Sunday, August 11, 2013

Medicare and Medicaid - Waste, Fraud & Abuse

The Obama Administration is running TV commercials talking about cracking down on Medicare Fraud.  Presumably, some number of crooked doctors, hospitals, pharmacists and other medical providers, are billing Medicare for services and or products that were never actually provided to Senior Citizens.   The commercials also encourage Senior Citizens to turn in providers that may be doing this.   OK, fine.  Obviously, anyone bilking the Federal Government out of tax dollars needs to be prosecuted. 

But, let's not stop with Medicare.   There is Waste, Fraud and Abuse tied to virtually every Department, Agency and Commission of the Federal Government.   Billions of dollars are stolen every year and nothing is done about it.   And, if someone is caught, they are just shuffled around from one government job to another and rarely fired.   No one ever goes to jail.  And particularly, Planned Parenthood just got caught fraudulently billing Medicaid for services that were never performed.  Then there all the Americans on Disability, Welfare, Food Stamps, Medicaid that are getting benefits and the Earned Income Tax Credit fraudulently.   When is Socialist President Obama, the Community Organizer In Chief, going to crack down on his PEEP's stealing from the Federal Government and the American Tax Payer.   The answer is Never. 

Socialists, who always call for higher taxes and more spending never want to talk about the Waste, Fraud and Abuse that is rampant in the Federal Government because most of this money is going to their PEEP's, public employee union members and those on the dole.  Sure go after Medicare Fraud; but it is about time to go after all the Waste, Fraud and Abuse in government.  

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