Saturday, August 17, 2013

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Loses Court Case

Socialist President Obama's Equal Employment Opportunity Commission thankfully just lost a key court case involving criminal background and credit checks.   Companies, including mine, often order drug testing, criminal background and credit checks before making a job offer.   This is a routine procedure and is implemented for all New Hire candidates regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation.  The EEOC alleged in this court case that this practice discriminates against minorities.  Of course, this is ridiculous since background checks apply to all New Hires.

First,  these background checks are implemented by outside companies that specialize in these services, not internal Human Resources.   And, second, it is perfectly legitimate to not hire people that have committed serious crimes, have bad credit often proving they can't manage their own affairs, or that are on drugs.  Clearly, an individual that has this profile, regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation, is not likely to be a good employee.  And, since it cost money to bring on a new employee in terms of training and other expenses, for better or worse, companies do not want to bet on people that have serious issues. 

Since Socialist President Obama has never worked in business, or management in any company, he has no real life work experience.   Being a Community Organizer does not qualify as business experience.   Hiring people is probably THE most important decision a company can make, since in many businesses, employees make up 65 - 70% of a company's expense line.   Naturally, we want well educated, experienced people working at our company, without serious issues that could be distracting in the workplace.   It is bad enough that many people come to work with baggage and or family issues that impact job performance.   Call it discrimination if you like; but adding a criminal background, credit problems, or drug abuse to this picture, when hiring anyone, would be Human Resource malpractice and just plain dumb.  Thankfully, the court agreed when it shot down Obama's EEOC.  Common sense has prevailed; a rarity in Washington DC.   

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