Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Socialist President Obama - Words Matter

Socialist President Obama has a hard time understanding that words matter, especially when they come out of the President's mouth.  Obama practices Class Warfare and racial politics, in word and deed, that divides our nation and retards economic growth.  Obama drew a red line in the sand related to the use of chemical weapons in Syria a year ago.   Chemical weapons apparently have been used, so now for Obama to have any credibility at all, on the world stage, Obama must order shock and awe on Syria.  Shortly, we are likely to see cruise missiles used to destroy military facilities and installations in Syria.   Ironically, Obama cannot attack the facilities housing chemical weapons because it will disperse the killing gases.

So, Syrian Dictator Assad may lose some of his conventional weapons; but be left with his chemical weapons, which may end up being his only means of fighting the Civil War in Syria.   As such, even more Syrians may end up dying from chemical weapons.   And, where is all of this going.  Obama certainly will not land troops in Syria to remove the Assad Regime.   Assad and Iran may attack Israel in response leading to a wider war in the Middle East.   Iran could also attack other US facilities in the Middle East, making it necessary for us to go to war with Iran.  What about Russia and China that are supporting Dictator Assad.   Will they just sit on their hands as we attack Syria, probably not.  While they will not attack the United States, our relations with these countries will suffer.

Obama just giving the order to fire cruise missiles is easy.  We can cause a lot of destruction in hours; but it is the aftermath that is both uncertain and likely to have longer term ramifications.   If only Socialist President Obama understood that words matter, just maybe he would have not drawn that red line in the sand that now will force him to act.   This is what happens when we have a naive, inexperienced President. 

It was President Obama who went on his Apology Tour in the Middle East, after first being elected, to reach out to Muslims.  Radical Islamic Fascists, a large percentage of Muslims, have spit in his face.   We have chaos in the Middle East that comes from Obama's weakness and inexperience.   If only Obama would allow the United States to fast track energy independence, we could tell these people in the Middle East to pound sand.  

We are embroiled in the Middle East because Western countries still need oil from the Middle East.  It is just that simple.  It is time that we protect our Vital Interests by becoming energy independent, which is entirely possible given new discoveries and technology in the US.  Instead, we will shortly get involved in another Middle East war.   It is just plain crazy and the result of Obama's incompetence.      

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