Friday, August 30, 2013

Obama - Biden Hypocricy - Britain Says NO

When both Socialist President Obama and Vice President windbag Joe Biden were Senators, both claimed that the President of the United States needed Congressional approval to take any military action, as a result of the War Powers Act enacted by Congress in 1973, over President Nixon's Veto.   Biden even went on to say that if the President ignored the War Powers act, it was an impeachable offense.  This legislation was presumably enacted coming out of Vietnam to prevent another Vietnam, which was an undeclared war, much the same as Iraq, Afghanistan and other actions taken by various Presidents.   Of course, all Presidents, Socialist and Republican, have declared the War Powers Act unconstitutional and as such, they have ignored it. 

However, for Obama and Biden to ignore the law, while no surprise, it is the ultimate hypocrisy, given their past pronouncements.  The fact is that many Presidents have taken military action from the very beginning of our history, without Congressional approval, within their power as Commander In Chief.   We could argue if the President, any President has the power to do this, however there is historical precedent.   The real issue is this particular President, Obama who was so opposed to unilateral Presidential Power when George W Bush was President.  Now that the shoe is on his foot, no doubt, Obama will act as other Presidents to launch cruise missiles, shock and awe, on Syria as a result of the red line he drew in the sand.  Now Obama has to act to maintain the credibility of the United States.

The question is what will happen the next day.   Britain, our closest ally will not be with us, for the first time this Blogger can recall.   While British Prime Minister David Cameron wanted to take military action along side Obama, the British Parliament voted NO.   This is really a vote of No Confidence in Obama because Obama's foreign policy lacks a clear vision in keeping with our Vital Interests.  Obama has caused this mess in the Middle East as much as anyone could.   Israel, our only real ally in the Middle East, is now in even more danger than when Bush II left office because of Obama's incompetent foreign policy, "leading from behind".   Weakness and indecision always results in wider war and that is likely to be the outcome from Obama's actions; just wait and see.  Where is Ronald Reagan when we need him. 

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