Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dealing With Drug Abuse In America

Whenever a high profile Hollywood personality like Michael Jackson, or more recently Glee star, 31 year old, Cory Monteith dies from drug abuse, both Hollywood, with a drug culture and the nation wonders out loud how can we let this happen.  The reality is that millions of people, either die directly, or are impacted by drug and alcohol abuse every year in the United States.   It is a tragedy whenever a life is ended by drug or alcohol addiction.   Clearly, what we have been doing is not working. 

Specific to drug abuse, first, we have to encourage Hollywood and the lame stream left wing media to stop glorifying and or romanticizing drug abuse in movies and on television.   Low Learners get all their information from the popular media and if drugs are portrayed as recreational, instead of poison, young people in particular are getting the wrong message.   Second, we have spent the last 20 or more years trying to convince all Americans that puffing cigarette smoke into our lungs, that causes cancer, is bad.   So now suddenly, puffing in marijuana smoke is somehow good.   Where is the logic in this message. 

States legalizing marijuana, while perhaps good from a law enforcement standpoint, are creating a nation of drug addicts, since smoking marijuana will lead to more toxic drugs, when the high is just not high enough.   But none of this should be any surprise along the road to a decadent nation where anything goes.   Marijuana should not be legalized, except maybe for medicinal purposes as some sort of pill, not reefers.   If the chemicals in marijuana do have some medicinal benefit, then make it into a pill prescribed by doctors sold in pharmacies.  

We need to focus on drug pushers that cause deaths; not necessarily drug users.  Drug users should be sentenced to rehabilitation, not jail to help them get clean.  Drug pushers should go to jail for a long time and if a specific death can be tied to their drug dealing, they should be tried for murder, no different than using a gun or knife to kill someone.   Instead, the Obama/Holder Justice Department wants to cut sentences for those involved with drugs.   This is just plain wrong and really dumb.  

Americans are dying from drug abuse.   It is about time we deal with the problem.   We have to stop drugs from coming across our border by securing the border.   This is just common sense.  And, we have to send drug dealers, who kill by selling their poison, to jail for a very long time. 

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