Friday, August 16, 2013

NSA - Big Brother Is Watching

Documents recently surfaced demonstrate that contrary to Socialist President Obama's assertions, the National Security Agency, violated our 4th Amendment rights protecting us from unreasonable search and seizure, thousands of times, since being granted the authority to spy on us in 2008.   Further, the Chief Judge of the special court that is supposed to monitor and actually control this activity stated that they have no real power to oversea this program.   The court just take whatever the government tells them as truth and we know now that it has not been the truth.  Surprise, Surprise, more government lies. 

So, Big Brother Obama really is spying on us and he lied about it; nothing new.  Like all Socialists, everyone knows the President is the Liar In Chief.  All of our emails, phone calls, letters, blog postings, like this one, driving patterns and bank records (and who knows what else) are subject to regular government surveillance.  This they did not build that huge facility outside Salt Lake City because they were Mormons.  As such, in the name of protecting us from Terrorists, we have given up our freedom.   The Islamic Radical Terrorists, who hate our freedoms, have won, haven't they.   There is something very wrong with this picture. 

We have a government gone wild, under Obama, that seeks to monitor and control all aspects of daily life, including life and death decisions that will be dictated to us by ObamaCare.   Socialists in power and government bureaucrat union members, earning on average 40% more than the average American, are the new Gestapos at the IRS, Health and Human Services, the EPA and various other government Departments, Agencies and Commissions out to control our lives.   How could we let this happen. 

It is time for WE THE PEOPLE to stand up and take back our country from these dictators and crooks feeding at the trough at our expense.   These characters are living off the fat of our land on our backs and it has to stop.   First, we must enact Term Limits for members of Congress to throw the bums out of office.  In addition, a Balanced Budget Amendment must be added to our Constitution to stop these crooks from bankrupting our country.  

In the meantime, we must tell our elected representatives of both political parties that the NSA spying on all Americans must come to an end.   The NSA should focus on Islamic Radical Terrorists and any home grown groups that are a threat to our nation and I am not talking about the Tea Party, other Conservative groups and Christians.   This Big Brother Spying must stop and now. 

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