Monday, August 26, 2013

Obama/Holder Suing To Block Voucher Program

Obama's Justice Department, led by Attorney General Liar Eric Holder is suing the state of Louisiana to block their School Voucher Program, which is designed to allow kids in failing inner city schools to go to private schools.   All should know that usually more than 50% of participants at the Socialist Convention, each four years, are Union Public School Teachers.   So, is it any surprise that Obamanistas would do everything they can to keep poor Black and other minority children, chained like slaves to inner city public school plantations, to benefit Teacher Unions.

This is happening while President Obama and most Socialists in government in Washington DC have their children in expensive private  schools because the public schools in Washington DC, that spend more than most other public school districts in the country, are horrible.   Don't forget, one of the very first things Obama did when he was first elected President, within days of his inauguration was sign an Executive Order ending the School Voucher Program in Washington DC for about 1,100 poor Black kids.  So, the first Black President put those Black kids right back on the public school plantation, even after their parents begged Obama not to do it.  It is disgraceful. 

The cycle of poverty, misery and violence in our inner cities and particularly in the Black community will never be broken as long as Black and other poor children are forced to go to failing public schools, just to benefit Teacher Unions because their parents don't have the money to send them to better schools.   Let me see.  Socialists that support a woman's right to choose abortion to destroy a living human being do not want to give poor parents the choice between lousy, failing public schools and a better education in the private schools where they send their children.  Go figure. 

All of this proves that Obama, the job killer, could care less about lifting the poor out of poverty.  In fact, Socialists like Obama want to keep as many people in poverty, on the dole, as possible to buy votes because it is their ticket to power so they can continue feeding at the trough.  This is obvious to everyone; but the Low Learners and Takers that vote for Socialists.  What a shame that generation after generation of inner city poor kids are being sacrificed to allow Socialists and their Teacher Union friends to stay in power living off the fat of our land and the poverty and misery of the poor. 

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