Friday, August 9, 2013

Obama & Terrorism - Delusional

A few months ago, Socialist President Obama declared that the "war on Terrorism in over."  Oh really?   If that is true then why has Obama closed down 20 US Embassies all over the Middle East and Africa as a result of the Terrorist Threat.   And, why is the National Security Agency spying on all Americans in the name of the Terrorist Threat.   And, why are we still using drone strikes, which this Blogger supports, to kill Terrorists.  It is pretty obvious that though Bin Laden may be dead, Al Queda and Terrorists all over the world are alive and well and threatening American interests and the American people. 

Let's face it, a large percentage of radical Muslims hate Western countries, values, Christian and Jews.   Given the chance, these Islamic Radicals would murder our people in the name of Jihad, Holy War and Islam.   They want to create a Caliphate in the Middle East to take these countries back 700 years, complete with Sharia Law and the subjugation of women and expelling any remaining Jews and Christians from the region in the process.   These are their words, not mine.   

Socialist President Obama refuses to recognize this reality and as such will not speak of Radical Islam and in some cases will not even use the word Terrorism.   The Obama/Holder Justice Department claims that the murders committed by Army Major Nidal Hasan on a US army base were "workplace violence", rather than Terrorism, even though Hasan admits that he was acting in the name of Jihad.   When he murdered members of the military, he screamed Allah Akbar, God Is Great, the term often used by Radical Islamists, when they commit acts of Terror.  This distinction in terminology has major implications for the families of these 13 murdered victims related to the military benefits they are entitled to.   By calling this "workplace violence", these families are being cheated out of higher benefit levels by Obama.   It is disgraceful. 

Perhaps because of Obama's Muslim roots, he just can't, or won't face the facts.   We are still at war with Terrorism.   Obama's actions demonstrate this far better than his own words.   There are Radical Islamists around the world that want to murder our people.   It is about time that Obama speaks the truth so that his words match his necessary actions to bring some clarity to our foreign policy. 

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