Saturday, August 24, 2013

Promote Faith & Family

Socialist President Obama once disdainfully said of Conservatives that we cling to our guns and religion.   What he forgot to mention is that we also cling to our traditional families with a Mom, a Dad and children.  Secular Socialists and the lame stream, left wing media often make fun of the traditional family by even portraying it as dysfunctional.  Instead, they display the "Modern Family", as normal, which is every configuration; but traditional.  This Blogger supports any family configuration that is loving and a good role model for children, but there is absolutely no substitute for the traditional family. 

As Doctor Laura always says, "you are your children parents" and that last an entire life time.  This Blogger grew up in an intact two parent family that certainly was not the vision of Ozzie and Harriet, as my parents often struggled to pay their bills.  Both my parents worked full time in blue collar jobs.  In fact, my Mom worked six days a week, on her feet, her entire life until she retired at 65 years old.   And yet, even today at 93 years old, my Mom never complains about the life of hard work she experienced.  My Mom always said the gray strands in her black hair were a badge of honor. 

My parents never preached the values of right and wrong to us; but they lived a life that pretty much told the story.  Though they did not make much money, they were frugal and able to pay off their mortgage before it's term.   Their reward came after retirement because though their pensions were low, their home was paid off, which eventually translated into equity that is today paying for my Mom's assisted living that provides her the security and comfort of someone who is rich. 

Most important, my parent's were role models related to the notion that it takes hard work to succeed.  The end result is that both my brother and I, that came from nothing, but Faith and Family Values, went on to achieve remarkable success, through education and hard work, in keeping with the American dream.  Sadly, we have the breakdown of the family in America promoted by a federal government that often has replaced Dad in the home.   More than 7 out of 10 Black babies and 4 out of ten White and Hispanic babies are being born out of wedlock to a life of poverty, misery and sometimes crime. 

Dads in our inner cities are often nowhere to be found, either in terms of role models, or financial support.  This has happened because poor single Moms are actually rewarded with more Welfare and Food Stamps on the basis of having babies out of wedlock.   In addition, failing inner city public schools and all public schools are not allowed to speak of God as the left wing media makes fun of people who believe in God. 

We see the end result in the news every night.  Senseless murders and evil on our streets and in the media.  We have to go back to the notion of Faith and Family as the bedrock of our society.   Government can never be a replacement for the traditional family and God in the home.   To get there, we need government policy and a President, as our leader, that promotes Faith and Family, rather than does every possible to destroy both.  That is certainly not Socialist President Obama.  This is one more reason we must take back our country by removing Socialists from office, that worship government, instead of God and promote the "Modern Family", as normal.   We have work to do to get our country back on track.  To do otherwise is to destroy our country, which does not work for me.      

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