Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Welfare Pays More Than Work

A recent Cato Institute study demonstrates that Welfare in 35 states actually pays more than work, so why the hell work.   In 13 states, Welfare pays the equivalent of $15 an hour, when the minimum wage is $7.25.  In 9 states, Welfare actually pays more than the average first year teacher is earning after five years of university.   In the six most generous states, Welfare pays more than an entry level Computer Programmer.  Socialist President Obama has swept away all of the restrictions signed into law by Bill Clinton to "end Welfare as we know it", by Obama Executive Order.   As such, millions more of Obama's PEEP's are now on the dole, as slaves on the government plantation.  Obama is their new master, lord and savior. 

Obama is creating government dependency that will not be reversible as long as there is easy access to Welfare, Food Stamps and Medicaid.  We are not talking about the mentally, or physically disabled, or our injured war veterans that may legitimately be getting Disability benefits.   Instead, we are talking about millions of able bodied Americans, of all races, that are just too lazy to work and are either on Welfare, or fraudulently on Disability.   And, why should these people take manual labor, or any low level service jobs, when they can sit home on their butts and make more money on the dole.   They are kind of like the government workers at the State Department, or the IRS that are receiving full pay, while they are on suspension and under investigation. 

Obama is creating a nation of Takers, supported by hard working Makers, that pay all the income taxes in the United States.   Obama the Community Organizer in Chief knows exactly what he is doing.   As more Americans go on the dole, receiving Obama bucks and free cell phones, rather than work for a living, Obama is creating more voters for Socialists, so his pals can stay in government feeding at the trough.  This is not about ending poverty; but rather creating more poverty and misery so Socialists can stay in power.  It is disgusting and in the end it will destroy our country. 

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