Monday, August 5, 2013

Budget Deal - No ObamaCare Money

Republicans in the House of Representatives should fund the entire government for the next budget year, without one dime for ObamaCare, since Socialist President Obama has delayed implementation of the Employer Mandate until 2015.  Send the bill over to Senator Dirty Harry Reid, the Socialist Majority of the US Senate and dare him to turn it down.   If Reid and Obama refuse to sign off, then it will be them that is shutting down the government, not Republicans. 

This Blogger does not see how Republicans, that all voted against ObamaCare and have voted to repeal it more than 35 times can possibly vote to fund it.  It would be absurd.  Further, since Obama has delayed implementation of a critical aspect of ObamaCare, perhaps illegally, Republicans have the perfect excuse to kick it down the road and maybe even kill it dead.  It is now or never.   Republicans need to stand up and have the gumption to Just Say No to Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress.  Since the majority of Americans hate ObamaCare, it will be a winning strategy for the Republican Party.  Conversely, if Republicans vote to fund ObamaCare, many of them will be challenged in Primaries and then go bye bye. 

As long as all other aspects of the government are funded and Republicans in the House stick to their guns, Obama will have no choice but to sign the Budget Bill, or face the consequences.  And, if Obama refuses, it will be Obama throwing granny over a cliff this time.   Republicans in the House are supposed to control the purse strings.   It is about time Republicans do their jobs and let the cards fall where they fall. 

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