Saturday, December 31, 2022

Predictions For 2023

While no one has a crystal ball, this Blogger would be willing to bet that the following will happen in 2023.

1.  30 year mortgage interest rates will hit 8.5% or more.
2.  Home prices will fall by more than 10% in many markets.
3.  Gas will average $4 a gallon or more in many areas.
4.  Inflation especially related to food will persist.
5.  There will be shortages of many items since supply issues are not fixed.
6.  We will be in Recession in 2023, which the Bidenistas if they admit it is happening will blame on the Republicans.
7.  The House will pass legislation to secure the border, increase energy independence, guarantee election integrity and insure parental rights related to public schools.  Those laws will go nowhere in the Senate.  And, if they were enacted feckless Joe Biden would veto all of them.
8. The House will launch investigations of the Biden Crime Family,  Covid origination, The FBI and DOJ and Big Tech.  The Deep State will stonewall all investigations.
9.  Twitter revelations will reveal more Deep State shenanigans related to President Donald Trump proving that Trump has been right all along related to their illegal actions.  
10.  President Trump will begin holding several rallies a month to clear the field for his nomination for President.  Ron DeSantis will not challenge Trump.  The Socialists, Fake News and Deep State will implement every dirty trick in the book to prevent Trump from running.  They will fail.  
11.  Unless the Russians use nuclear weapons, which is possible, the war in Ukraine will continue, which means another $100 Billion from the US.
12.  Another 2 million illegal aliens will enter the US in 2023.
13.  Pope Francis will either resign or die in 2023 resulting in the election of a new Pope.
14.  China will move on Taiwan one way or another.  
15.  There will be more Covid restrictions in some countries.  
16.  Joe Biden will announce that he is running for reelection unless he dies first, or is impeached for Biden Crime Family high crimes and misdemeanors.  Biden may dump Quemala Harris.  

A lot can happen in the next 12 months; but the odds are pretty good that many of the things listed will occur before the end of the year.  The train has already left the track on many of these issues.  Just keep this list to check them off as they happen. 

Friday, December 30, 2022

The Woke War On Meritocracy

Half the children in the United States cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level.  This is the result of 30 or more years of failure in our public schools even though we spend more money on public education than any other country in the world.  The Woke Education Establishment refuses to accept responsibility for this failure and further will not focus on improving the quality of education and academic achievement in our country.  Instead rather than acknowledge the metrics that demonstrate the National Crisis we face because it is actually their report card of failure, their goal is to indoctrinate rather than educate. 

The woke Education Establishment is now pushing Critical Race Theory, which is Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history and the radical LGBTQIA agenda right down to kindergarten if allowed to get away with it.  And, since things like Great Schools Ratings, grades, standardized testing and National Scholarship Awards tell the story, the Woke Education Establishment simply wants to eliminate them because they claim metrics are "racist."  In fact, in Fairfax County Virginia, which has been the epicenter of parent's protests against woke indoctrination, the school district failed to give out National Scholarship Awards in time for students to include this recognition as part of their university applications.  The school district claimed they did not hand out the certificates because this recognition is contrary to their "social justice equity" goals.   Unbelievable!  

The reality is that there is a Woke War On Meritocracy.  Everything in our country that is good is now bad.  So working hard to achieve good grades, high test scores is somehow "racist" because not all kids can measure up to high standards.  We are admitting kids to universities in many instances not on the basis of their test scores and academic results; but on the basis of their skin color.  This is blatantly unfair and also does a disservice to people of color who should be held to the same standards as everybody else because with a great education they can meet those standards.  

Somehow success is frowned upon because there are many people who never achieve it.  The American Dream is alive and well for anybody who is willing to work hard and deal with delayed gratification along the way.  The American Dream happens for people of all colors, sexual orientations, etc. willing to work hard with Focus, Discipline and Passion to achieve success.  This formula for success is pretty simple.  

The Woke Education Establishment has given up on learning for half the kids in our country because it is easier to indoctrinate than educate and they do not want to be held accountable for their failure.  Their goal is to make these kids good left wing radicals that support Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) ideology.  This is why we must have School Choice in our country so that parents with limited means can get their kids into private schools to escape failing public schools.  And, we need more public charter schools not controlled by teacher unions that focus on education rather than indoctrination.  This Woke War on Meritocracy will destroy our country.   We must push back and demand excellence in our public schools.  We must hold those who work in the Woke Education Establishment to high standards are well.  Those who fail must be invited to find other jobs where they cannot harm children.  We must deal with the National Crisis we face in education.  The clock is ticking.  How many more generations will be lost.  

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

The Sexualization Of Young Children - Sicker By The Day

The first rule for all children should be Do No Harm of any kind.  Under the woke LGBTQIA radical agenda that seeks to promote this life style among very young children and or just crazy left wing ideology that sees nothing wrong in the sexualization of young children, we are starting to see ad campaigns using kids in suggestive sexual promotions.  This is not about the First Amendment and Freedom of Speech.  This is about exploiting children bordering on promoting pedofilia.  

While this blogger could care less if men want to dress in Drag looking like clowns presumably performing in adult clubs to an adult audience that finds this entertaining, it is totally wrong to do these sexually suggestive shows in front of young children.  Half the country's kids cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level.  Our only focus should be quality education and academic achievement for these kids.  Later in life when they are adults, they can choose to see whatever they want; but as adults,  we need to make sure that the total focus in on learning not sexual exploitation.

This should be a bipartisan issue; however, Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats), Fake News, Big Tech and various Big Woke companies promote the LGBTQIA radical agenda down to kindergarten.  This is crazy.  And, as such they see nothing wrong with the sexualization of children.  Parents need to go to School Board Meetings, public libraries and any place else this crap in happening and raise holy hell.  This is not about anybody's sexual orientation.  Young children should not be exposed to any kind of sexually explicit behaviors, regardless of orientation, in the name of education.  State legislatures need to make this crap illegal punishable by fines and jail time.  Can we please get back to basics to teach kids to read and do math among other subjects.  They will get to sex soon enough later in life.  We have got to stop the sexualization of young children.  It is child abuse.   

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

China & Taiwan - Disaster Is Coming

Depending on what continues to happen in Ukraine, the odds are better than 50/50 that China will attack Taiwan sooner than later.  This will happen for two reasons.  The first is that the US stockpile of defensive weapons is now so low because of shipments to Ukraine that it will take 2 - 5 years to replenish what is needed.  This means that we just don't have the weapons to ship to Taiwan for their defense.  And, then there is feckless, weak Joe Biden.  The Chinese Communist own Joe Biden as a result of Biden Crime Family bribes.  They can count on old Joe to back down if China attacks Taiwan.  

If the goal is to stop an invasion of Taiwan by China, strategic actions must happen now.  Japan must announce it is going nuclear, developing both offensive and defensive weapons.  We should place missiles with nuclear weapons in Australia.  We must double the size of all Navies in Asia; so that means the US, Australia, Japan and South Korea.  These things should be done anyway to counter North Korea; but unless China see formidable power in Asia, they will be tempted to attack Taiwan.  Unfortunately, while theoretically India should be a counterweight to China, they are not really a very reliable ally.  

China watched the shameful pull out from Afghanistan, which they saw as incredible US weakness.  Don't be surprised if China does not lease Bagram Air Force base in Afghanistan to further project their power in the region and to stick it to the United States that invested billions in that base.  They could care less about what the Taliban is doing to women in their country.  And, since the EU has only given minimal support to Ukraine, they sense weakness in Europe as well.  The only way to stop an invasion of Taiwan it by exhibiting overwhelming allied power in Asia.  

China wants Taiwan among many reasons to take over the Taiwan Semiconductor Company, one of the largest manufacturers of state of the art chips in the world.  This is the reason Taiwan Semiconductor is building a huge plant in Arizona.  They see this train coming.  So, the US better act now or forget about protecting Taiwan because it would take nuclear weapons to otherwise stop China and then we are into World War III.  

Monday, December 26, 2022

Terrorists Attacking Power Stations & The Grid

Instead of focusing on prosecuting parents protesting against woke ideology at school board meetings and MAGA Republicans, the FBI better get its act together to deal with Terrorists attacking power stations and the grid.  Terrorists have figured out that they can wreak havoc on our economy and country by shutting down electric power.  There now have been numerous acts of vandalism in different parts of the country taking down electric power in those areas.  This type of Terrorism does not involve flying airplanes into buildings or much advance planning and it is cheap to do so harder to detect.

First, utility companies must harden their power stations and grid making this type of Terrorism hard to achieve.  The fact that two bit Terrorists can break into a power station without detection to shut down electric power is ridiculous.  Obviously, given the type of electronic security available today at our front door bells, it is absurd that this is be happening.  Clearly aside from armed guards which eventually may be necessary,  there must be significant electronic security surrounding all power stations.  Next, cyber can be used to shut down the grid entirely, which is an incredible threat to our national security.  This could come from domestic Terrorists or more likely our foreign enemies.  

There must be an all government response to dealing with cyber Terrorists that could shut down the grid.  Every utility company must be scrutinized to ensure that they have significant IT security in place to prevent an attack on their systems.  This involves a top to bottom audit and testing to make absolutely certain that their systems cannot be breached.  We know that big companies spend billions of dollars a year protecting their systems, yet they get hacked anyway.  In this case, however, the federal government must get more involved to implement a national strategy to make sure that hacking is not possible.  And, we must advise our enemies that any attempt to shut down our grid will be met with reprisals, which means immediately turning their countries dark if there is proof that they committed this act of Terrorism.  

It is time to get serious about protecting our infrastructure, which include electricity, natural gas, water, diesel fuel etc.  It is bad enough that China is killing our people by pushing illegal drugs into our country without any response from our government, shutting down our infrastructure would be much worse.  It would be an act of war.  

Sunday, December 25, 2022

The Deep State & Big Tech

With every data dump we get from Elon Musk at Twitter, we learn more about the Deep State's activities to control free speech and to cancel America First MAGA Conservatives.  Now we know that it was not just the FBI, but also other government agencies like the CIA, State Department, DOJ and others that were ordering Big Tech to prevent any information from surfacing that would have damaged Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) like the Biden's, Clinton's and Obama's.  And, that they were all conspiring together to destroy the Trump Presidency from the start and Donald Trump and his family, personally, which continues even today.  

The reason they were so threatened by Donald Trump and still are is that they can't own him.  These traitors have been feeding at the trough for decades.  Trump threatens their gravy train.  Government agencies have access to the "secret" facility in Utah that was put there after 9/11 presumably to track Terrorists; but that facility has the capability to track everyone in America if not the world.  The Deep State is using surveillance to establish their "enemies list" of America First MAGA Conservatives.

And, then they have been using Big Tech as Big Brother, as their enforcer to spread propaganda and stop the truth from surfacing about election fraud and the corruption in the Deep State.  This is not just about woke ideology though that indoctrination is happening too, this is about a threat to our basic freedoms like never in the history of the United States.  All the talk about our democracy surviving is real, but the threat is not coming from Donald Trump or his supporters, the threat is coming from Socialist Fascists, Big Tech and Fake News, the propaganda arm of this cabal.  

Since the Deep State was working with Tritter to achieve its malicious intent, we must assume that they have also been working with Facebook, Google, Apple and other Social Media outlets.  Now that the Republicans are gaining control of the House of Representatives, they must hold hearing using subpoenas to get at the truth.  There must be prosecutions for wrong doing.  All Americans no matter what their political orientation should be fearful of what is happening.  The Deep State combined with Big Tech is a clear and present danger to our freedoms as bad as any foreign enemy.  They could in fact be controlled by a foreign enemy out to destroy our country.  Given what we learn everyday, nothing would be surprising.  

Friday, December 23, 2022

$1.7 Trillion Dollar Omnibus SwindleUs Bill - Ho, Ho, Ho

Santa made a stop in the DC Swamp as the Congress enacted the $1.7 Trillion Omnibus SwindleUs Bill in 4,000 pages that nobody had time to read.  Ho, Ho, Ho.  Republicans in the Senate could have stopped this monstrosity; but instead led by their leader, Mitch McConnell, the turtle, 18 of them voted for it to end the filibuster.  9 Republicans in the House also voted for this bill.  It is so full of lard and pork that it oinks.  It should be called the Miss Piggy Omnibus Bill.  

Republicans who voted for it, will brag that they got about $850 billion for their pals in the military industrial complex, the huge companies that supply the military with hardware.  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) funded all their left wing woke causes.  More than $500 million going to Planned Parenthood to allow them to continue killing innocent babies and supporting Socialists for reelection.  Billions for the Green New Deal and every pet project imaginable as members of Congress bring home the bacon for their states and districts.

However, not one dime to secure the border.  $45 Billion more for Ukraine added to the total of $100 Billion with no oversight.  So as we provide 80% of the funds to support Ukraine, the EU only chips in 20% even though the war is at their doorstep.  This is another America Last policy pushed by Biden, his Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) pals and RINOS.  

The United States is headed toward fiscal insolvency.  Social Security and Medicare will be bankrupt in about 10 years with no solution to save these programs.  This $1.7 Trillion SwindleUs Bill will just add to our inflation and the National Debt.  Certainly, any Republican that voted for this Bill should be primaried.  These RINOS are no conservatives.  Time to call them out for what they are; just tax and spend big government liberals no better than their Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrat) pals.  

Thursday, December 22, 2022

President Trump's Tax Returns - Good For Him

Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats), Fake News and RINOS have pursued President Trump's tax returns for years.  Finally, by court order they have secured and released six years of Trump's tax returns.  And, as predicted in most of those years, Trump paid little or no federal income taxes.  Good for him.  Trump's investment advisors and CPA's used the tax code written by Congress to legally avoid taxes just like everybody else that has a competent accountant preparing their tax returns. 

What most people that work for a paycheck do not understand is that wealthy people minimize their W-2 paycheck earnings as much as possible because those earnings are taxed at the highest personal income tax rates.  Instead, they live off investment earnings usually taxed at Capital Gains tax rates that are much lower.  And, with the advice of their investment advisors and CPA's, they sell off their loser investments each year to take a Capital Loss, which under IRS code can be carried forward to defer future Capital Gains taxes when selling assets for a profit.  No doubt, Donald Trump did just that along with charitable deductions to eliminate taxes owed.  

Further, many of Donald Trump's assets are held in separate Limited Liability Corporations (LLC's).  So each hotel or golf club is a seperate company that files local, state and federal taxes probably in the millions of dollars.  Those taxes would not show up on Trump's personal tax returns except for any K-1 income that may be distributed to them.  They don't have to distribute income.  They can just leave earnings in the LLC if they choose to avoid any personal income taxes due.  This would just increase the basis in the property and impact Capital Gains owed when the property is sold.  

All of this is very complex and completely in accordance with the IRS tax code approved by Congress.  Naturally, we will shortly hear from the morons in the Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) Party, Fake News and RINOS that Donald Trump pays no income taxes.  Of course, it is all BS.  Donald Trump uses the tax code to his advantage just like everybody else.  Anyone that does not use the tax code to legally avoid taxes is just plain stupid.  Since we will soon hear all the negative lies coming out of the Deep State Swamp, it is easy to understand why Trump never willingly shared his tax returns.  Trump knew very well how the information would be used to smear him.  So what's new.  

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Cold War With China - Hotter By The Day

The Cold War with China gets hotter by the day.  Everybody knows that China has been using Cyber to steal American technology for years.  It is no coincidence that their military hardware, planes, ships etc. look a whole lot like ours.  Stealing technology has allowed China to fast track many industries to compete with Western companies.  All of that is a given. 

However, China is effectively killing our people in this war by shipping thousands of pounds of ingredients to make fentanyl to Mexico each year so that the Cartels can manufacture the drug.  Border enforcement is interdicting a small amount of the drugs illegally entering our country.  We will lose more people in the United States to fentanyl drug overdoses and even just exposure than we have lost in various foreign wars.  So in essence, China is killing our people without firing a shot and making billions of dollars a year in the process.   Clearly, we must impose serious sanctions on China to stop the drug trade.

Next, China is out to replace the dollars as the world currency with their Renminbi (RMB).  Normally, oil is sold in dollars.  China wants to change all that so that oil would be purchased in RMB.  If China ever succeeds in replacing the dollar as the world currency, it would  have a profound impact on our economy and standard of living.  

Covid was created in the Wuhan Lab in China.  In addition to causing millions of deaths around the world, it has cost Western countries trillions of dollars.  China should be forced to pay for what they have done; but that will not occur as long as Joe Biden is President.  And, then there is unfair trade.  China exports far more to the United States than they buy from us by controlling the exchange rate of the RMB.  This trade imbalance, which President Trump attempted to correct, continue today under Joe Biden.  Of course, the Biden Crime Family is owned by the Communist Chinese government as a result of all the bribes they have taken.  

As such, feckless Joe Biden will do nothing to confront China on any of these issues because they own him.  The Cold War with China will continue to get hotter until the United States says enough.  Congress can address some of these issues; but ultimately, it will take a strong President to confront China.  That is not Joe Biden.  

Monday, December 19, 2022

The CIA Has Gone Woke

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that we presumably fund with billions of taxpayers dollars each year is now more focused on gender equality and diversity than stopping the bad guys in the world from destroying our country.  While there is nothing wrong with employing people of all colors and sexual orientations provided they are above all else also among the best and brightest that can be hired to protect our country, if race and sexual orientation are the primary basis for recruitment, we are in big trouble.  

We have learned that the CIA has become a left wing Socialist organization in the last 30 years.  They are part of the Deep State Swamp.  The CIA actually acted to undermine Republican Presidents George W Bush and Donald Trump's foreign policy initiatives.  The CIA continued to push the stupid deal with Iran, which is going to result in Iran having nuclear weapons, which is a dire threat to Israel and other Arab countries.  Apparently, the CIA has provided left wing slanted intelligence to our Presidents.  This could be the reason why all of a sudden we are seeing the threat that China poses to our national security.  The CIA was either asleep at the wheel as they focused on their woke priorities and or they favor Socialism and Communism.  There could even be traitors paid by China on the CIA payroll.  Nothing would surprise me. 

Congress better wake up to what is happening in our country.  This should be a bipartisan issue; but naturally Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) will do nothing to hold any left wing woke government agency to proper standards to protect our national security because they support all the woke ideology happening in the Deep State.  We are in big trouble.

China, Russia, Iran and North Korea are out to destroy our country.  They will do it be any means possible, so cyber, destroying our financial system, infiltration of our government agencies for spying, bribing our elected officials like the Biden Crime family, funding terrorists, invasion at our border by illegal aliens and killer drugs and of course, conventional and nuclear weapons.  If the CIA is missing in action, our enemies will succeed.  It is time for a shake up at the CIA.  It will not happen as long as Joe Biden is President; but perhaps Congress can use the power of the purse to get this rogue agency focused on its core mission, which is the defense of the United States.  

Sunday, December 18, 2022

The DOJ, FBI & IRS Are Dangerous To Our Freedoms

After 9/11, the federal government put a huge facility in place in Utah presumably to track Terrorists to prevent another 9/11.  All fine and dandy, but we can be sure today that a weaponized Department of Justice, FBI and IRS are using that capability to track all Americans.  Call me a conspiracy theorists; but the evidence that keeps leaking out tells us that these agencies have gone rogue and are dangerous to our freedoms.  Clearly, under Joe Biden, the DOJ, FBI and now the IRS with 87,000 more agents authorized to carry guns have been given the green light to go after Conservative  MAGA Republicans.  These shenanigans actually began when Obama was President so this is nothing new.  

This means Parents, now referred to as Domestic Terrorists protesting at school board meetings against CRT and LGBTQIA indoctrination are subject to arrest by the FBI.  And, Pro-Life Americans protesting in front of abortion mills are being prosecuted for their activities to support babies.  We see from the Twitter leaks that the FBI and DOJ worked to destroy Donald Trump and keep from the public all the Biden Crime family activity before the election in 2020.  There is no doubt in the minds of half the country that Joe Biden was elected by voter fraud.  The election was stolen from Donald Trump by collusion between the Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats), FBI, DOJ, Big Tech and Fake News.  And, just imagine an armed IRS with 87,000 more agents going after Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) enemies with all sorts of audits.  

Big Tech, Fake News, Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) and RINOS have done everything possible to silence and cancel Conservative America First MAGA Republicans.  They are out to destroy our freedoms.  This threat is greater than any coming from a foreign energy.  Always remember, Socialists will lie, cheat, steal and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  The reason they have been out to destroy Donald Trump for the last 7 years is that he threatens their gravy train.  They can't own him because he is already rich.  The Deep State is real and an enemy of our freedoms.  Beware what is happening.  We must stand up to just say NO.  We can never allow ourselves to be the Jews the NAZI's walked to the gas chambers.  Never again, never again!!  

Saturday, December 17, 2022

Protecting The Traditional Family & The Culture War

The traditional family, the bedrock of American society is under attack like never before in the United States.  And, while most married men and women with children in an intact two parent families are tolerant of alternative lifestyles, the same cannot be said for Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats), Fake News, Big Tech and the Deep State that are doing everything they can to destroy and denigrate the traditional family.  Today, 7 out of 10 Black babies, 5 out of 10 Hispanic babies and 4 out of 10 White babies are born out of wedlock to single mothers with no father in the home.  

Years ago, there would have been shame and condemnation of out of wedlock births.  And, while having a baby is preferable to abortion, this is not something that should be deemed acceptable.  In most cases, these kids are born into poverty and often end up with a poor education and later in life are involved with crime.  It is no coincidence that 8 out of 10 young men who commit mass shootings have no father in the home.  The left wants to make this story about guns when in fact the story is really about no positive male role model in the home.  Good fathers matter to a child's upbringing.  

While kids born to single mothers can work hard and overcome what is missing in their lives, more often than not it just does not happen.  The fact is that there is no substitute for growing up in a healthy two parent family related to increasing the odds for success in life.  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) want people living in poverty tethered to the federal government on the dole for support because these are their voters.  The poor with little education are their ticket to power and their ability to continue feeding at the trough.  This is the reason teacher unions that support Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) oppose School Choice and public Charter Schools.  These poor kids are their ticket to power and the gravy train.  Public schools are the new plantations in our country.  

The traditional family is under attack by the radical LGBTQIA movement.  They seek to indoctrinate children as young as kindergarten concerning the righteousness of their life style and even gay sex.  And, while children should be taught to respect everyone regardless of lifestyle to prevent bullying, the notion that gay sex or any kind of sex would be a subject for discussion at a very young age is ridiculous.  Kids needs to learn to read and do math in elementary school.  They need to be taught right from wrong, moral values and love of country.  Most important, they should be taught to value and respect their parents as the most important people in their lives.  

Friday, December 16, 2022

Helping Ukraine Is Hurting US National Security

Aside from the billions of taxpayer dollars that the United States has provided Ukraine to defend their country against the Russian attack, feckless Joe Biden has depleted our stockpile of military weapons to dangerous levels.  The same as Biden has depleted the Strategic Oil Reserve.  This is all creating a serious national security threat to our nation in addition to a potential confrontation with Russia directly.  Apparently, it takes 2 - 5 years to build the various weapons systems that we have given Ukraine.  

All of this is great for the military industrial complex in terms of billions of dollars in business; but in the meantime, if the United States had to respond to an attack by China on Taiwan, a attack by North Korea or South Korea, or an attack by Iran on Israel or Saudi Arabia,  we don't have the conventional weapons sitting there to respond aggressively.  All we can hope is that the Russia run out of weapons before we do.  However, that says nothing about China, Iran or North Korea.  

One thing is for sure.  Vladimir Putin will not settle for defeat in Ukraine.  Right now he is using missiles to destroy Ukraine and he will use more; but when that stock pile runs out, Putin will then use tactical nuclear weapons to protect his army to defeat Ukraine.  And, then what.  The United States has provided Ukraine with 4 times the assistance in money and equipment as the European Union.  Here we go again.  Rich countries in Europe are not stepping up to the plate to defend Ukraine even though the war is on their doorstep.  If Donald Trump was still President, he would be demanding that the Europeans pay their fair share.  Unfortunately, since Joe Biden is an America Last weakling, he is making no such demands. 

Most important, Biden is exposing the United States and our Allies to danger.  We do not have the conventional weapons to respond aggressively to an attack somewhere else in the world.  Our only option would be nuclear weapons to stop an attack on Taiwan, South Korea, Israel or Saudi Arabia and then all bets are off.  Joe Biden is a clueless clear and present danger to our country.  Congress better figure this all out and soon.  Somebody needs to act to preserve and protect our country.  Given the invasion happening at our border, that somebody is obviously not Joe Biden.  

Thursday, December 15, 2022

President Trump Needs To Get Serious About Re-election

Everybody knows that Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats), Establishment RINOS, Fake News, Big Tech and the Deep State have been out to destroy Donald Trump since the moment he came down that escalator in 2015 to announce he was running for President.  In fact, no politician of either party has experienced the continuous never ending assault, they have implemented against Donald Trump and his family.  And, half the country believes that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump by voter fraud and other Big Tech Deep State Shenanigans with more proof everyday.  All that said, President Trump needs to get serious about winning reelection if that is his goal. 

First, Trump needs to stop talking about the stolen election, since there is no way the election will be reversed.  Even though it is true, it is becoming a broken record.  Instead, Trump needs to discuss his successes as President and there were many and contrast those successes with ALL the failures of the Biden administration.  The base of the Republican Party supports Trump for the nomination; now it is about gathering the support needed from other Republicans, Independents and even some Blue Dog Democrats to win the election.  It will not happen if Trump keeps giving his enemies ammunition to use against him 7/24.

The recent meeting with Kanye West or whatever his name is and some other White Supremacist at Mar A Lago should never have happened.  What was the point of that meeting.  Of course, Trump's enemies picked up on the White Supremacist to call Trump a "racist" so what else is new.  Second, Trump's recent big announcement that he is now selling Trump Superhero Trading Cards for $99 bucks each demeans the Presidency.  Trump was the 45th President of the United States and he should act like it.  The cocktail table book they put together was fine; but that should have been it. 

Donald Trump is often his worst enemy.  There is no doubt that Trump was one of the best Presidents in American history as measured by accomplishments not personality.  It is Donald Trump's personality that is offensive to many not the job he did.  Many American Voters want America First Trumpism without the Trump drama.  It is bad enough that Donald Trump must deal with all the legal proceedings against him and his family, but Trump needs to stop giving his enemies more ammunition that they will  use to destroy him.  Trump's enemies are vicious.  They will lie, cheat, steal and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  They see Donald Trump as a threat to their gravy train, which makes them even more vicious.  

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Respect For Marriage Act - White House Circus

Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) in Congress felt the need to codify Gay and Interracial marriage by enacting the Respect for Marriage Act to satisfy their political base.  This law was unnecessary because various court cases have made Gay and Interracial marriage the law of the land.  But ok.  After the Supreme Court struck down Roe, the federal legal murder of innocent babies by abortion,  Socialists decided that they better make Gay and Interracial marriage the law rather than just enforceable by court precedents. 

So of course, feckless Joe Biden had a signing ceremony at the White House and this is when the circus began.  To celebrate the signing of this law, Biden invited a flamboyant Drag Queen to attend the ceremony.  And, while nobody really cares if Men want to dress as outlandish women, they are certainly not representative of most Gays in the United States that are usually indistinguishable from others living in the United States.  Male Gays are often portrayed on TV as flamboyant personalities and nothing can be further from the truth.  The fact is that most Gays that I have known in my life time that work in every profession, look and dress just like others in the United States that are heterosexual.  In both cases, some are more stylish than others or not; but that is a matter of personal taste.  The stereotype male Gay often on TV is a fabrication and insulting.  

Asking a Drag Queen who looked like clown to the White House to somehow demonstrate that he or she was representative of the Gay population in the country should be an embarrassment to most Gay people.  But what is even worse than all of that silliness, is that Joe Biden commented that presumably Red States prohibiting the mutilation of young children in sex change operations was somehow wrong.  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) and Joe Biden have reached crazy on this issue.  

The notion that young children are given puberty blockers to stop normal sexual development and then sex change operations before they are of legal age to consent for themselves is medical criminal malpractice and parental child abuse in those cases where parents are approving these surgeries.  It is sick.  What is really bad is that in some cases this is happening without parental approval, which must be completely illegal.  

Most people don't oppose Gay or Interracial marriage.  However, the majority of Americans are shocked at the mutilation of young children in sex change operations.  There absolutely should be federal laws making this practice illegal with criminal penalties and jail time for doctors and hospitals that perform these surgeries.  Anyone that wants a sex change operation is free to get one once they are of legal age to provide consent.  These surgeries are life altering and should not be happening to young children under the age of 21, drinking age in most states.  

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Fusion Energy Is The Future - Not Wind & Solar

Scientists have discovered how to produce fusion energy, which can best be described as nuclear energy without the radioactive waste and no carbon emissions.  This is an incredible breakthrough that involves splitting of hydrogen atoms using lasers.  Fusion energy is the future, particularly since Wind and Solar cannot power a modern first world economy.  As a result, we should reconsider our national energy policy now to prevent a waste of trillions of dollars on technologies that will not work to power our nation.  

It may be a few decades before fusion energy is a commercial reality; though if we fast track research maybe it can happen sooner.  In the meantime both plentiful and portable natural gas and nuclear energy should be the bridge to the future.  And, oil is not going away anytime soon if we are to maintain a high standard of living.  The Green New Deal as proposed today is obsolete with the discovery of fusion energy.  It makes no sense to invest trillions of dollars in Wind and Solar, since they are not effective in large scale use.  

Unfortunately, climate fanatics can't see the forest for the trees.  The Green New Deal is just another Socialist scheme to redistribute wealth from first world countries to third world countries.  We always had to have a break through technology to eventually end our dependence on carbon energy.   So now with fusion energy, we can see the forest and the trees so it is time to rethink our entire energy strategy.  The best technology today for cars is hybrid technology not all electric cars to increase miles per gallon of gas.  

All electric cars have their own challenges in that the batteries are costly when replacement is required.  And, nobody seems to be talking about where all these used batteries are going when they are no longer functional.  We have not heard about recycling so it must not be an option.  Will there be special battery dumps needed to ultimately bury these batteries.  No answers to these questions have been forthcoming.  

In any case, fusion energy is the future.  Let's fast track it to make it happen sooner.  We need to chart a logical course for our energy future not one based on climate fanatic hysteria.  Most important, the Green New Deal will destroy our economy and standard of living.  We can't let that happen.   

Sunday, December 11, 2022

US Border Has Collapsed - Invasion

The United States is facing an invasion of illegal aliens and drugs entering our country on our Southern Border like never before in American history.  Since feckless Joe Biden took office just two years ago, 5 million or more illegal aliens and thousands of pounds of killer drugs have entered our country.  It is probably much more than 5 million, since there is no real way to gauge the got aways.  To put this in perspective, prior to this unprecedented current invasion, it was estimated that there were between 11 and 20 million illegal aliens already in our country.  Nobody really knows for sure.  What is happening right now is a national security issue because we know that terrorists and MS 13 Gang members are entering our country.  

It is obvious that the US border has collapsed.  We no longer have a Southern border. Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) want this to happen because they believe that eventually all these illegal aliens will be given amnesty to become American citizens.  And, if they can get them all on the dole tethered to federal government largesse, they will have to vote for Socialists to keep the free money and other entitlements going to them.  They might even be able to turn some Red States Blue, which is the real goal.  Let's face it, Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) need people living in poverty to win elections.  They see more Hispanics and Blacks voting for Republicans, which is intolerable to them.  The people of color voters leaving them must be replaced with illegal aliens. 

Clearly, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas must be impeached.  This clown is completely incompetent.  The same is true for Joe Biden who has violated his oath of office to preserve and protect our nation from all enemies foreign and domestic.  In the meantime, we must send in the Army to stop the invasion at our border.  Republicans in Congress must provide monies to build the wall and nothing should happen in Congress unless monies and laws are enacted to secure our border.  This is a national crisis.  We must stop the invasion at our border.  

WOKE NASA Boondoggle - Waste Of Money

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will spend billions of taxpayer dollars, going back to the moon, presumably so that one day years from now people can land on March.  We just learned that real mission in a few years is to land on the moon again so that the first woman and person of color can make history.  Really!   So we are going to spend billions of taxpayer dollars so NASA can achieve its Woke agenda that will do nothing more than has already been done years ago.  One small step for a woman and person of color, one giant leap for nobody.   

NASA is intent on having people journey to Mars and other planets.  The question is why?  What real benefit will it bring to people on earth.  When Europeans monarchs sent explorers to discover the New World for better or worse, it resulted in tangible benefits to those countries.  What tangible benefit will the people (AKA taxpayers) of the United States realize by going to Mars.  The answer is NOTHING that matters on earth.

This is all happening while the United States has a $31 Trillion National Debt with no end in sight.  It is time for the federal government to prioritize.  We must save Social Security and Medicare; both headed toward insolvency.  We must secure our border.  We must provide for the National Defense to preserve and protect our nation.  We must figure out how to save failing public education.  We must cure diseases that are killing our people every year.  These are the things that really matter.  

If space travel has some benefit, let private enterprise handle it.  Elon Musk has proven with SPACE-X, that his company can get people into space.  Let Elon Musk and others go to Mars on their dime.  All government must do to encourage private space exploration is to provide tax incentives.  If there is profit to be made so be it.  It is time to pull the plug on the Woke NASA budget.  This is just one more big government boondoggle that we just can't afford anymore.  

Friday, December 9, 2022

Time To Defund Woke Public Libraries

Many woke public libraries supported by taxpayer dollars allow radical LGBTQIA Story Hour often implemented by Drag Queens reading books celebrating the Gay lifestyle to small children.  Assuming their parents approve, no matter how inappropriate at a young age, since we live in a free country, though I would prefer that my taxpayer dollars be spent differently, so be it.  

The problem is that these same public libraries have refused to allow Kirk Cameron of child acting fame and now with a production company making Christian oriented movies to implement the same Story Hour promoting his new book, As You Grow, which is based on traditional Family, Faith and Biblical Wisdom.  These woke public libraries presumably claim that it promotes hate speech.  Are they serious or just stupid.  These woke Library administrators should be FIRED.  Most important, we must defund these woke libraries that are attempting to cancel those advocating the traditional family and moral values.  

I certainly don't want my tax dollars funding libraries that oppose traditional family values while advocating an alternative lifestyle.  And, in an Internet era when everything is available on line anyway, maybe we no longer need libraries at all.  The concept may have outlived its usefulness when there are so many other things we need to pay for like Social Security, Medicare, National Defense and securing our border.  We need to prioritize.  Woke Libraries should be on the chopping block.  First, buy Kirk Cameron's book as a great Christmas gift for your children and grandchildren.  And next, tell your elected officials to pull the plug on woke public libraries.  We don't need them anymore.  


Senator Kyrsten Sinema - A Smart Political Player & Joe Manchin

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema announced that she is leaving the Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) Party to register as an Independent.  This is happening because Sinema is facing reelection in 2024 and she knows that she would be challenged by a Socialist Fascist in the primary, which she would lose.  Even though Sinema votes with Joe Biden 90% of the time, she is a moderate often forcing compromise to get her vote.  In addition, they HATE her because she refuses to vote to end the filibuster in the Senate, which would otherwise allow Socialist Fascists to pass very left wing legislation without the need to get 60 votes in the Senate to end debate.  

So, though Sinema will caucus with the Socialist Fascists allowing them to maintain their majority control for now, in 2024, she will run as an Independent with no need to worry about a Primary challenge.  Sinema is a very smart political player.  Arizona is a Purple state.  She might be able to get enough old style Democrats, moderate Republicans and Independents to keep her Senate seat.  It remains to be seen if this will be the case.  But one thing is for sure.  She would have lost to a left wing Primary challenger and if that happened, she would have no chance of keeping her seat. 

The next shoe to fall has to be Democrat Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, a Ruby Red State.  Manchin sold West Virginia down the tubes in the recent trillion dollar plus SwindleUs Plan that he voted for.  In exchange, he was supposed to get a natural gas pipeline taking gas from West Virginia to other states along with a more moderate energy policy that would have protected the coal industry in West Virginia.  After the vote, the Socialist Fascists screwed Joe Manchin giving him neither of these provisions to take home to his state.  As a result, Manchin's polls ratings are at 30% approval in West Virginia.  

If Manchin runs as a Democrat in West Virginia in 2024, he will lose.  Manchin's only salvation would be to switch parties and become a Republican.  Manchin has said he has no intention of switching; but since he is not welcome in the Socialist Fascist Party, don't be surprised if political reality does not set in pretty quickly to save his own skin.  If Manchin plans on running in 2024, he will have to switch parties to keep his seat.  Majority control in the Senate hangs in the balance.  Stay tuned.  

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

A Nation Of Potheads - Just Plain Crazy

It is bad enough that millions of Americans are alcoholics with all the family damage that is causes.  And, that millions more are addicted to various types of narcotics some prescribed by doctors.  Even with all the problems caused by alcohol and hard drugs, in the last ten years there has been a push to legalize marijuana for "recreational use" so much so that we are becoming a nation of Potheads.  For people under the age of 18, Pot has become the intoxicant of choice bypassing liquor.  This is just plain crazy. 

Pot is addictive.  It is a gateway drug that leads to more powerful drugs to get high.  Studies show that prolonged use of Pot destroys brain cells. Politicians of both political parties, but in particular the Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) Party support federal legalization of Pot.  They do this to please their young voters, presumably to end incarceration for Pot related charges that penalize people of color in our inner cities most and to create another huge source of tax revenues for federal, state and local governments.  Clearly, liquor and cigarettes have among the highest taxes on any products sold in America.  Pot will be next.  

Oddly, everybody agrees that cigarette smoke causes cancer.  Where are the studies related to the impact of Pot smoke on the lungs.  It can't be good.  Of course, since Pot in now made into gummy candies, along with cookies and other eatable products at least Pot use can occur without smoke entering the lungs; though it still can't be good for the liver or kidneys.  Further, many of the implications to creating a nation of Potheads have not been considered related to impact on the workplace, now that so many people are working from home and our roadways.   We have a measure related to driving drunk.  What is the measure related to driving under the influence of Pot.  

We are slowly watching the demise of the United States.  A dumbed down population resulting from  drug addiction and failing public schools produces a docile people that can be controlled by Socialist Fascist politicians, which is the real goal.  What Old Abe Lincoln used to say, that "you can fool some of the people some of the time; but you can't fool all of the people all of the time" is just not true.  You can fool all of the dumbed down people all of the time.  That is where we are headed in a nation of Potheads that are oblivious to the freedoms we are losing and the coming bankrupcy of the United States.  

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Biden Refuses To Visit The Border - Not Important Enough To Spend His Time There

Feckless Joe Biden was in Phoenix recently a stone's throw away from the invasion happening at our border and when asked if he would be visiting the border, Biden said it was not worth his time.  Really!  Over two million illegal aliens have invaded our country just this year, five million in total since Biden took office.  Thousands of pounds of fentanyl and other illegal drugs killing our people have come across the border in the last two years; yet Joe Biden does not believe visiting the border is worth his time.  Just unbelievable. 

Aside from all the Biden Crime Family corruption, there is grounds for the Republican House of Representatives to impeach Joe Biden.  Every President swears on the Bible to Preserve and Protect the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic.  I would say the invasion at our border on Biden's watch is a violation of his oath of office.  Instead of the bogus Trump Impeachment trials, Impeachment of Joe Biden is for real offenses of malfeasance.  Aside form Biden's dementia, Biden is clearly incompetent; though I must say given recent Socialist wins, he is a good liar and politician.  

Joe Biden is owned by Communist China as a result of all the bribes his family has taken from them. Biden is on China's payroll as he continues to put America last in all his dealing with foreign nations, including China.  The EU loves Joe Biden because he is their patsy.  They hated Donald Trump because Trump demanded that they pay up and stop unfair trade practices.  How much more can the American people take of Joe Biden.  This guys has got to go.  Impeachment is the only way in the short term unless of course, he just drops dead, which given his age is always a possibility.  The only problem with either scenario is Quemala Harris, another incompetent buffoon and laughing hyena.   

Big Tech & The Deep State - The Real Threats To Our Democracy

We are seeing what we have known all along that Big Tech working with the Deep State Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats), RINOS, Fake News, the weaponized DOJ, FBI, IRS, DHS and CIA are the real threats to our democracy.  Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter and his willingness to release all the exchanges between Twitter and the Deep State to cover up the Biden Crime family shenanigans to deny Donald Trump's reelection is just the clear evidence needed to corroborate the corruption at all levels of government.  

Call me an election denyer; but I know that the extra 22,000 votes that Biden got to gain him critical swing states to gather enough Electoral College votes to win the election happened by voter fraud.  Donald Trump won the election in 2020 and was cheated out of it by the Deep State that was threatened by his intent to drain the swamp.  They hate Trump's guts because they can't own him as they do Joe Biden and other Establishment RINOS.  

So, now they are out to destroy Elon Musk for revealing their corruption.  There is already a federal investigation of one of his businesses that used animals for research.   The Deep State is alleging animal abuse in the research that was conducted.  This is just a shot across the bow to get Musk to stop revealing their corruption.  Musk said he fears assassination and he is right.  Remember, Socialist Fascists will lie, cheat, steal and history teaches us even murder to stay in power.  Hopefully, Musk has armed guards 24/7 and a food taster. 

The Supreme Court decision on abortion saved the Socialist Fascists and prevented the Red Wave that should have swept all levels of government.  To their credit, the Socialist Fascists motivated their voters on the abortion issue and fear of MAGA Americans as a threat to democracy.  They used this strategy to deflect from all of Biden's failures to date and of course the Biden Crime Family reality.  It worked.  But the reality is that the real threat to our freedoms comes from Big Tech and the Deep State.  They have proven that they will do anything to stay in power feeding at the trough.  Republicans better wake up to seek the real threats that we face to our freedoms.    

Sunday, December 4, 2022

The Stolen Election of 1824 & Donald Trump

In 1824, there were four candidates for President of the United States.  Andrew Jackson won more popular and Electoral College votes than any of the other three; but not enough to win the Presidency outright.  So, the election was thrown into the House of Representatives as is required by the Constitution.  It was there that the House of Representatives elected their old pal John Quincy Adams as the sixth President of the United States even though he we not the highest vote getter.  Adams had been a member of the House and the Senate and was a Deep State Swamp lizard.  Jackson was an outsider so naturally the DC Swamp elected John Quincy Adams.  As it turns out both John Adams, his father and the second President of the United States and John Quincy Adams were both one term Presidents and rather inconsequential while in office.  

Naturally, Andrew Jackson screamed corruption and stolen election, which was true.  Sound familiar.  Andrew Jackson came roaring back in 1828 to beat John Quincy Adams in a landslide victory.  Jackson was the first President elected from the West, the frontier of Tennessee.  Jackson was a Populist, man of the people who went on to serve two terms and became famous for his brand of Jacksonian Democracy.  Jackson was clearly an outsider famous for his command in the Battle of New Orleans in 1812 where he defeating the British.  

Jackson battled the banks, Big Business and the Deep State.  Native Americans do not like Andrew Jackson because he ordered their removal from their homeland in Southern states to states further West. But, clearly Andrew Jackson was a very, strong and effective President who changed the nation forever.  Yes, Jackson owned the Hermitage Plantation outside Nashville and was a slave owner like many of the President before him, another blemish. 

There are interesting parallels between Andrew Jackson and Donald Trump.  Both were hated outsiders vehemently opposed by the Deep State and the Establishment in the DC Swamp.  Both were Populists appealing to the common man.  Both were rough and tumble guys who were not politically correct.  Both accomplished great things during their Presidencies.  History usually repeats itself.  So, if Donald Trump runs for the Republican nomination for President and wins it, there is a very good chance that he will be elected to his second term.  Time will tell.  Things certainly worked out for Andrew Jackson.  Jackson turned a stolen election into a landslide victory four years later.  Question is will Donald Trump be able to do the same thing.  We will know in a year or two.  

Saturday, December 3, 2022

Drug Shortages - Thank You China

While China seems to have no problem producing the raw materials to make the fentanyl that is killing our people, suddenly they are not able to produce the raw materials that they and Big Pharma need to make things like antibiotics and other life saving drugs.  It is bad enough that that the brainiacs that run our country allowed five million manufacturing jobs to go to China and other countries, which resulted in the closure of 70,000 factories in the United States, but allowing the supply chain for drugs to end up in China is a national disaster.  

We are now dependent for 80% of our generic drugs on China.  India makes much of the rest of them.  And, China makes the raw materials needed for many other drug prescriptions.  The globalists that encouraged trade with China thinking that one day it would make them a democracy duped all of us.  So, yes we get cheap flat screen tv's and other electronics that are made in China.  But the production of various other products that are critical to daily life like prescription drugs should NEVER have been allowed to leave our country.

One antibiotic in short supply is amoxicillin that is used for young children to treat ear infections.  Without it in addition to the pain that the infection causes, kids can lose their hearing.  We are short intravenous fluids needed to perform operations.  There are also shortage of anesthetics needed for surgeries.   This is a national crisis, yet we hear nothing from feckless Joe Biden.  It was bad enough when parents could not buy formula to feed their babies; but now shortages of life saving prescription drugs are even more serious.  

What the hell is happening in our country.  There is the theory of mutually assured destruction related to nuclear weapons meaning that no country would dare use them because it would result in mutual annihilation.  Now as a result of global trade, we have shortages for the first time in my life time.  While the Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) focus on climate change that may impact us sometime in the future, they are not focusing on things that are impacting us today.  It is time to bring manufacturing of all critical things back to the United States.  This is a national security issue.  We cannot be dependent on other countries for the food we eat, the drugs we take, the energy we need to sustain life and the military hardware we need to protect our people.  It is just common sense something that is often missing in the DC swamp.  

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

TikTok - A Threat To National Security & Our Freedoms

President Donald Trump called it right when he said that Chinese owned TikTok is a threat to our national security.  This App that many people especially kids have on their IPhones is a means of collecting data and spying on Americans.  The information ultimately is placed in a database in China to keep tabs on our people.  If you or your children have TikTok on your computer or phones, remove it immediately.  Big Brother or in this case Chinese Comrades are watching everything you do. 

The power of the Internet is both wonderful and evil.  Google and Apple monitor everything we do.  Isn't it interesting that if my wife and I discuss buying new shoes all of a sudden shoes start popping up on our IPhones.  And, one time, I had a conversation with a potential tenant of a rental we own.  And, within 15 minutes I had a call from somebody representing Google to determine if I wanted to advertise my rental on Google.  Obviously, they spied on my conversation.

In addition to Big Tech spying on all of us, the US government has a huge facility in Utah that was established to track terrorists after 9/11,  except that now it also tracks all Americans.  Big Brother is watching everything we do, buy, eat, drive, watch on TV and all bank and credit transactions.  Anyone who thinks otherwise is naive.  This is bad enough; but feckless Joe Biden has weaponized the Department of Justice, FBI, Homeland Security, CIA, IRS etc. to monitor their political enemies; translation Republicans, especially MAGA Republicans and Conservatives.  But left wingers, they are watching you too to make sure that you adhere to their party ideology.  

We are living in the most dangerous times in our history not just related to foreign enemies, but in many cases related to our own government that is a real threat to our freedoms.  They attempt to cancel or censor anyone that does not tow the party line.  They are working to do Elon Musk in because he is attempting to make Twitter a real platform for free speech.  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) and their crony supporters in the Deep State hate free speech because when we can speak freely, we challenge their authority.  So, we have China spying on all of us along with Big Tech and our own government.  This is not good for democracy.  

Disney Is Getting The Message - Money Talks

The Board of Directors of the Walt Disney company has brought back former CEO Bob Iger to get the company back on track.  While Disney is very profitable because of the outrageous fees they charge for everything Disney, apparently they have been negatively impacted by offending half the country that has stopped visiting the parks and buying things Disney including their newest movies, which have flopped.  Iger is being the common sense businessman at Disney to scale back the woke culture wars their left wing childish even silly employees have motivated.   

Bob Iger realizes that you can't deride the traditional beliefs of faith, family and country of half the people in the United States and expect to get business from them.   Iger has told Disney employees that the company needs to "quiet down" the culture war baloney going forward.  And, making war against the state of Florida, now a very Red state and the home of Disney World was pretty darn stupid.  It is costing them the special status they had in Florida since their founding, which now means they will be paying Florida a lot more in taxes.  I guess money really does talk.  

There are many other very large companies in the United States especially in Big Tech that also need to get the message.  Clearly, Elon Musk gets it and is attempting to make Twitter a platform committed to free speech rather than woke censorship, which is the case at other Big Tech companies.  Ultimately, the Board of Directors of every company and their senior management are there to generate revenues and profits.  Offending customers that then boycott their firms is not very smart.  

It really is best that all companies stay out of woke politics and just mind their own businesses.  No doubt, these woke companies have employees that do not agree with many of the positions that they take.  In the extreme, these employees end up leaving these companies because the pressure to be woke is so great that they cannot possibly work in such environments.  I am waiting for the racial discrimination class action lawsuits that are inevitable as White employees face discrimination at many of these companies.  The 14th Amendment equal protection clause protects people of all races from discrimination.   Believe it or not, White employees also have rights in the workplace.  

We will see if Bob Iger is able to manage the radicals that work at Disney.  It could be that some will need to be fired if they can't stick to business.  The happiest place on earth can't be very happy if half the country sees Disney as a place that does not welcome them and their families.  And, with Disney prices so outrageous, why bother anyway.   

Monday, November 28, 2022

Joe Biden - Enemy of the United States & Just Plain Stupid

Feckless Joe Biden has approved Chevron resuming drilling for oil in Venezuela, a country ruled by a Communist dictator whose government the United States does not even recognize.  Biden is attempting to do a nuclear deal with Iran so we can begin buying oil from Iran again.  Joe Biden wants Saudi Arabia to start pumping more oil.  The United States does not need to buy oil or natural gas from any other country.  We are energy rich.  Why on earth would Joe Biden do anything to buy oil from any other country making them rich, costing us jobs and making us poor.  It is about as stupid as it gets.  

Further, Joe Biden has failed to enforce more stringent trade laws against China because the own the Biden family lock, stock and barrel.  And, the Green New Deal, which will destroy the American economy resulting in a lower standard of living for our people, but make China even richer is just plain crazy.  Joe Biden continues to prove that he is an enemy of the United States.  Biden's actions benefit other countries at the expense of the American people.  Instead of being an America First President, Joe Biden is an America Last President like so many before him.  

Everything Biden does including allowing the open border and the invasion of illegal aliens and drugs entering our country is bad for America.  If Joe Biden does not announce he is not running for President in 2024, he must be impeached.  We can't take another two years of this clown in office.  Americans are struggling to buy food and pay their bills.  There are shortages announced daily of things like antibiotics, baby formula and even pasta.  We see stores with empty shelves.  It is only a matter of time that we will see the gas lines that occurred during the Carter Presidency, another incompetent buffoon.  

As Barack Obama always said of Joe Biden, "given the opportunity Joe Biden will always screw things up.  Boy, was Obama right.  We can't take too much more of Biden's stupidity.  Hopefully, Republican control of the House of Representatives might help to make things better; but the Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) in the Senate will vote lock step to stop anything that puts America First.  These are bad times that will only get worse as long as Joe Biden is in office.  Sadly, as Forest Gump always said, "Stupid is as Stupid does."  In this case, Joe Biden is one very stupid man suffering from dementia.      

Pope Francis - Deal With The Devil

Socialist Pope Francis signed a deal with the Communist Chinese in 2018 to guarantee the Catholic Church certain rights in China.  In doing so, Francis ignored his priests, Bishops and Cardinals on the ground in China.  In many ways, he betrayed them.  One of the deal points was that the Pope had the right to approve new Bishops and Cardinals in essence appointed by the Communist Chinese.  Francis was a fool.  The Communist Chinese just created a diocese somewhere in China and installed the Bishop without any Papal approval.  Pope Francis' deal with the devil proved to be illusionary, yet Francis just extended the deal.  

There is no country in the world that appoints Bishops or Cardinals to the Catholic Church.  It just does not happen.  While Francis presumably believed that the deal he reached with China was the best he could get, he should have known better.  The Communist Chinese have closed down Catholic Churches and put priests in prison.  They have removed crosses and other symbols of the Church from buildings.  What was Pope Francis thinking or maybe not thinking. 

It is impossible to do a deal with the Devil.  The Devil can never be trusted.  Ask the people of Hong Kong many of whom are now in prisons.  The people of Taiwan know they are dealing with the Devil, which is why they do not want to be part of China.  They have seen promises broken related to Hong Kong so they know they cannot trust the Communist Chinese.  In this case, Communists hate all religions.  The only religion they allow is the state religion of Communism.  

Pope Francis needs to cancel the deal he made with the Devil and insist on normal Papal Authority in China.  There in nothing in Papal Authority that threatens the Chinese Communist regime.  There is much coming from the Communist Chinese regime that threatens all religions in China.  Pope Francis was naive thinking that he could do a deal with the Devil.   Hopefully, the Pope learned a lesson; but doubt it.  There can never be a compromise with Evil.  

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Flip Flop Fauci Should Be Prosecuted

Before Covid, very few people in the world ever heard of Dr. Anthony Fauci, who became the face of the US Federal government in its battle with Covid.  Fauci as the head of the government agency dealing with infectious diseases was suddenly in the spotlight like never before.  In the process, Covid made him even richer.  As the highest paid bureaucrat in the federal government making over $400,000 a year, Fauci went from a net worth of about $7 million to over $12 million in a very short time period.  The question is how did this happen.  Where did this wealth come from while people were dying of Covid.  

And, this little Hitler who changed his story on Covid prevention regularly did more damage to the people of the United States that perhaps any foreign enemy in our history.  Because of his lock down orders, public schools were closed for about 2 years using ineffective on line learning that put kids particularly in the inner cities, who were already way below grade level in reading and math even further behind.  These kids still have not made up this learning deficit.  Children were the least susceptible to Covid, yet it did not matter as teacher unions demanded the closures in response to Fauci's directives.  

Further, 25,000 small businesses closed permanently because of all the closures.   Many of these businesses were family owned.  And, while big businesses continued to operate, small businesses could not sustain the loss of customers.  They are gone thanks to Flip Flop Fauci.  And while Big Pharma was given billions of dollars to develop a less than effective vaccine rather than therapeutics to treat the infection, cheap simple remedies like using malaria pills with the Z Pack antibiotic along with Zinc and Vitamin D, that many doctors have testified worked to treat Covid, were vilified and even prevented from prescribing this cheap remedy because Big Pharma was making billions of dollars otherwise.  

We now know that Flip Flop Fauci actually funded gain of function research at the Chinese Wuhan Lab that may in fact have created the Covid virus in the lab rather than through nature.  Fauci denies this and the Chinese Communist will not allow transparency to determine if it is true; but there is evidence that China's researchers actually unleashed this virus on the world.  

For all these reasons, Flip Flop Fauci should be prosecuted rather than just allowed to retire collecting his full salary to live a very comfortable life.  This little Hitler, whatever his good works might have been prior to Covid, should go to jail rather than a great life on the beach in Florida.  The damage that Fauci has caused the American people and others around the world is immeasurable.  

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Mass Murder In America - Breaking The Cycle Of Violence

Every week we hear of mass murder somewhere in America.  Whenever a senseless act of violence is committed by a murderer with a gun of any kind, Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) seize on the tragedy to call for more gun laws adding to the thousands already on the books.  The fact is that Democrats would like to do away with the Second Amendment protecting our right to bear arms because they fear an armed populace that could rise up against their Socialist Fascist Schemes designed to limit our freedoms.  More gun laws will not stop mass murder.  

This should be evidenced by the fact that murderers have used cars, knives, explosives and their bare hands to kills the innocent.  So just getting rid of guns will not solve the problem.  Instead, we need to discuss honestly the root of the problem, which is dysfunctional families.  More often than not these mass murderers are men or boys of all colors and sexual orientations that grew up without a father in the home.  And, or if a father was in the home, he was probably alcoholic, a drug addict and or abusive and prone to violence.  The fact is that children that grow up in two parent, intact loving families are not the profile of these murderers.  

We cannot deal with mass murder if we don't deal with family dysfunction and the causes of it.  7 out of 10 Black babies are born to single mothers.  5 out of 10 Hispanic babies are born to single mothers.  4 out of 10 White babies are born to single mothers.  And, when this happens these children usually end up in living in poverty with no healthy male role models.  Young boys need to experience loving Dads who care for them and their mothers.  I am not just talking about care related to material well being; though living a comfortable life is a good thing.  I am talking about a caring role model who makes a difference in the lives of people.  

So, if we want to deal with mass murder in America, we first must recognize the underlying causes.  Since mass murders are committed by a variety of means,  more guns laws will not stop these murders from happening.  Dysfunctional men and boys with mental illness will just find another way to kill.  We are dealing with evil and some might even say the devil in these men and boys.  It is not so difficult to see this coming early on in school.  These children are usually anti-social troublemakers in school.  They need help from a very young age.  And, if they are growing up in completely dysfunctional homes, Social Workers must be assigned to these cases in an attempt to break the cycle of violence.  

As a society, we are kidding ourselves unless we are prepared to deal with family dysfunction no matter how difficult it may be.  In some cases, many of these children should be placed in foster homes; though that is no panacea either.  The point is children who experience violence in the home will commit violence outside the home.  Organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters and others can help create positive role models for young children.  One way or another the cycle of violence must be broken to prevent violence.  It will not happen any other way.  

Friday, November 25, 2022

Native American History - Righting Wrongs Done

We are seeing a trend toward revisionist history in an attempt to destroy commonly believed American History.  Let's deal with some facts.  The New World was only new to Europeans who crossed the Atlantic to settle in America in the early 1600's and perhaps earlier with Viking incursions into what is now Northern Canada.  There were already native peoples living all over what is today the United States.  It is believed that they originated in the Americas by crossing a land bridge from Asia thousands of years earlier to settle North, Central and South America.  So, they really were not really Native Americans; but rather settlers themselves to the New World.  

These native peoples did not own land individually, but rather generally settled lands communally throughout the Americas.   However, millions of acres of land in what is today the United States were wilderness settled by nobody by the time Europeans came to America.  Nevertheless, there was an obvious culture clash between Native Americans who settled lands communally and Europeans who presumably believed in owning land individually.  In fact, aside from the quest for religious freedom, a primary reason Europeans came to America was so that they could own land.  The concept of ownership was very different, which is where in which the clash of cultures existed.  

It is true that as Europeans took possession of various land that some of it was used by Native Americans as their ancestral lands.  It is also true that there were battles among Native Americans in defining their distinct territories for centuries.  Further the Native Americans of Central and South America practiced slavery and human sacrifice and also waged brutal war against their fellow Native Americans for control of the lands they occupied.  The point is that this was not just about White on Native American injustice.  These battles for land were happening long before Europeans came to America. 

In any case, there were injustices experienced by Native Americans in what is now the United States at hands of White Settlers.  The same was true in Latin America.  In the US, they often were forced to live on Reservations primarily to prevent conflict by creating lines of demarcation between White Settlers and Native Americans.  Over many decades in an attempt to right these wrongs, the US Federal Government has recognized 578 Native Tribes and paid them billions of dollars as compensation for lands lost.  Further, many of these Tribes today have Indian Casinos on their lands earning them billions of dollars each year in some cases often tax free.  

The sad part about all of this is that the Reservation system is predicated on Communism rather than individual land ownership.  The result has been the mismanagement of all these monies.  So much so that very little has actually trickled down to individual Native Americans many of who live in poverty with very high rates of alcoholism.  This is another case proving that Communism always leads to poverty, misery and in many cases murder.  The Native American story is a tragic one compounded by bad government policy.  We cannot reverse what has occurred; but perpetuating bad policy can and should be changed.  

The Reservation system should be abolished in favor of private land ownership.  The land owned communally should be divided amongst individual Native Americans to do with as they choose.  Native Americans are Americans and citizens of the United States that should experience the same freedoms as all our people.  Clearly, while government has attempted to right the wrongs done to Native Americans, what has been done has failed to end the poverty that exists in the Native American population.  It is time to change bad policy that perpetuates failed Communism in favor of Capitalism, with all its flaws to create wealth for individual Native Americans.  That is the best restitution possible. 

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Protect The History Of Thanksgiving From The Wokesters

Folklore tell us that sometime in November of 1621, the Pilgrims sat with local Native Americans to give thanks for their harvest and for their survival in Plymouth, Massachusetts about a year after they arrived in the New World.  There would have been wild game including turkey and venison that were plentiful in the area served at the feast along with various vegetables grown or gathered by Native Americans.    

What we know of Thanksgiving as a National Holiday came on October 3, 1863 during the Civil War when President Abraham Lincoln declared that the last Thursday of every November should be celebrated as a day of Thanks.  It was later made into law in 1870 as a National Holiday along with Christmas and New Years Day.  Thanksgiving really is a wonderful time to spend with family and friends recognizing the blessings God has bestowed on the people of the United States.

However, there are woke groups in our country that have proclaimed Thanksgiving as a day of shame and mourning,  since it resulted from the colonization of the America by White Europeans at the expense of Native Americans who lost their lands to the new settlers.  And, while there is no denying the history or the facts, just maybe Thanksgiving can be seen as a day of reconciliation since those alive today had nothing to do with taking Indian lands.  

And, everybody in our country no matter their circumstances has every reason to give Thanks for the bounty that God has provided our nation.  The fact is that no matter how poor anyone may be in the United States, they are a thousand times better off than the poor of most of the world.  My Italian immigrant grandfather who came to America with nothing in 1909 always said, Bel America, Beautiful America because he understood fully the greatness of our country with all its flaws and injustices.  In Sicily, the poor were forced to kiss the rings of the rich.  They were completely subjugated by various foreign conquerors no better than slaves.  And, while my grandparents probably would not have eaten turkey for Thanksgiving, they still would have celebrated the holiday as a religious experience giving thanks to God for all they had in their new country the most important of which was FREEDOM.  

So let's not let the wokesters destroy Thanksgiving as a part of American history. This holiday should be completely bipartisan and not subject to politically correct ideology.  Enough already!  Even Native Americans have much to be thankful for.  They along with the rest of us live in the greatest country in the world, where Freedom is our most important treasure.   

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

The Middle Class Fleeing Cities Run By Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats)

Cities run by Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) around the country have become like cities in third world nations.  They are often filthy, crime invested and full of homeless people with lousy public schools and collapsing infrastructure.  The rich often live in gated communities or buildings with security and send their children to private schools so they avoid the misery on city streets.  The poor are often on the dole one way or another so they continue to vote for Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) as their benefactors to care for them. 

Since the middle class cannot afford private schools or to live in gated communities,  they end up escaping to the suburbs or even further by moving out of state presumably to Red States and or cities run by Republicans.  The Middle Class needs government to work for them by providing safe streets and good public schools that educate rather than indoctrinate their children with woke fake history and gender ideology.  

The Middle Class leaving these Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) run cities is fine with these politicians because the Middle Class if they stayed would vote them out of office.  The rich that stay often vote for these Socialists because they are immune from their bad governance.  The Poor vote for these Socialists because they need the benefits provided to them and therefore can more easily be manipulated by these corrupt politicians.  

The problem with all of this is the eroding tax base.  There just are not enough rich people to go around left in these cities to pay for the largesse handed out to the poor by corrupt Socialist politicians, which in the end causes the demise of these once great cities.  California, the Bluest of states will once again have huge deficits because of the erosion of their tax base.   Many of the rich have left California to avoid the highest taxes in the nation.  The Middle Class is also leaving California in droves to go to Red States.  People are voting with their feet.  

So these Blue states and cities will be left with mostly poor people dependent on government for support.  It just can't work.  There are too few people paying taxes and too many people on the dole.  The Makers are leaving while the Takers are increasing.  This is a recipe for societal disaster and we see it big time in cities run by Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrats) where crime is rampant, homeless are everywhere, the public school stink, these cities are filthy and the infrastructure is collapsing.  In the meantime, Red States and cities run by Republicans are booming.  Socialism throughout history always leads to poverty, misery and history teaches us even murder.  We see history repeating itself in the United States.  

Sunday, November 20, 2022

The Need For Affordable Housing

The United States is short about 8 million affordable housing units to meet demand.  The only way to get there is to build higher density apartments and condos particularly in urban areas where land is scarce.  And, it means building 4 or 5 story buildings and maybe even taller constrained in some cases by parking requirements.  Using vacant land to accommodate housing is perhaps easiest since it usually just involves rezoning and a new master plan.  However, repurposing land used for commercial buildings that have outlived their useful life is also a great option.  

Big Box stores made obsolete by online shopping can be torn down and turned into 4 or 5 story apartment buildings and condos.  Creating developments for 55 or older tenants or owners whether apartments or condos makes sense too because Baby Boomers are turning 65 at the rate of 10,000 a day for the next 15 or more years.  Many of these Seniors may want to downsize and be rid of the responsibility of maintaining a single family home.   It is also an opportunity to bank some equity to cover daily living expenses by adding to savings to live on. 

Clearly, we have to rethink life styles in the United States.  The American Dream of owning a single family home with a big back yard may not make sense for many Americans who are single, or a couple of any age with few or no children.  Certainly, as a rule of thumb living in a dwelling that is about 750 square feet per person is more than enough space to live a comfortable life with common areas in a development for other group purposes.  

One way or another, we must create about 8,000,000 affordable housing units particularly in large urban areas to accommodate the demand.  Repurposing land that currently contains buildings that have outlived their useful life and are fully depreciated is the way to do it.  It is already happening; but expect more to come.  

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Time To Impeach Garland, Wray, Mayorkas & Biden

The Republican House of Representatives needs to impeach Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) Attorney General Merrick Garland, RINO Director of the FBI Christopher Wray, Socialist Fascist Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas and Joe Biden.  The Socialist controlled Senate will not vote to convict; but a  message must be sent anyway.  The DOJ and FBI have been weaponized against Republicans and Conservatives in particular. And, both Alejandro Mayorkas and Joe Biden have violated their oaths of office and Biden is a crook.  

The DOJ under Garland and the FBI under Wray are going after Pro-Life Activists and parents demanding an end to Critical Race Theory and LGBTQIA indoctrination in our public schools.  They are being persecuted and prosecuted as "Domestic Terrorists" as the FBI shows up breaking down doors with guns pointed at innocent people.  It is intolerable.  And of course, they continue attempting to destroy President Donald Trump, which has been going on for seven years.  It has to stop.  The only way to make these injustices stop is the Impeachment of Garland and Wray.  

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas is a liar who refuses to enforce our immigration laws.  This clown is incompetent and he has to go.  Since Joe Biden became President millions of illegal aliens and tons of lethal drugs have entered our country through our open border.  This is also grounds to impeach Joe Biden for violating his oath of office to protect and defend our country.  However, Biden should also be impeached for all the Biden Crime family corruption that will soon be further revealed by the House investigation. 

It is time for Republicans to play hard ball.  Fake News, Socialist Fascists and RINOS say it is time for investigations to end.  Really!  Forget about it.  It is time for investigations to intensify now that Republicans are in control.  The base of the Republican Party that supports President Trump expects no less.  

Friday, November 18, 2022

Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) Party Hack Merrick Garland Turns Prosecution of Donald Trump Over To A Special Prosecutor

Just three days after President Donald Trump announced that he is running for President, Socialist Fascist Party Hack Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that he is turning persecution and prosecution of Trump over to a Special Prosecutor Deep State Swamp Lizard Jack Smith.  What a surprise!  In the last week, feckless Joe Biden commented that they would make sure that Donald Trump will never be President again.  This is all happening at the direction of Obama - Biden.  Thinking otherwise would be naive. 

So Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats), RINOS, Fake News, Big Tech and the corrupt weaponized FBI and Justice Department are at it again.  They have tried everything possible to destroy Donald Trump from the minute he came down that escalator in 2015 to announce his candidacy.  This has gone on for 7 years because they will lie, cheat, steal and maybe even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  President Trump who has called for Congressional term limits and ending the weaponized FBI and Justice Department is a huge threat to all in the Deep State.  Trump wants to drain the swamp.  Problem is they all work in the Swamp at the expense of the American people.  Trump threatens their gravy train, which is the reason they are out to destroy him.  

Of course no Special Prosecutor has been appointed to investigate the Biden Crime Family or the Clinton's.  Joe Biden, the Big Guy is so compromised by all the bribes his family and he has taken that it is probably treason.  The Biden's like the Clinton's and so many other Deep State Swamp Lizards are multi-millionaires as a result of peddling influence that ultimately ends up screwing the American People.  The Chinese Communist own Joe Biden.  They can bring him down at any time by just revealing what they have on him, which is why Joe Biden will NEVER cross China even if they do take Taiwan.  

Don't be surprised of President Donald Trump is indicted on some phoney charges.  They are determined to stop Trump from running for President.  Problem for them is that Trump will raise a billion dollars for his candidacy and will use this sham process as a means to solidify the base of the Republican Party.  In fact, those in the Deep State are helping President Trump get the Republican nomination and then what will they do.  The last attempt to stop Trump would be assassination because that is the kind of thing that happens in a banana Republic.  

In addition to the Secret Service that may not be trusted, President Trump better hire his own security to protect him and his family.  And, it may be time for bullet proof vests and a lot more precautions during any public appearances outside Mar-A-Lago.  Those with Trump Derangement Syndrome are insane and fully capable of violence.  

The American People FIRED Fancy Nancy Pelosi

Since Republicans have taken control of the House of Representatives effective January, 2023,  the current Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) Speaker of the House Fancy Nancy Pelosi has finally been FIRED.  As a result, Pelosi has announced that though she will remain in Congress, for now anyway, that she will not run for any leadership position.  Hallahulia!  Pelosi will not run for a leadership position because she knows that the younger members of her party wanted her out.  That is the reality.  

Don't expect Fancy Nancy to stick around for too long.  As soon as her husband gets a little better, feckless Joe Biden will appoint Nancy Pelosi to be Ambassador to Italy.  There is an opening and the fix is in.  It would make sense since Pelosi is Italian and claims to be a "devout" Catholic, which of course is laughable since Pelosi supports abortion right up until birth and even beyond.  However, given that Pope Francis is a Socialist or maybe a Communist, he would find Fancy Nancy Pelosi more than acceptable to kiss his ring.  In Italy Pelosi will be La Contessa living in the 15th Century Palazzo residence for the American Ambassador behind gates on 7 beautifully manicured acres.  And, Paully, her husband who loves wine will be in paradise with Tuscany just up the road.  This will be a fitting end to Fancy Nancy Pelosi's political career.  

No doubt another Socialist in San Francisco will fill her seat, maybe her daughter by a special election to fill her vacancy.  The Socialist Fascist Party (AKA Democrats) are the party of the Northeast, West Coast, Illinois, Minnesota and various urban cities around the country.  Otherwise, when looking at a map of party control, there is a sea of Red all over the United States.  Republicans control the landmass of the United States.  And, even in the Midterm elections, Republicans won the popular vote getting about 5 million more votes than the Socialist Fascists.  

Firing Fancy Nancy Pelosi is the end of an era.  Pelosi is leaving along with the other 80 years olds in leadership,  The leadership of the Socialist Fascist Party will now be even more left wing than Pelosi if that is possible.  The next generation that takes over is even more radical than Pelosi.  That just means more Republicans will be elected in the future because the Socialist Fascist Party is completely out of step with the majority of the American people.