Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Obama Creating More Government Dependence

With a stroke of the pen, in an Executive Order, Socialist President Obama has eliminated various requirements to allow more people to go on the dole.  In fact, Obama brushed aside requirements signed into law by Bill Clinton when he was President.   The result is 20 million more people on Food Stamps, since Obama was first elected.   2 million more people on Disability benefits and millions more on Welfare and Medicaid.   Not only is this contributing to the bankruptcy of our country, as we add to our $17 Trillion National Debt, with no end in sight, Obama is creating a permanent, lazy, Welfare class that is likely to live in poverty and misery for years to come. 

As such, this is not about helping Obama's PEEP's out of poverty; but rather keeping them there like heroin addicts addicted to government largess to buy votes for Socialists.   This is really about transforming the United States into a Socialist country.   Obama, the Community Organizer In Chief, is fully cognizant of his mission.   Remember, this is the President, that a few days after taking office, despite the cries from parents,  signed an Executive Order denying School Vouchers to around 1100 poor Black Children in Washington DC to pay off the teacher unions that supported him.  Obama could care less about really helping the poor lift themselves out of poverty.   Like slaves on the plantation, Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress need the poor to stay in power.   The last thing they really want is fewer poor people because they are all poverty pimps.

And, they will get what they want.   Once people are addicted to government dependence and their children see that they don't have to work to sustain themselves, we will see generational poverty and misery.   It has actually been happening for years as generations of the poor have remained on Welfare and other government benefits.   When this Blogger was a school teacher in inner city Los Angeles, I had students whose families had been on Welfare for four generations with no end in sight.   When I argued that these kids should study hard to better themselves, they argued back, WHY?   They were getting free food and housing and enough money to live, so as Low Learners, they were happy. 

Obama is intentionally destroying the American Dream to further the advance of the Welfare state to stay in power feeding at the trough.  It is disgraceful and it is going to destroy our country.  We should have Workfare and Schoolfare, not Welfare.   All able bodied people on the dole should either be working to clean up their communities, or in school learning a trade.  If they refuse, then not one taxpayer dime should be given to them.  Kids are already given free breakfast and lunch in schools, so kids can be cared for in the event they have lazy parents.  Men who father children and then don't support them, should get jail time.   We need to break the cycle of poverty and putting more people on the dole without conditions, Obama's Socialist Scheme, is both crazy and irresponsible.

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