugs in Oklahoma said they did it because they were "bored".  Since they will be tried as adults, we will see how bored they are if they get life in prison, or better yet the death penalty for their crime.   But none of this should be a surprise to anyone, the crime we see in our society and these murders, 93% of the time committed by young Black men, are an indication of the destruction of our families and culture caused by an anything goes secular society where the the line has been blurred between right and wrong.   The fact is that public schools don't teach Judeo Christian values any more.  And, when we took God out of the home and our public schools, the devil moved in. 

In particular, the federal government has destroyed the Black family, by promoting having children out of wedlock to get more government benefits.   73% of Black children today are born to single moms into poverty, misery and often crime.  The government handing out Welfare, Food Stamps and Medicaid, has become the new slave master as Obama has made it easier for his PEEP's to go on the dole.   This combined with lousy public schools in the inner cities of our country, controlled by teacher unions, that will not allow these poor Black children to escape their domination, by utilization of School Vouchers, completes the story.

In any case, this Blogger must wonder if Obama would like to claim both the Black thugs that frequently murder people and the Blacks that are murdered by them, as looking like his sons, if he had any.   Sadly, we will not see Obama go on TV and speak the truth and nothing but the truth about the problems we face in the the Black community in our inner cities.  The breakdown of the Black family caused by the federal government and lousy public schools has led to poverty, misery and often murder.  Until all of us, most importantly including Black Civil Rights and other leaders speak and deal with the truth, many who look like all of our sons will be murdered.  And, those who live off the poverty and misery of poor Blacks will continue to play the race card to enrich themselves.   It is what it is. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Welfare Pays More Than Work

A recent Cato Institute study demonstrates that Welfare in 35 states actually pays more than work, so why the hell work.   In 13 states, Welfare pays the equivalent of $15 an hour, when the minimum wage is $7.25.  In 9 states, Welfare actually pays more than the average first year teacher is earning after five years of university.   In the six most generous states, Welfare pays more than an entry level Computer Programmer.  Socialist President Obama has swept away all of the restrictions signed into law by Bill Clinton to "end Welfare as we know it", by Obama Executive Order.   As such, millions more of Obama's PEEP's are now on the dole, as slaves on the government plantation.  Obama is their new master, lord and savior. 

Obama is creating government dependency that will not be reversible as long as there is easy access to Welfare, Food Stamps and Medicaid.  We are not talking about the mentally, or physically disabled, or our injured war veterans that may legitimately be getting Disability benefits.   Instead, we are talking about millions of able bodied Americans, of all races, that are just too lazy to work and are either on Welfare, or fraudulently on Disability.   And, why should these people take manual labor, or any low level service jobs, when they can sit home on their butts and make more money on the dole.   They are kind of like the government workers at the State Department, or the IRS that are receiving full pay, while they are on suspension and under investigation. 

Obama is creating a nation of Takers, supported by hard working Makers, that pay all the income taxes in the United States.   Obama the Community Organizer in Chief knows exactly what he is doing.   As more Americans go on the dole, receiving Obama bucks and free cell phones, rather than work for a living, Obama is creating more voters for Socialists, so his pals can stay in government feeding at the trough.  This is not about ending poverty; but rather creating more poverty and misery so Socialists can stay in power.  It is disgusting and in the end it will destroy our country. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Obamanistas Miss 41 out of 82 ObamaCare Deadlines

The Obama Administration has missed 41 out of 82 Deadlines required in the law to roll out ObamaCare in 2014.   This is probably the reason that Obama delayed the Employer Mandate until 2015.  As Socialist Senator Max Baucus, one of the authors of ObamaCare recently said, "ObamaCare is a Train Wreck" coming at the American people.  What has not been delayed is the requirement that all Americans, even if they can't afford it, buy health insurance as of January, 2014, or pay a small fine.   Those who will really feel the squeeze are middle class Americans, who will lose their company coverage because cost are out of control and they will not qualify for subsidies.  

This will be many two income families that make too much to get subsidies; but not near enough to pay $1,000, or more a month for medical insurance.   Since ObamaCare failed to bend the cost curve and in fact will result in higher medical insurance premiums because of all the "free mandates" in ObamaCare, many companies will eliminate Dependent coverage and or convert jobs to 29 hour a week, part time status to avoid both the fines and the need to provide any medical benefits at all. 

We have reached a tipping point related to medical insurance.  Small and Mid Sized companies, that employ 70% of Americans, cannot afford to provide the same level of medical benefits, as was the case years ago, as a result of sizable rate increases every year.   ObamaCare has made things  worse.   But, now that Americans will technically be able to buy medical insurance on federal, or state exchanges, that they can't afford, without the potential denial for Pre Existing Conditions, or age, companies will just walk away from this obligation.   Ironically, while the poor may get insurance free, or for very little money as a result of ObamaCare, many in the Middle Class will go uninsured. 

This will all come to a head in October, 2013 as companies announce their benefits policies and the Exchanges go live.  As companies eliminate coverage for both newly created part time employees and Dependents, which is allowed under the law, all of a sudden millions of people who had medical insurance at company expense will have to buy their own.  At that point the sticker shock will set in.  At a minimum, on the Exchanges, it will cost thousands of dollars a year to insure a family.   Many Americans will have to choose between housing, food and health insurance.  Naturally, if they have to choose, they will choose housing and food and go without health insurance.  Sadly, this day is coming by the end of the year.  It will be ugly. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Food Stamp Fraud - No Surprise

The amount of federal government tax payer money spent on Food Stamps has increased dramatically, as directed by Socialist President Obama, from around $330 million a year in the period just before Obama's election in 2008 to $858 million a year now.   Obama has made it much easier for his PEEP's to go on the dole and that is exactly what they are doing.  Of course, with this increase has come a huge increase in fraud.  Gosh what a surprise. 

Trafficking in Food Stamps has gone up by 30% since Obama was first elected.   That is, those getting Food Stamps are selling them for cash to  small, primarily privately owned grocery and convenience stores at a discount that are in on the scam.   All of these people need to go to jail; but you won't see the Obama/Holder Justice Department pursuing any of them.  You can bet some of this new found cash is going to buy drugs, liquor, cigarettes and lotto tickets, among many other things than food.  Most important, this money is not going to feed the poor; that is for sure.  Remember, Food Stamps have nothing to do with Welfare payments, or free or subsidized housing.   Those are separate checks or vouchers.   And, poor kids already get free breakfast and lunch at public schools, so their stomachs are pretty full. 

Clearly,  Food Stamps is just another government program infested with waste, fraud and abuse as Obama borrows 40 cents of every dollar spent by the federal government, adding to our $17 Trillion annual debt, with no end in sight, to keep his PEEP's on the dole.   America wake up and smell the coffee.   Obama and his Socialist pals in government are confiscating your hard earned dollars to give to their PEEP's to buy votes.  Socialists don't care if there is waste, fraud and abuse.  They see it as a cost of doing business as long as it keeps them in power feeding at the trough.  It has to stop to prevent the bankruptcy of our country.   WE THE PEOPLE must stand up and say NO MORE to Obama's Socialist Schemes. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Loses Court Case

Socialist President Obama's Equal Employment Opportunity Commission thankfully just lost a key court case involving criminal background and credit checks.   Companies, including mine, often order drug testing, criminal background and credit checks before making a job offer.   This is a routine procedure and is implemented for all New Hire candidates regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation.  The EEOC alleged in this court case that this practice discriminates against minorities.  Of course, this is ridiculous since background checks apply to all New Hires.

First,  these background checks are implemented by outside companies that specialize in these services, not internal Human Resources.   And, second, it is perfectly legitimate to not hire people that have committed serious crimes, have bad credit often proving they can't manage their own affairs, or that are on drugs.  Clearly, an individual that has this profile, regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation, is not likely to be a good employee.  And, since it cost money to bring on a new employee in terms of training and other expenses, for better or worse, companies do not want to bet on people that have serious issues. 

Since Socialist President Obama has never worked in business, or management in any company, he has no real life work experience.   Being a Community Organizer does not qualify as business experience.   Hiring people is probably THE most important decision a company can make, since in many businesses, employees make up 65 - 70% of a company's expense line.   Naturally, we want well educated, experienced people working at our company, without serious issues that could be distracting in the workplace.   It is bad enough that many people come to work with baggage and or family issues that impact job performance.   Call it discrimination if you like; but adding a criminal background, credit problems, or drug abuse to this picture, when hiring anyone, would be Human Resource malpractice and just plain dumb.  Thankfully, the court agreed when it shot down Obama's EEOC.  Common sense has prevailed; a rarity in Washington DC.   

Friday, August 16, 2013

Egypt - When Civil Society Breaks Down

What we are seeing in Egypt will be coming to a town near you in the United States, if we don't get our deficit spending under control.  Our official Obama National Debt of about $17 Trillion to date, with no end in sight, is only part of the story.  There is another $100 Trillion, or more, in unfunded liability sitting out there related to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare and federal pensions.  This does not include local and state public employee pensions, many of which are also under funded and headed toward insolvency. 

If all the wealth in the United States, not just a percentage, was confiscated from everyone with assets, there would not be enough to cover all of this Public Debt.   Ultimately, the Federal Reserve will have to print even more money than they are already doing to pay government pensions and all of Obama's PEEP's on the dole.     When that happens, we will have very high interest rates and inflation.   The dollar will become worthless.   Don't think it can't happen in the United States.   It did happen in Germany after World War I when people needed a wheel barrel of paper money to buy a loaf of bed.   Ultimately, all of this lead to Adolf Hitler and we will see the same thing in America when we have riots on our streets. 

What is happening in Egypt is not just about religious divisions in their society; though that is part of the story.   Al Queda is there stirring up trouble along with the radical Muslim Brotherhood; both of which are Terrorist Organizations.  However, the fact is that about half of Egyptians have no jobs, or money.   The economy in Egypt has collapsed.   Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are providing aide to feed the Egyptian people, or things would be even worse.   They are getting a bread ration and that is about it.  What we are seeing is the breakdown of civil society that occurs when there is economic collapse. 

The United States is also headed toward economic collapse.   The Obama federal government is currently borrowing 40 cents for every dollar we spend.  And, since there are not enough outside investors willing to buy US Debt, the Federal Reserve is just printing money to buy our monthly Debt Offerings.   We have already reached crisis as evidenced by a lack of investors willing to buy all of our Debt each month.  Wake up America.   Egypt is the end of our story if we allow Obama and his Socialist pals in government to continue on their spending trajectory.   If this deficit spending does not stop and soon, buy guns, ammunition, gold and real estate, things that are tangible because money in the bank will be worthless.   And sadly, the day may come when you have to defend your home and family. 

NSA - Big Brother Is Watching

Documents recently surfaced demonstrate that contrary to Socialist President Obama's assertions, the National Security Agency, violated our 4th Amendment rights protecting us from unreasonable search and seizure, thousands of times, since being granted the authority to spy on us in 2008.   Further, the Chief Judge of the special court that is supposed to monitor and actually control this activity stated that they have no real power to oversea this program.   The court just take whatever the government tells them as truth and we know now that it has not been the truth.  Surprise, Surprise, more government lies. 

So, Big Brother Obama really is spying on us and he lied about it; nothing new.  Like all Socialists, everyone knows the President is the Liar In Chief.  All of our emails, phone calls, letters, blog postings, like this one, driving patterns and bank records (and who knows what else) are subject to regular government surveillance.  This they did not build that huge facility outside Salt Lake City because they were Mormons.  As such, in the name of protecting us from Terrorists, we have given up our freedom.   The Islamic Radical Terrorists, who hate our freedoms, have won, haven't they.   There is something very wrong with this picture. 

We have a government gone wild, under Obama, that seeks to monitor and control all aspects of daily life, including life and death decisions that will be dictated to us by ObamaCare.   Socialists in power and government bureaucrat union members, earning on average 40% more than the average American, are the new Gestapos at the IRS, Health and Human Services, the EPA and various other government Departments, Agencies and Commissions out to control our lives.   How could we let this happen. 

It is time for WE THE PEOPLE to stand up and take back our country from these dictators and crooks feeding at the trough at our expense.   These characters are living off the fat of our land on our backs and it has to stop.   First, we must enact Term Limits for members of Congress to throw the bums out of office.  In addition, a Balanced Budget Amendment must be added to our Constitution to stop these crooks from bankrupting our country.  

In the meantime, we must tell our elected representatives of both political parties that the NSA spying on all Americans must come to an end.   The NSA should focus on Islamic Radical Terrorists and any home grown groups that are a threat to our nation and I am not talking about the Tea Party, other Conservative groups and Christians.   This Big Brother Spying must stop and now. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Blacks In America - Lost Opportunity

Immigrants have been coming to America for more than three hundred years.   At first, it was primarily White Anglo Saxon Protestants from Northern Europe; but later migration involved peoples from Southern and Eastern Europe, Asia and eventually Latin America.   They came with nothing, but a few suit cases of clothes if that, searching for freedom, a better life and the American Dream.  The Italians, this Blogger's heritage, Irish, Greeks, Poles and others from Slavic countries, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mexicans and Puerto Ricans, along with many other nationalities all came with little in their pockets at a time when it was work or starve.   Later we saw some of their grandchildren end up as valedictorians at their high school and college graduations.  Many of these peoples, while Christian, were Catholics and Jews, not Protestants.  When they came they faced discrimination and hateful names, as bad as the "N" word to them, like WOP's, Daego's, Micks, Pollocks, Chinks, Slant Eyes, Gooks, Beaners, Spics and Kikes. 

Yet, these poor Immigrants worked very hard and rose above it all to build America working in factories, coal mines, construction and on big projects like building the transcontinental railroad.   Some of them opened small businesses, like grocery stores (my grandparents) and ethic restaurants to become very successful.  Of course, much of this happened before the New Deal and the emergence of the Welfare State.  While many of these early Immigrants never read, or spoke English very well, they made sure that their children and eventually their grandchildren got an education to learn English, which was the ticket to success in America. 

This Blogger's Italian Grandparents were a case in point.   One Grandfather worked in a steel mill his entire life.   The other Grandfather owned and ran a successful grocery store and other businesses.   Though none of my Grandparents ever really spoke, or read English very well, all of their children learned English.  In fact, my mother, a factory worker's daughter, who came to America when she was two years old, was a straight "A" student, who not only learned English and later was my dictionary while I was going to school, Mom also learned Spanish and was offered a university scholarship.   But this story is not unusual.  It is the story of millions of poor Immigrants who came to America to create a better life for their children and grandchildren. 

So what happened to Blacks in America, many of whom with ancestors that go back to slavery.  Obviously, there was racial discrimination that was horrible, some of which continues today.  Even so, a small percentage of Blacks have worked hard and risen above it all to become very successful.   However, even after the Civil Rights movement that achieved equal protection under the law,  poor inner city Blacks remain an under class in our society.   They have not followed the path of poor Immigrants that either achieved success themselves, or created that path for their children. 

Sadly,  many inner city Blacks cannot read, or write English sufficiently well to get a job.  Black English, whatever it is, that may be sufficient for the Ghetto, is not English.  Nor do they have job skills that are marketable.   Why is all of this happening?   First, Immigrants before the New Deal faced the starve, or die scenario when they came.   They had to work hard at manual labor jobs, very often like the Mexicans who come to America today, to survive.  

Since the creation of the Welfare State made worse by Socialist President Obama, Blacks and other poor people in America do not have to work to survive.   They can easily get Welfare, Food Stamps, Free Housing, Medicaid etc., so why work at any job.    While it is true that public schools in the inner cities of America are the new slave plantation, run by teacher unions for their benefit, why go to school to get a good education, or learn a job skill.  Instead, they can get Obama Dollars, which includes a free cell phone.   This is the reason Black unemployment is double White unemployment.  

It is easy to say this is the result of discrimination; but the reality is that many inner city Blacks are so poorly educated, with no job skills and lacking English reading and writing skills that they are simply unemployable in any job that requires social interaction necessary in a service economy.  Some of them can't even work at MacDonald's because they would have to talk to customers.

Sadly, the Welfare State and the Federal Government has destroyed the Black Family in America, made even worse under Obama.   Though Blacks may have been poor before the New Deal, at least their church going families were intact.  Today, more than 7 out of 10 Black babies are born out of wedlock into a life of misery and poverty.   Black on Black crime in the inner cities of America, much of it drug related, results in the deaths of many young Blacks each year.   More than 90% of murders in our country are committed by young Black men.  The situation is dire. 

And, Black Civil Right Leaders, often living and even getting rich off the misery of the poor refuse to say, or do anything about any of this.   They are poverty pimps, including the President and his Socialist pals in government, stuck in the 60's, intentionally playing the race card at every turn trying to keep Blacks as victims, to buy votes, rather than deal with the reality we all face.   Since the Black Establishment in the US is in bed with left wing teacher unions, they don't call for School Vouchers to allow poor Black kids to escape failing public schools.  One of the first things Obama did when he was elected was sign an Executive Order to deny about 1100 poor Black kids in Washington DC their School Vouchers, to pay off the teacher unions, even though their parents begged the President not to do it.  It was disgraceful; but shows that Obama could care less about really helping poor Blacks. 

Of course, just saying all of these things is considered Racist by many in the left wing, lame steam media,  Civil Rights Groups and the Socialists currently in power.   Too bad.  Unless we face up to the facts and seek real solutions to these problems,  just putting more Blacks on the dole will only make matters worse, fostering generations of poverty, misery and dependence.   What is happening is the new slavery with government as the Master.  Yes, Slavery and the Discrimination that came later were horrible; but many poor Immigrants also experienced discrimination; but rose above it.  Don't forget the Ku Klux Clan not only railed against Blacks; but also poor Immigrant Catholics and Jews.  Matter of fact, Immigrant Italians in the little town we lived in Ohio in the twenties, my Grandfather included, rose up to stop the Ku Klux Clan and sent them packing. 

Today, the children and grandchildren of these Immigrants have risen to positions of prominence in business, education and government.   They did it by hard work and education, not playing victims, or making excuses.   The same thing should be happening for Blacks in America; but it will not happen if we don't truthfully deal with the facts.   It takes hard work and education to succeed, not more Welfare, Food Stamps and Medicaid that does nothing but create a culture of dependency, misery and poverty. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dealing With Drug Abuse In America

Whenever a high profile Hollywood personality like Michael Jackson, or more recently Glee star, 31 year old, Cory Monteith dies from drug abuse, both Hollywood, with a drug culture and the nation wonders out loud how can we let this happen.  The reality is that millions of people, either die directly, or are impacted by drug and alcohol abuse every year in the United States.   It is a tragedy whenever a life is ended by drug or alcohol addiction.   Clearly, what we have been doing is not working. 

Specific to drug abuse, first, we have to encourage Hollywood and the lame stream left wing media to stop glorifying and or romanticizing drug abuse in movies and on television.   Low Learners get all their information from the popular media and if drugs are portrayed as recreational, instead of poison, young people in particular are getting the wrong message.   Second, we have spent the last 20 or more years trying to convince all Americans that puffing cigarette smoke into our lungs, that causes cancer, is bad.   So now suddenly, puffing in marijuana smoke is somehow good.   Where is the logic in this message. 

States legalizing marijuana, while perhaps good from a law enforcement standpoint, are creating a nation of drug addicts, since smoking marijuana will lead to more toxic drugs, when the high is just not high enough.   But none of this should be any surprise along the road to a decadent nation where anything goes.   Marijuana should not be legalized, except maybe for medicinal purposes as some sort of pill, not reefers.   If the chemicals in marijuana do have some medicinal benefit, then make it into a pill prescribed by doctors sold in pharmacies.  

We need to focus on drug pushers that cause deaths; not necessarily drug users.  Drug users should be sentenced to rehabilitation, not jail to help them get clean.  Drug pushers should go to jail for a long time and if a specific death can be tied to their drug dealing, they should be tried for murder, no different than using a gun or knife to kill someone.   Instead, the Obama/Holder Justice Department wants to cut sentences for those involved with drugs.   This is just plain wrong and really dumb.  

Americans are dying from drug abuse.   It is about time we deal with the problem.   We have to stop drugs from coming across our border by securing the border.   This is just common sense.  And, we have to send drug dealers, who kill by selling their poison, to jail for a very long time. 

Obama Creating More Government Dependence

With a stroke of the pen, in an Executive Order, Socialist President Obama has eliminated various requirements to allow more people to go on the dole.  In fact, Obama brushed aside requirements signed into law by Bill Clinton when he was President.   The result is 20 million more people on Food Stamps, since Obama was first elected.   2 million more people on Disability benefits and millions more on Welfare and Medicaid.   Not only is this contributing to the bankruptcy of our country, as we add to our $17 Trillion National Debt, with no end in sight, Obama is creating a permanent, lazy, Welfare class that is likely to live in poverty and misery for years to come. 

As such, this is not about helping Obama's PEEP's out of poverty; but rather keeping them there like heroin addicts addicted to government largess to buy votes for Socialists.   This is really about transforming the United States into a Socialist country.   Obama, the Community Organizer In Chief, is fully cognizant of his mission.   Remember, this is the President, that a few days after taking office, despite the cries from parents,  signed an Executive Order denying School Vouchers to around 1100 poor Black Children in Washington DC to pay off the teacher unions that supported him.  Obama could care less about really helping the poor lift themselves out of poverty.   Like slaves on the plantation, Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress need the poor to stay in power.   The last thing they really want is fewer poor people because they are all poverty pimps.

And, they will get what they want.   Once people are addicted to government dependence and their children see that they don't have to work to sustain themselves, we will see generational poverty and misery.   It has actually been happening for years as generations of the poor have remained on Welfare and other government benefits.   When this Blogger was a school teacher in inner city Los Angeles, I had students whose families had been on Welfare for four generations with no end in sight.   When I argued that these kids should study hard to better themselves, they argued back, WHY?   They were getting free food and housing and enough money to live, so as Low Learners, they were happy. 

Obama is intentionally destroying the American Dream to further the advance of the Welfare state to stay in power feeding at the trough.  It is disgraceful and it is going to destroy our country.  We should have Workfare and Schoolfare, not Welfare.   All able bodied people on the dole should either be working to clean up their communities, or in school learning a trade.  If they refuse, then not one taxpayer dime should be given to them.  Kids are already given free breakfast and lunch in schools, so kids can be cared for in the event they have lazy parents.  Men who father children and then don't support them, should get jail time.   We need to break the cycle of poverty and putting more people on the dole without conditions, Obama's Socialist Scheme, is both crazy and irresponsible.

Monday, August 12, 2013

IRS - Guilty Until Proven Innocent

In all interactions with the IRS, the American taxpayer is Guilty Until Proven Innocent.   When any American taxpayer hears from the IRS in an accusatory letter, which apparently is now happening with many small businesses, the IRS is accusing these small companies of under reporting their cash receipts.  Of course, there is no basis for these accusations, just because an IRS agent, another federal government Gestapo, says that it is true. 

When that letter comes, the American Taxpayer must spend time and money proving to the IRS that what has been reported is correct.   And, if an audit occurs and the IRS is wrong, there is not even an apology letter for wasting the Taxpayer's time and money.   As such, we need legislation that makes the IRS and federal government liable for pursuing frivolous audits.   If the IRS loses an audit, since we are already paying for them through our tax dollars, the federal government should have to reimburse outside legal and accounting fees necessary to fight the audit.  Only in this way will the IRS think twice about wasting the Taxpayer's time and money. 

Since we now see all the IRS Dirty tricks targeting Tea Party and other Conservative Group and Christians and now small businesses, it is about time for some accountability for the IRS.   Given all the shenanigans, these characters at the IRS should be guilty until proven innocent, just like the American taxpayer.  It is only fair. 

But don't expect action any time soon as long as Socialist President Obama is in office.   Public employee union members at the IRS that should be fired as a result of the IRS Dirty Tricks are getting promoted.   After all, those feeding at the trough take care of each, don't they. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Medicare and Medicaid - Waste, Fraud & Abuse

The Obama Administration is running TV commercials talking about cracking down on Medicare Fraud.  Presumably, some number of crooked doctors, hospitals, pharmacists and other medical providers, are billing Medicare for services and or products that were never actually provided to Senior Citizens.   The commercials also encourage Senior Citizens to turn in providers that may be doing this.   OK, fine.  Obviously, anyone bilking the Federal Government out of tax dollars needs to be prosecuted. 

But, let's not stop with Medicare.   There is Waste, Fraud and Abuse tied to virtually every Department, Agency and Commission of the Federal Government.   Billions of dollars are stolen every year and nothing is done about it.   And, if someone is caught, they are just shuffled around from one government job to another and rarely fired.   No one ever goes to jail.  And particularly, Planned Parenthood just got caught fraudulently billing Medicaid for services that were never performed.  Then there all the Americans on Disability, Welfare, Food Stamps, Medicaid that are getting benefits and the Earned Income Tax Credit fraudulently.   When is Socialist President Obama, the Community Organizer In Chief, going to crack down on his PEEP's stealing from the Federal Government and the American Tax Payer.   The answer is Never. 

Socialists, who always call for higher taxes and more spending never want to talk about the Waste, Fraud and Abuse that is rampant in the Federal Government because most of this money is going to their PEEP's, public employee union members and those on the dole.  Sure go after Medicare Fraud; but it is about time to go after all the Waste, Fraud and Abuse in government.  

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Planned Parenthood Abortion Crooks

Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion mill, apparently is also a crook.   Planned Parenthood took in $1.2 Billion in 2012 performing 333,964 abortions.   The federal government funded 45.2% of Planned Parenthood's budget by providing it $538.5 million in taxpayer dollars in 2011-12.   While all of this was happening, it appears that Planned Parenthood, in the state of Texas, fraudulently billed Medicaid $30 million.  This evil and now crooked organization recently had to pay $4.3 million to settle a Whistle Blower lawsuit.   Federal and State Auditors have already uncovered another $12.5 million in over billing and the investigation is just beginning. 

First,  Congress must stop providing taxpayer funding of any kind to Planned Parenthood, which is just used to subsidized their abortion operations even though supposedly, that is illegal.   Left wing politicians, the lame stream left wing media, rich Hollywood types and other rich Socialists can all make donations, if they so choose to in order to make up taxpayer monies going to Planned Parenthood.   These Socialists apparently don't care about blood on their hands, so let them write the checks.  And, second, the crooks at Planned Parenthood need to go to jail.  Of course, these things will never happen because Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress support Planned Parenthood and want them in business to provide subsidized abortion on demand.   

Planned Parenthood is evil.  They pretend to be in business to provide poor women with health services.   Planned Parenthood is really in business to make money and profits providing abortions.  Let's at least be honest about it.   Now we learn that Planned Parenthood is a crook, as well.  We need to see jail time for these crooks, not giving them more taxpayer money. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Obama & Terrorism - Delusional

A few months ago, Socialist President Obama declared that the "war on Terrorism in over."  Oh really?   If that is true then why has Obama closed down 20 US Embassies all over the Middle East and Africa as a result of the Terrorist Threat.   And, why is the National Security Agency spying on all Americans in the name of the Terrorist Threat.   And, why are we still using drone strikes, which this Blogger supports, to kill Terrorists.  It is pretty obvious that though Bin Laden may be dead, Al Queda and Terrorists all over the world are alive and well and threatening American interests and the American people. 

Let's face it, a large percentage of radical Muslims hate Western countries, values, Christian and Jews.   Given the chance, these Islamic Radicals would murder our people in the name of Jihad, Holy War and Islam.   They want to create a Caliphate in the Middle East to take these countries back 700 years, complete with Sharia Law and the subjugation of women and expelling any remaining Jews and Christians from the region in the process.   These are their words, not mine.   

Socialist President Obama refuses to recognize this reality and as such will not speak of Radical Islam and in some cases will not even use the word Terrorism.   The Obama/Holder Justice Department claims that the murders committed by Army Major Nidal Hasan on a US army base were "workplace violence", rather than Terrorism, even though Hasan admits that he was acting in the name of Jihad.   When he murdered members of the military, he screamed Allah Akbar, God Is Great, the term often used by Radical Islamists, when they commit acts of Terror.  This distinction in terminology has major implications for the families of these 13 murdered victims related to the military benefits they are entitled to.   By calling this "workplace violence", these families are being cheated out of higher benefit levels by Obama.   It is disgraceful. 

Perhaps because of Obama's Muslim roots, he just can't, or won't face the facts.   We are still at war with Terrorism.   Obama's actions demonstrate this far better than his own words.   There are Radical Islamists around the world that want to murder our people.   It is about time that Obama speaks the truth so that his words match his necessary actions to bring some clarity to our foreign policy. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Obama Wants To Close Down Fannie & Freddie

Socialist President Obama has called for closing down Fannie and Freddie Mac, the two quasi governmental agencies that raise money to buy mortgages originated by various banks and mortgage companies.   It is true that Fannie and Freddie were stuck holding the bag, which was passed on to taxpayers, to the tune of about $187 Billion for many junk loans that were funded by mortgage companies.  But, what Obama is not saying is that it was government intervention that resulted in all the bad loans in the first place. 

Socialists have a real problem with history and facts.  It was Socialists in Congress, when Clinton was President, that demanded that banks and mortgage companies make loans to people, many of whom were minorities, who could not repay them.   At first, lenders objected; but after being threatened with regulations and legal action for "red lining", borrowers with bad credit, many of them Obama's PEEP's, were given loans.   To do so, mortgage companies had to dramatically loosen standards and create various adjustable interest rate mortgage instruments that would allow borrowers, with bad credit, the ability to make payments.   This all worked until mortgage interest rates adjusted higher making the payments go up.   It was then that many could not afford the homes they had purchased, which led to millions of foreclosures and a drop in home values.  This is what caused the death spiral and the financial crisis in 2008-09 that resulted in the Great Recession, really Depression. 

Obviously, when house prices fell, many people, especially with bad credit, found themselves upside down on their mortgages, owing more than the home was worth.   Once that happened, many of these borrowers walked away as homes ended up in foreclosure making the Recession that hit in 2008-09 and financial crisis much worse.   These bad loans were combined with other loans and sold to investors by Fannie and Freddie when it all fell apart.  Fannie and Freddie did not cause the bad loans, they only bought them in good faith.   They were just doing the government's bidding. 

But let's be clear, though greed often sets in a Capitalist Society,  Socialists in Congress are at the root of this evil.  Now, Socialist President Obama wants to get rid of Fannie and Freddie, which are the basis for the 30 year Fixed Rate Loan and have banks directly take the risk on these mortgages.  If Fannie and Freddie disappear, the likelihood is that with them will go the 30 year Fixed Rate Mortgage and the American dream of home ownership.  Of course, since Socialist President Obama does not have a clue about the real world, he does not understand how basic economics works.  

Banks will not put their own money at risk for 30 years unless they can get substantially higher interest rates.   What we might see instead is a 30 year amortization mortgage with a 10 year call, or balloon payment.  This would subject the borrower to the uncertainty of the interest rates, that could be higher, or lower 10 years out.  So in essence, Fixed Rate loans in the United States, preferred by most borrowers, will probably go away without Fannie and Freddie, which is the case in Europe.   And, Obama wants the banks to loan to people with low credit ratings, his PEEP's.   Here we go again.  That is what caused the financial mess in the first place. 

Today, it is much harder to get a loan and that is a good thing.   People with bad credit, many of them Obama's PEEP's, are not being given loans and that is OK.   People with bad credit need to get their lives in order before taking on the burden of a long term mortgage.   It is time for common sense to prevail; not more Socialist Schemes that are likely to repeat history. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

CNN & NBC Choose Hillary Clinton

In no surprise, CNN and NBC are planning major broadcasts highlighting the life of Hillary Clinton just in time for the 2016 election.   Well dah!   CNN and NBC clearly support Hillary Clinton for President in 2016.   These broadcasts are just designed to give Clinton free publicity.  Wisely, leaders of the Republican Party have put both CNN and NBC on notice that if they go ahead with these broadcasts, both networks will be cut out of Presidential Debates, since each party must approve which networks will get the Debates. 

This Blogger could never understand why Republicans would ever agree to have any network that is part of the lame stream left wing media implement Debates anyway.  That would include CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC and CNN.   The only station that will give Republicans, or Conservatives a fair shake is Fox News.   Why allow the lame steam left wing media any opportunity related to Presidential Debates. 

So now we know, barring any health, or other issues that may come up that Hillary Clinton will definitely run for President.   The fix is in.  Hillary is Socialist light; but none the less a Socialist that will continue the Obama story line.   To beat Hillary, Republicans need to nominate a Common Sense Conservative who can maintain our base, while adding 5 - 6% of the voters through interest group politics.   That means nuanced positions on Abortion, Immigration Reform, Gay Civil Unions,  Jobs for Young People, Workfare and Schoolfare, not Welfare, School Choice for kids in failing public schools, and Energy Independence; but all in keeping with our Conservative principles.  If we get the message right with the right messenger, we can attract more Women, Minorities, Gays, Young Voters and Blue Collar Democrats to become the majority party of the United States for the next 50 years.   We can do it whether Hillary runs or not.   We have to do it to take back our country.

Budget Deal - No ObamaCare Money

Republicans in the House of Representatives should fund the entire government for the next budget year, without one dime for ObamaCare, since Socialist President Obama has delayed implementation of the Employer Mandate until 2015.  Send the bill over to Senator Dirty Harry Reid, the Socialist Majority of the US Senate and dare him to turn it down.   If Reid and Obama refuse to sign off, then it will be them that is shutting down the government, not Republicans. 

This Blogger does not see how Republicans, that all voted against ObamaCare and have voted to repeal it more than 35 times can possibly vote to fund it.  It would be absurd.  Further, since Obama has delayed implementation of a critical aspect of ObamaCare, perhaps illegally, Republicans have the perfect excuse to kick it down the road and maybe even kill it dead.  It is now or never.   Republicans need to stand up and have the gumption to Just Say No to Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress.  Since the majority of Americans hate ObamaCare, it will be a winning strategy for the Republican Party.  Conversely, if Republicans vote to fund ObamaCare, many of them will be challenged in Primaries and then go bye bye. 

As long as all other aspects of the government are funded and Republicans in the House stick to their guns, Obama will have no choice but to sign the Budget Bill, or face the consequences.  And, if Obama refuses, it will be Obama throwing granny over a cliff this time.   Republicans in the House are supposed to control the purse strings.   It is about time Republicans do their jobs and let the cards fall where they fall. 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bin Laden Is Dead - Al Queda Is Alive

Obamanistas used the campaign slogan in the 2012 election,  "Bin Laden is Dead and GM is alive".   Really?   Bin Laden is dead; but Detroit, the headquarters of GM, is also dead.   And, with the Executive Order of Socialist President Obama to close 22 US Embassies around the world because of Terrorist threats, it is very clear that Al Queda is alive and well, even though Bin Laden is dead. 

Radical Islamic Terrorists, a term Obama will not use, want the US out of the Middle East.  By closing our Embassies in the Middle East, as a result of a presumed Terrorist Threat, they achieve their goal, don't they.   But this Blogger believes this may just be a Wag The Dog Obama strategy.  Obama is doing everything he can to draw attention away from all the Scandals plaguing his Administration that get worse by the day and closer to the White House.  What better way to downplay the "phony" Scandals, than to change the subject by employing a phony threat to our nation. 

Further, this Blogger does not believe a thing coming out of the Obama Administration.  It is all lies and propaganda and nothing more.   Closing our Embassies is probably just a ploy to justify the National Security Agency's spying on all Americans.   Remember, Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.   Obama is in so much trouble right now, that creating a good crisis and especially a national security threat, might just help him in the polls. 

If we can't protect our Embassies around the world, we might as well just close up shop and come home.  It is disgraceful.  Closing our Embassies is just another sign of Obama weakness and surrender to Islamic Radicals.   This was the President who early on implemented his Apology Tour in the Middle East in an attempt to extend his hand and reset our policy.   Instead, these Terrorists spit in Obama's face at every turn.   Where is Ronald Reagan when we need him.  

Friday, August 2, 2013

IRS Stonewalling On Dirty Tricks Scandal

Since Socialist President Obama and Secretary of the Treasury, Jack Lew, in charge of the IRS, has called the IRS Dirty Tricks a phony scandal, the IRS is now stonewalling the Congressional Committee conducting the investigation into targeting Tea Party and other Conservative and Christian groups.   It is very clear now that Lois Lerner, the IRS Director, who took the 5th, rather than incriminate herself, is behind much of these Dirty Tricks.   But she is not alone as other Obama appointees have taken this Scandal right into the White House. 

The IRS is providing Congress with requested documents, much of which have been redacted, or blacked out to make them unreadable.  As such, information is being withheld in the name of taxpayer privacy, which is baloney.  Remember, Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.   What we are seeing now are actions to play out the clock.  This is really about the elections of 2014 and 2016.   Obaministas do not want any more damaging information coming out concerning all of the Obama Scandals, Fast and Furious, the Benghazi Cover up, IRS Dirty Tricks, seizing of Reporter's phone records, NSA Spying on all Americans, or the State Department cover up of the Sex and Drugs Scandal. 

Obama is in campaign mode, which signals his minions to lie and delay as long as possible providing any information that might be valuable to Republicans in the upcoming campaign.   We have seen this story before.   Obama makes Richard Nixon look like an Alter Boy.   This President is up to his ears in Scandals.  None of them are "phony".  The only thing phony in this story is Socialist President Obama himself. 

First Amendment Rights Under Attack

Freedom of Speech, as guaranteed to all Americans by the First Amendment of the US Constitution, has been under attack for years.   The Politically Correct crowd has pushed for the banning of various words in the English language because they might be offensive to someone.  In the latest silliness, the city of Seattle is telling its city employees that they cannot use the words "citizen", or "brown bagging".   Apparently referring to anyone as  a "citizen" is offensive to non-citizens, or maybe illegal aliens.  Oh, I forgot, we are not supposed to say illegal aliens.  They are now supposed to be called "undocumented workers".   Brown Bagging, which always meant bringing a sack lunch in a brown bag, apparently is offensive to Blacks for some reason.  I can't figure that one out at all.   Growing up, if the bags had been white, it probably would have been called white bagging. 

In New York City, words like birthday, Halloween,  dinosaur and dozens of others are also taboo, since supposedly, they could be offensive to someone.  And of course, "Merry Christmas" is supposed to be replaced with Happy Holidays, even though it is Christ's birth we are actually celebrating.   Some of this stuff is really dumb; but shows how far the left and lame stream media will go in attempting to control our speech.   It is really bad on university campuses as all sorts of words are deemed "Hate Speech".  This is all ridiculous. 

What is not so ridiculous is that the day is coming when Freedom of Speech will be limited in the name of National Security, when in fact it will be to prevent criticism of the federal government and elected officials.   Always remember that Socialists, Fascists and Communists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  These characters are masters of propaganda that only works when they can completely control the story.   Blogs like this one and a million others are truth sayers.   This Blogger deals in cold hard facts that President Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress attempt to manipulate with lies at every turn.  

The National Security Agency, under Obama, is now spying on American citizens.  They are monitoring all aspects of communications; Blogs, emails, phone calls, letters, bank accounts, car license plates to determine driving habits etc. etc.   This is not being done just to stop Terrorism committed by our enemies, Islamic radicals.   This spying is happening because Socialists, in power, fear civil unrest against their policies and regime.   These Socialists fear the American people, a hundred million of whom have guns.   Why else would Homeland Security be buying thousands of assault rifles and millions of rounds of ammunition.

The day is coming when this fear will cause Socialists to close down Blogs and other means of communications that criticize them.  Obamanistas are already at war with Fox News, the only news network that reports the truth on a daily basis, which now includes all the Obama Scandals.   This is one reason that a Fox News Reporter was targeted by the Obama/Holder Justice Department.  That case was not about leaks; but rather a shot across the bow at Fox in general.  

WE THE PEOPLE cannot allow Obamanistas to continue their attack on the Bill of Rights and our freedoms.  Whether it is the 1st Amendment, guaranteeing us freedom of speech, religion and press, the 2nd Amendment guaranteeing us the right to own guns, or the 4th Amendment protecting us from illegal searches and seizures, these Socialists are doing everything they can to limit, or end our freedoms.   Enough is enough.

We need to make it very clear to our elected representatives, from both political parties that we are not going to stand by and see our freedoms diminished.   If they don't fight for us, we need to vote them out of office and elect representatives who are freedom fighters.   Our Founding Fathers fought a revolution to end tyranny.  If nothing else at this point, we need to make a lot of noise to stop the tyranny happening in our country.