Wednesday, May 11, 2022

FBI Investigating Parents Protesting At School Board Meetings

Evidence has come to light that the FBI is investigating parents protesting at school board meetings as "domestic terrorists" in an attempt to silence them from opposing Critical Race Theory and the radical LGBTQIA agenda.  The President of the Washoe School Board, in Reno, Nevada where we live is a Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) running for the State of Nevada Assembly.  In her campaign mailer she brags that she beat back the "Trump Mob" while promoting Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history and implementation of the radical LGBTQIA agenda right down to kindergarten.  

When presiding over School Board meetings she has not only attempted to silence parents that oppose her agenda; but also the only Conservative on the School Board.  In fact, she attempted to silence him through a censure motion that was the most vicious public attack I have ever seen in 40 years in business.  Clearly, this radical woman has created a hostile work and community environment by her behaviors.  She is a divider not a uniter who expresses her hatred for those who disagree with her ideology.  But she doesn't care because she knows she can provide the FBI her "enemies list" knowing that they will act on it.  

This same Socialist Fascist attack on parents and other concerned citizens is happening all over the country.  Biden rails against MAGA voters and directs his Justice Department to prosecute us and to spy on us through their new Ministry of Information.  We are now living in a Fascist country.  The School Board President in Reno calls us the "Trump Mob".  We have demanded that this woman  resign to run for another office because she cannot serve on the School Board as a rabid partisan.  But her crony pals on the School Board, also owned by the teacher's union, as yet have not demanded her resignation.  They neither care about the quality of education in Washoe County, nor the integrity of the School Board.  We hope to remove them from office in the next election and or by RECALL.  

Feckless Joe Biden promised to bring our country together.  Instead, the country has never been more divided since the Civil War.  Referring to MAGA Voters and parents as "domestic terrorists" or the "Trump Mob" is no way to build bridges.  If anything, all of this is making half the country mad as hell and we are not going away any time soon.  

Supreme Court Justices Need More Security

There are crazy Socialist Fascist fanatics that would murder conservative Supreme Court Justices to give Joe Biden an opportunity to appoint their replacements.  One of them gave out their home addresses and as a result, there are protests happening at their homes since it is very possible that they will overturn Roe V. Wade, the ruling that made abortion the law of the land.  As such, it is very clear that all Supreme Court Justices need increased security no different than what is provided to key members of Congress and the President. 

In the meantime, the Attorney General Merrick Garland, who was once a federal judge, has done nothing to increase security for the Justices because as a Socialist Fascist Lackey, he supports the protests that are happening in front of Justice's homes.  Fortunately, Virginia Republican Governor Glenn Younkin has requested that a security perimeter be put in place by local police for those Justices that live in Virginia.  But that won't be enough. 

Ultimately, the federal government will need to pay for increased fencing around homes and all sorts of security equipment the same as occurred for Barack Obama and his Washington DC home.  When George Bush bought his home in an expensive part of Dallas in a neighborhood that was not gated, the federal government gated his street to make it much harder for anyone to come near his home.  It could be that the same thing will need to happen for Supreme Court Justices and or they need to buy homes in gated secure communities.  

This is serious business.  The federal government must act to provide around the clock bodyguards with guns for the Supreme Court Justices and their families.  If not, we will see a tragedy take place.  We can't allow that to happen if we are to have a Supreme Court that can act without regard to the passions of the mob.  

Monday, May 9, 2022

Baby Formula Shortages - Let's Go Brandon

Parents all over the country are in a panic because they cannot get the baby formula they need to feed their infants.  I don't ever recall a shortage like this happening related to anything in my entire lifetime.  This has nothing to do with the war in Ukraine.   How can it be that multiple companies that produce baby formula all of a sudden can't get it out the door.  What the hell is happening in our country.  

Joe Biden is the Most incompetent President since Jimmy Carter.  Let's Go Brandon!   This is a national emergency worse than Covid.  Biden needs to bring all companies that produce baby formula to the White House to fix this problem, or at least explain what the problem is that is causing these shortages.  People are buying baby formula wherever they can find it and shipping it to relatives.  There is hoarding going on.  And, of course the racketeers are now involved selling baby formula to desperate parents at outrageous prices. 

Inflation is killing everybody in America and especially the poor.  It is one thing to buy meat substitutes like chicken if the price of meat becomes impossible to buy; but not being able to buy baby formula when there is no substitute is an impossible situation.  

Joe Biden must RESIGN.  This demented imposter has made mess of our country.  Years ago in 1974, I was in the Soviet Union and I saw the lines of people waiting to buy rationed food.  I never thought I would see this happening in the United States, the land of plenty.  Biden and his Socialist Fascist Pals have to go.  We need President Trump back in office to clean up the messes Biden has created.      

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Nuclear War - What Happened To MAD

Since nuclear weapons were invented, countries with nuclear weapons always operated under the premise of MAD.  In other words, there was a recognition that no country could win a nuclear war because there would be Mutual Assured Destruction if the missiles ever started flying.  So why do we have Russians talking about destroying NATO countries in 30 minutes if they begin a nuclear war as though there would not be immediate retaliation that destroys Russia at the same time.   The answer is Russian History.  

Russia has an inferiority complex that goes back hundreds of years.  It actually started with Tzar Peter the Great.  It is a relatively poor country with an economy the size of France.  If not for oil and gas and military hardware, Russia does not produce much that the world wants to buy.  They sell a little caviar, vodka and maruska dolls.   So they only way Russia has any status in the world is as result of its nuclear weapons.  Let's not forget Russia lost in Afghanistan the same way the United States had to exit that God awful country.  So, it is not as though Russia has never lost a war.   

However, Ukraine is not Afganistan.  Ukraine has been part of Russia on and off for centuries.  Losing in Ukraine will to not be acceptable to Putin.  Given the destruction Putin is already causing, he really does not need to use Chemical or nuclear weapons to destroy the whole country.  As long as the West keeps supplying sophisticated weapons to Ukraine and the Ukrainians are brave enough to keep fighting, Russia will not prevail.  The real question is how long will Putin tolerate those weapons coming into Ukraine.  

The Russians could destroy all the airports, rail lines and truck routes into Ukraine using missiles and bombers to stop weapons from getting to the Ukrainians.  It is really surprising that it has not already happened.  At some point, without weapons the Ukrainians would have to officially surrender.  They could continue a guerilla war, which would be likely; but that will not stop the Russians in the short term from taking over the country and removing the current government to install a puppet.  Of course, this is not in Russia's interest because the sanctions will continue and only get worse wrecking Russia's economy.  

So, we hear talk of nuclear war.  Unless Putin is completely insane, which could be possible, it is highly unlikely that the Russians would dare use nuclear weapons.  Even France has reminded Russia that they have nuclear weapons too as does Britain.  Clearly, nuclear weapons fired by the United States, Britain and France would destroy Russia in 30 minutes so most likely MAD is still operable.  

Education In the United States Is Big Business

While the reported numbers vary greatly, is pretty certain that more than a trillion dollars is spent every year in the United States on all level of education; K - 12 and higher education.  To say that it is big business would be an understatement.  And, what do we get for it.  Half the kids in the United States cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level.  Most kids could not pass a basic American History and Government test.  

The Education Industry is more about jobs, benefits and pensions for those working in the industry rather actually educating children.  Little is being done to actually improve academic achievement because the reforms required are opposed by teacher unions that often own school board members lock, stock and barrel.  And, what we see today at all levels is left wing Marxist woke indoctrination, not actual education and it is inter woven into all subjects.  

The battles we see happening all over the country are because parents and other concerned citizens have finally woken up to what is happening in our schools.  We see taxpayer dollars going out the door and we get mediocre results in return.  The Educrats always argue that we don't spend enough money on education, which is absurd.  The United States spends more money on education than any other industrialized nation in the world.  The problem is four layers of bureaucracy, federal, state, county and local.  Administrators are basically paper pushers making work for each other to justify their jobs.  Not enough of the money we do spend actually gets to the classroom. 

Clearly, we need to get rid of many of these administrators to pay everybody working at the school site level more money.  That means getting rid of many stupid regulations that are only there to justify administrator jobs.  And by the way, student loans have only driven up the cost of tuitions. The Federal Department of Education was added by Jimmy Carter as pay back for teacher support in his reelection campaign when he was challenged by Ted Kennedy in the primaries.  Today, there are thousands of employees working for the Federal Department of Education with no significant purpose that matters.  If the Congress wants to give local districts money they can do it directly with one administrator to dole it out.  

Our public schools are broken.  There is nothing meaningful happening to improve the quality of education because the things that need to be done would not benefit those working in education.  It is that simple.  Education in America is a big bloated business run by those that benefit most from the money we spend.  Kids are just a means to their ends not the ends.  Until parents and other concerned citizens take control of our schools, nothing will change.  

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Socialist Fascist War On People Of Faith

It is nothing new for Communists, Socialists and Fascists to wage war on people of faith.  It has been happening for decades because these people are atheists.  So Socialist Fascists aided by woke corporations, public and some private schools, most colleges and universities, Fake News and Deep State Swamp lizards literally hate Evangelical Christians, Catholics, Muslims and certain Jewish denominations that believe in things like traditional marriage, life from conception until natural death and moral values.  Those that hold to these traditions are opposed to imposition of the LGBTQIA agenda because it violates our faith in God.  That does not mean that people of faith are anti-Gay or that they hate Gay people.  The fact is people of faith don't hate anyone.   It does mean that we don't want to see gender selection happening in our schools and or teaching of the LGBTQIA agenda right down to kindergarten, or inappropriate sex education at any grade level. 

Now that the Supreme Court may strike down Roe V. Wade, which only means that each state will determine the laws in that state concerning abortion, the Socialist Fascists and their comrades are literally going crazy.  We will see riots and violence in the streets.  There are death threats that are real against conservative Supreme Court Justices.  And, since Socialist Fascist leaders, including feckless Joe Biden are encouraging protests and violence, it is likely that one of their crazy supporters is likely to act on their encouragement.  

Just think if they could only murder a few conservative Supreme Court Justices, which the left would cheer on, Biden would get two appointments to change the character of the Court if they can make it happen before the Republicans take control of the Senate in 2022.   So the next few months will be particularly dangerous for Conservatives Supreme Court Justices that should have around the clock security. 

Always remember throughout history, Socialists, Fascists and Communists will lie, cheat, steal and even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough. They have done it before and they will do it again.  So for now we will see Catholic and other churches vandalized and nothing will be done to prosecute the criminals who commit these crimes.  I suspect people will die because of acts of violence that are inevitable given the rhetoric of Socialist Fascist politicians and Fake News.   What they best remember is that MAGA Voters typically have guns and we will shoot first and ask questions later if we are threatened with violence by anyone.  Many churches, temples and mosques now have armed security because they understand the threat.  It is a sad day in America.

Friday, May 6, 2022

Biden Attacks 75 Million MAGA Voters As Terrorists

Feckless and desperate Joe Biden has attacked the 75 million Maga Voters.  It is not bad enough that Bidenistas are attacking parents that protest at school board meetings as "domestic terrorists" under potential investigation by the FBI.  Now Biden is calling all Trump voters deplorable "domestic terrorists".  Where have we heard that before like when Crooked Hillary Clinton referred to Trump Voters as a basket of deplorables.    

Joe Biden's ratings are in the toilet because of all the messes he has created; but what the Socialist Fascists are doing now is dangerous.  By calling out MAGA voters most of whom support restrictions on abortion and the likely overturning of Roe V Wade by the Supreme Court, Biden is putting a target on our backs.  No doubt, the crazies in the Socialist Fascist Party will see it as ok to attack MAGA voters.  They are already attacking the conservative Justices of the Supreme Court by giving out their home addresses.  They are just motivated enough to murder one or more of these conservative judges to give Biden opportunities to put Socialist Fascists on the Supreme Court before the Republicans take over the Senate in 2022.  

Biden and his comrades are throwing gasoline on the fire as a result of their desperation.  Chuckie Schumer is always ranting against the Supreme Court and Trump Voters too.  Socialist Fascists see the Red Wave coming that is likely to be a tsunami in 2022 and 2024 as Republicans take control of the Congress and the Presidency.  They keep trying to destroy President Trump and it is not working.  As a result, they are terrified at what is coming.  

Biden's actions combined with formation of the Ministry of Truth to regulate free speech makes all of this particularly perilous.  Our freedoms are under attack like never before.  The Socialist Fascists will turn violent in the weeks ahead.  We can expect to see riots and even murders condoned by Joe Biden.  Biden will also demand that his Justice Department go after conservatives to stop free speech.  It is coming.  Just wait and see. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Socialist Fascists Running On Killing Innocent Babies & The January 6th Riot

Socialist Fascists see a Red Wave coming because they are facing a perfect storm of increasing inflation, probable recession, rising interest rates, foreign policy disasters, public schools uprisings, crime wave, invasion at our border, their President with dementia etc. etc.  Joe Biden has made a mess of everything he has touched and as a result his ratings are in the toilet.  So, they literally have nothing positive to run on.  The upcoming Supreme Court ruling presumably overturning Roe V Wade is a God Send to the Socialist Fascists.  They are seeing it as their life boat. 

For the next several months running right to the November election all they will scream about is abortion and the January 6th riot to stir up their base of fanatics.  We will see Fake News ranting and raving constantly.  These two stories will be their only message to deflect from all of Biden's messes.  There will be riots in the streets fanned by Socialist Fascists to protest the Supreme Court decision.  The fact that overturning Roe will do nothing to end abortion in America does not matter.  Blue States will go even more radical approving abortion right up until birth and even after if they have not already done so.  Most Red States will probably follow the Texas or Mississippi models restricting abortion as soon as heartbeat is detected at around 6 weeks, or at 15 weeks.  A few Red States will ban abortion.  

Since half of abortions today happen with the abortion pill not surgical procedures, abortionists in Blue States will use telemedicine to get pills to women in restricted states.  Of course, that will be subject to court challenges; but it will go on anyway. 

Always remember, Socialist Fascists and their supporters will lie, cheat and steal to stay in office feeding at the trough.  They are desperate because they see the Red Wave coming and they know it will be a tsunami that will sweep many of them away.  So expect them to pull out all the stops on the abortion issue and the January 6th riot.  It will get very old and by the election in November; most people will know the truth and be sick of it.  You can only cry wolf so many times before people realize there is no wolf.  

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

President Trump's Endorsements Are Gold

President Trump won big in the primary election in Ohio.  The candidates he endorsed won their races because of his endorsements.  Socialist Fascists and the Deep State have been trying to destroy Trump for years because they are terrified of him and they have failed.  They tried to cancel Trump after the 2020 election, which he did win; but Trump just formed Truth Social to replace Twitter.  The Truth Social App is now the biggest accessed on the Internet.  Trump will take his 80 million followers with him to Truth Social in preparation for the elections in 2022 and 2024.  And, now with Elon Musk buying Twitter to stop all the BS that has been going on there for years to actually promote freedom of speech, Socialist Fascists are in a panic.  They see the Red Wave coming. 

Ironically, RINOS and Establishment Republicans hate Trump as much as Socialist Fascists and Deep State Swamp Lizards.  They too really hoped that the fake loss in 2020 and then the January 6th riot at the Capitol would do Trump in; but they see now with Trump candidates winning elections that they have no choice but to kiss Trump's ring if they want to stay in power.  Trump owns the Republican Party; but even more important, Trump's America First MAGA message is the key to the coalition that brings together Republicans, Independents and Blue Collar Democrats.  Trump even attracts Black and Hispanic voters that other Republican Presidential candidates never did.  

Donald Trump is a phenomena.  Yes he is crass and narcissistic; but that is just the humor in the message that appeals to people.  Many Americans know that they have been screwed by the elites in our country in government and big business.  When Trump preaches Make America Great Again and America First, he is talking to them.  And, Trump has an advantage.  The old Democrat Party is dead.  What we have today is the Socialist Fascist Party that is so far left and out of touch with hard working Americans that they actually make the case for Trump.  

If Donald Trump runs for President in 2024, he will both get the Republican nomination and be elected President to a second term.  Joe Biden has made such a mess of things that we will have a Jimmy Carter back to the future election.  Trump could even win in a landslide the same way Ronald Reagan did in 1980.  The Red Wave is coming.  

Supreme Court Set To Overturn Roe V. Wade

Politico has reported that the Supreme Court is set to strike down Roe V. Wade, the Supreme Court ruling that made Abortion the law of the land in 1973.  Apparently, someone working at the Court presumably either one of the Socialist judges, or more likely a law clerk leaked the draft opinion written by Samuel Alito that basically says that Roe was predicated on flawed, convoluted logic that used the 14th Amendment right to privacy as the basis for murdering 60 million babies since Roe.  First, who ever that leaker is, no doubt a Socialist Fascist, must be fired and prosecuted for this unprecedented leak.  The Supreme Court cannot function with a leaker in its midsts.  

The fact is that despite all the hysteria that will now come from Socialist Fascists, Fake News, Big companies including Big Tech and various other Deep State Swamp lizards, striking down Roe will not end abortion in America.  It will go back to either the Congress, or the state legislatures to decide abortion laws in their states.  So, Blue States will pass laws if they are not already on the books allowing for unrestricted abortion.  Red States will pass laws if they have not already done so restricting abortions to earlier after conception.  A few very Red states will outlaw abortion altogether.  

Much of this may be moot anyway.  Many abortions today happen using the abortion pill, which presumably can be sent from any state to any state.  Doctors using telemedicine will treat women wanting abortions in states where they are prohibited from doing so by prescribing these pills and having pharmacies send them across state lines.  No doubt, there will be state laws prohibiting this practice and those cases will go all the way to the Supreme Court under our interstate commerce laws.  It is anyone's guess as to the ruling that may come down. 

Socialist Fascist insurrectionists are already calling for burning down the Supreme Court.  So before we start to see riots in the streets, pro-choice abortionists and their supporters will quickly figure out Plan B.  Planned Abortionhood and others who are determined to murder babies will find a way to do it.  Even if Roe is struck down, abortion will still be alive and well in America.  It will be innocent babies that are dead.  

Monday, May 2, 2022

Parents Must Take Control Of Public Schools

Most parents assume they are sending their kids to school to learn how to read, write, study math, history, science etc., but that is not all that is going on today.  Many public schools in particular; but even some private schools are implementing Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history and 1619 Project indoctrination, in the name of Social Justice.   This ideology teaches that all White people are racist oppressors.  Further, it is a war on Western civilization and the United States.  They are teaching kids to hate White people and our country.  Further many schools are also pushing the radical LGBTQIA agenda beginning right at kindergarten.  Some school districts are implementing surveys asking kids about their sexual orientation and gender screening. 

It is no wonder that half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level.  Their is a failure to focus on Quality Education because many of the reforms needed to improve academic achievement are opposed by teacher unions.  In addition, there is a real incentive to keep kids below grade level because billions of federal dollars are tied to poor academic performance.  It is crazy and it is happening.  

As a result, parents must be vigilant and must get involved like never before to see what is happening in classrooms.  If the things I am describing are happening in the schools your children attend, you must go to school board meetings and raise holy hell.  Be careful though because Socialist Fascists have labeled parents who make trouble as "domestic terrorists" subject to investigation by the Biden FBI and Justice Department.  However, don't be deterred.  You have every right to protect the interests of your children because woke School Board Members and Superintendents who should be removed from office and or FIRED are not acting in the best interests of students, parents and taxpayers.  These woke Socialist Fascists are owned by the teacher unions.  

We see it in Reno Nevada where I live.  The local school board refuses to do anything to improve the quality of education in Washoe County despite dismal reading and math test scores and Nevada ranking 49th in the nation in terms of academic achievement.  They are just now hiring a new Superintendent coming from a school district in Washington that is even worse.  So instead, they are focused on CRT and the LGBTQIA agenda.  Fortunately, parents and other concerned citizens in Reno are on it.  Hopefully, come November the current school board will be removed and the new Superintendent will be FIRED.  Parents across the country need to take control of our schools to stop the BS.  It will not happen any other way.   

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Socialist Fascist Party Of America

The old Democrat Party is DEAD.  What remains is the Socialist Fascist Party of America.  These extremists are so left wing that they literally support abortion right up until birth and even after.  California is enacting a bill that could be interpreted to allow the murder of a baby for up to 28 days after birth without any penalty. Hopefully, this will be challenged in court for the infanticide that is represents.  It is sick.  

The Socialist Fascists support a completely open border no matter how many millions of illegal aliens invade our country.  They even want to give illegal aliens the right to vote and in New York City and they have done just that.  The Socialist Fascists support Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist revisionist history and 1619 Project Indoctrination in our schools and the radical LGBTQIA agenda right down to kindergarten.  The teachers unions that support Socialist Fascists are literally destroying our public schools so that they can continue feeding at the trough.  Remember, these are the same people that have labeled parents standing up at school board meetings to just say NO as "domestic terrorists".  They have even authorized the FBI to investigate these same parents as though they were Al Qaeda.  

Socialist Fascists want their PEEP's to get everything free in life at the expense of hard working taxpayers.  They don't care if they bankrupt our country because they hate America.  They want student debt forgiven again at the expense of taxpayers many of whom never went to university.  Given the opportunity, Socialist Fascists would raise taxes even higher than they are now on the 50% of Americans that pay taxes.  Why would they care, their PEEP's don't pay income taxes.  

Socialist Fascists oppose the 1st Amendment, freedom of speech, press and religion.  In their latest attack on our freedoms, they have established the Disinformation Governance Board as part of Homeland Security to regulate the First Amendment.  Of course, they oppose the Second Amendment, our right to bear arms because they fear an armed populace that might rise up against them.  To them, the 75 million Americans that voted for President Trump are all terrorists and or White Supremacists even though many that voted for Trump were people of color.  They continue trying to destroy Trump because they fear his reelection in 2024, which they know is likely if he runs again.  

Now, the Socialist Fascists are in a panic because they see the Red Wave coming in 2022 and 2024.  This will make them more dangerous than ever as they attempt to cling on to power.  That will mean more election fraud in Blue States now in the name of the Climate Crisis.  Just wait and see.  In those states, they will ignore election laws like they did in 2022 to rig elections.  Clearly, the old Democrat Party is dead.  What we have now is the Socialist Fascist Party of America and they are EVIL.  


Secretary Mayorkas - The Clown In Charge Of Homeland Security

If you want to see someone say absolutely nothing using lots of words, just watch Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden's clown in charge of Homeland Security during a Congressional Hearing on CSPAN.  This is the fast talking Socialist Fascist that has opened our border up to the illegal alien invasion that is happening since Joe Biden took office.  Over 2 million illegal aliens have already crossed our border as well as some unknown number that are not apprehended.  But what is even worse are the illegal drugs coming across the border that are killing thousands of Americans each year. 

The Cartels are making billions of dollars a month in human trafficking fees and drug smuggling thanks to Joe Biden.  Yet Clown Mayorkas claims the border is secure.  Incredible BS.   The illegal aliens come over the Rio Grande and turn themselves in to border security.  They have been coached to say they are seeking Asylum.  Once done, they are given a plane or bus ticket to cities all over the country and told to report for an unspecified court date to make their case for Asylum.  If they show up which most often does not happen most do not meet Asylum requirements.  You can bet those that do not turn themselves in are the drug smugglers, terrorists and criminals because they know they would immediately be deported.  

These people know once they enter the US, they are home free.  Alejandro Mayorkas must be impeached once the Republicans gain control of the Congress in 2022.  He is either completely incompetent and or a traitor to our nation or both.  Our border is completely out of control.  The Border Patrol is overwhelmed.  They have no confidence in Mayorkas.  They see Mayorkas as the clown he really is.  And, now Homeland Security is in charge of the Disinformation Governance Board, an unconstitutional Ministry of Truth Gestapo out to monitor and control free speech.  Unbelievable.  This big mouth buffoon Mayorkas has to go!  

Friday, April 29, 2022

Biden's Disinformation Governance Board - The Gestapo Is Watching

Bidenista Socialist Fascists are scared to death of freedom of speech.  In 2020, they had Big Tech and Fake News controlling speech for them to allow for the election fraud that put Joe Biden in office.  With Elon Musk buying Twitter, Mark Zuckerberg announcing that he will not spend another $430 million to tip the scales in the next elections, Trump's Truth Social, GETTR and NewsMax in place, they know now that the propaganda story will not be the same for the elections in 2022 and 2024.  Further, many Red states have enacted election integrity laws that will make fraud less likely.  The Socialist Fascists will not be able to control the narrative.  They are also terrified of the Red Wave coming in 2022 and 2024 elections.  

So, the Socialist Fascists have established the Disinformation Governance Board as an agency of the Department of Homeland Security to monitor free speech.  Remember, these are the same people who have called parents protesting at school board meetings "domestic terrorists" in an attempt to stifle their free speech.  They have even assigned the FBI to investigate parents that are too vocal against woke school board members and their teacher union pals.  So, it is clear that these Socialist Fascists will stop at nothing to stop the free speech of those who do not buy the party line.  It is already happening big time in our public schools and universities.  

This Gestapo agency is very dangerous.  Red State Attorney Generals or anyone targeted by these Fascists must file litigation in court to end this Disinformation Governance Board.  This is something we have seen before in NAZI Germany, China, North Korea, Iran or the old Soviet Union.  This is not something that should be happening in the United States.  

These Socialist Fascists are a threat to our First and Second Amendment rights like never before.  Their game is create a "crisis' to in effect declare Marshall Law.  They did that with Covid and now they will do it again related to climate change, or maybe the invasion at our border.  We must stand up and say NEVER AGAIN, NEVER AGAIN.  We cannot let them take our freedoms from us.  As Ronald Reagan said, "Freedom is fragile and just one  generation away from extinction".   We need to see this train coming and stop it now!

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Teacher Unions Do Not Represent The Interests Of Students, Parents & Taxpayers

Half the kids in the country cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level.  This national crisis exists because teacher unions oppose any reforms aimed at solving the problem.  They also oppose public charter schools because they can't control them.  Obviously, teacher unions are against School Choice because the last thing they want is for the money to follow the kids so that all parents can send their kids to private schools if they choose to do so and not just the rich.  The fact is that teacher unions and the education establishment need to keep  kids trapped on the plantation like slaves serving their masters.   It is all about jobs and great benefits and pensions certainly not the interests of students, parents, and taxpayers. 

And, there is a real disincentive to actually improving the quality of education because if kids read and do math at grade level, public schools lose billions of federal dollars every year that only go to school districts because the kids are way below grade level.  As I was told years ago, by a White Vice Principal when we actually improved test scores, "we had to be careful because if we got the kids to the 50th percentile, we would lose our federal monies and a lot of jobs depended on that money".  I remember retorting that it would mean that we had taught the kids to read to which the Vice Principal responded, that "I had to see the bigger picture".  As a 28 year old idealistic teacher, I was shocked and left teaching three months later never to return.  

Fast forward to today.  For the past several months I have been pushing the incompetent woke Washoe County School Board in Reno, Nevada where I live to put a Quality Education Task Force together to improve academic achievement in the school district, which is dismal.  Like the nation, half the kids in Washoe cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level.  Most of the schools in Washoe get a rating of 5 or lower out of 10 on the Great Schools Rating system.  And, Nevada ranks 49th in the nation related to academic achievement primarily because of Clark County (Las Vegas) and Washoe County (Reno) where probably 85% of the states kids attend school.  Both school districts stink.  

It is no surprise that while the woke School Board convened a Social Justice Task Force, which I volunteered for and was excluded from to push Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist, fake history and 1619 Project indoctrination and imposition of the radical LGBTQIA agenda right down to kindergarten, they would not agree to put a Quality Education Task Force together because the reforms needed would be opposed by the teacher's union.  It is criminal malpractice. 

And, just this week they have selected a new woke Superintendent that was endorsed by the teachers union without any involvement of parents and other concerned citizens that volunteered for the selection committee and were excluded because we oppose what they are doing.  The fix was in.  What a surprise.  This occurred after the School Board went through 3 failed Superintendents in a row.  Now, we will see a fourth that will do NOTHING to improve the quality of education in Washoe because she is a left wing radical lackey owned by the teacher's union.  It will be same old same old failure.  The new Superintendent will have to be fired sooner than later.  It is very sad; but it makes the case for public charter schools and School Choice, both of which teacher unions and Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) oppose.  The public schools are lost without significant reform.  We now have to starve the beast to get any change.  It will not happen any other way. 

Monday, April 25, 2022

Elon Musk Buys Twitter For $44 Billion

Elon Musk has apparently succeeded in buying Twitter for $44 Billion.  First, we need to know where Musk got the $44 Billion so we can see where the money is coming from.  If the answer is China, that would not be good.  So now what?  Twitter as part of Big Tech has been cancelling Conservatives who do not follow the Socialist Party Line.  Dare you say that the election of 2020 was fraudulent and you will be cancelled on Twitter.  Dare you question anything about Covid and you will be cancelled.

Let's remember that Twitter banned President Trump from Twitter, which caused Trump to create Truth Social so that now he has a platform to reach his 80 million followers.  Trump has already said that he will not be going back to Twitter.  Fact is now that Truth Social is up and running, Trump no longer needs Twitter.  This Blogger left Twitter months ago as I was cancelled and I will not be going back now that GETR and Truth Social are available to me.  

Left wing Socialist and Communist heads need to roll at Twitter.  Is Elon Musk going to fire the little Gestapos that have been cancelling Conservatives or just invite them to quit.  We will see if Twitter becomes a platform for free speech, or if it remains as the Socialist Fascist propaganda platform it has become.  Time will tell.  

Socialist Fascists & Dark Money

Socialist Fascists are always complaining about "Dark Money" related to campaign contributions.  Supposedly, Dark Money is legally contributed anonymously.  The reality is that Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) actually collect more Dark Money in campaign contributions than Republicans.  It is hundreds of millions of dollars each election cycle.  Of course, they are hypocrites; but that is nothing new in politics. Chuckie Schumer and Fancy Nancy Pelosi both control Political Action Committees in place to receive Dark Money.  Then they dole it out to Socialist Fascist candidates as a means of managing who is able to feed at the trough.  The Republicans do the exact same thing.  It is standard practice in the DC Swamp. 

Specific to these secret donations, they are not so secret.  Socialist Fascists get their money from many rich left wing billionaires like George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, and the usual cabal of Socialists in Fake News, Hollywood, Big Business and Big Tech.  Everybody knows who they are so really Dark Money is not so Dark. 

Socialist Fascists are supported by those that want abortion right up until birth and even after, open borders to secure cheap labor, elimination of our gun rights, curtailment of our First Amendment rights of free speech, religion and conservative press and destruction of the carbon energy industry.  And, of course, they get big Dark Money contributions from teacher unions and other government employee unions to buy politicians that will do their bidding.  

Frankly, the whole concept of Dark Money is pretty silly since these donors are very predictable on both sides.  Why not make all political contributions completely public and remove all caps on contributions.  We might as well see who is pulling the strings on both sides.  There would be very few surprises.  And, we will find that many play both sides of the game so they win no matter who is elected.  It is called corruption and it is legal.  

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Red State Governors And Attorney Generals Must Stop The Illegal Alien Invasion At Our Border

It is very clear that feckless Joe Biden will not only do nothing to stop the illegal alien invasion at our border, Bidenistas are in fact doing everything they can to maintain an open border to welcome in even more illegal aliens.  It is time for Red State Governors and their Attorney Generals to come together to combat the invasion at our border.  Governors control state National Guard units.  Texas and Arizona need help now with more troops to supplement the Border Patrol that is overwhelmed.  California and New Mexico need help too, but those states are controlled by Socialist Governors and Senators that support the invasion.  

So Red State Governors should immediately send their National Guard units to Texas and Arizona to interdit the cartels and stop both the drugs flowing into our country and the illegal aliens coming in every day.  Once apprehended,  illegal aliens should be bussed to Blue States.  Let their taxpayers fund the billions of dollars needed to support illegal aliens in our country.

Next, Red State Attorney Generals must come together to sue the Biden Administration for failure to enforce immigration laws on the books that are being ignored.  Once their is a Republican Congress elected in 2022, Joe Biden must be impeached for failure to enforce immigration laws.  In the meantime, cases must go to the Supreme Court if necessary to seek injunctions and cease and desist orders to stop Bidenistas from destroying our country.  

The time is now for Republican Governors and Attorney Generals to act to protect and preserve our country in accordance with our Constitution.  The 10th Amendment provides for States Rights for just such moments as this.  It is also necessary to call a Constitutional Convention to deal with this illegal immigration issue.  People entering our country illegally must be deported.  It is just that simple. 

Abraham Lincoln - Rethinking The History

President Abraham Lincoln has been immortalized as a saint who preserved the union and abolished slavery.   However, as a former American history and government teacher and someone who wrote my history thesis on Lincoln, it may be time to rethink the history.  Of course, it is easy to look back in retrospect and see all of Lincoln's mistakes and maybe it would not matter much except that the Civil War really did not end in 1865.  It just went from hot war to cold war for more than a 100 years.  As a result of some very bad decisions both by Lincoln and the radical Republican Party at the time, our country experienced more than 100 years of racial strife that continues even today.  

First, Lincoln's Republican Party when he ran for President in 1860 was perfectly willing to live with slavery where it then existed.  The Republican Party position was to oppose slavery in new states.  Lincoln even advocated relocating the slaves back to Africa believing that they could never coexist peacefully in a White America.  That idea was abandoned because relocating 4 million slaves was eventually believed to be impractical.   

Lincoln was elected with less than 40% of the popular vote; though he did win the electoral vote.  Lincoln was not even on the ballot in 10 Southern States.  To conclude that Lincoln had national support is just wrong.  Lincoln was elected by the Northern states with virtually no support in Southern States.  Lincoln's election caused the Civil War as Southern states seceded shortly after Lincoln was declared the winner.  This was the culmination of political strife and a series of compromises to accommodate slavery that started right at the founding of our country.  The Civil War was a failure of compromise.  They had reached the end of the line. 

Once the first shots were fired in Charleston, South Carolina at Fort Sumter, Lincoln made the war about preserving the union not abolishing slavery because he did not believe Northerners would fight and die to end slavery.  Lincoln did this to keep the four border states where slavery was legal from seceding.  The first few years of the Civil War had the South winning battle after battle mostly because Lincoln had appointed some really lousy union generals.  It was not until Northern victories at Vicksburg and Gettysburg that the North finally won some battles.  And, it was about then that Lincoln removed various incompetent generals and put US Grant in charge of all union forces. 

Finally, in 1862 Lincoln issued his Emancipation Proclamation that freed the slaves; but only in Confederate states not the border states.  In doing so, Lincoln signed his own death warrant later resulting in his assassination.  Almost more important, this one act may have prolonged the Civil War because now the Confederacy had a motivation to fight to the death.  It is probable that this one act caused the death of several hundred thousand more soldiers on both sides without any particular benefit before the North won the Civil War.  And for what. The thinking was that freed slaves would join union forces and about 100,000 did just that, but not enough to change the outcome of any battles.  Many of the blacks in the army were relegated to menial tasks to support the union army as they faced discrimination by many White officers.

Lincoln had a successful model for freeing the slaves when slavery was ended in Washington DC in 1862; but that model was not followed.  Slave owners in Washington DC were paid $300 per slave and while that payment acknowledged that slaves were property, however degrading at least it worked to get the job done without bloodshed.  Southern slave owners had more invested in slaves than in land.  Freeing the slaves without compensation led to 100 years of Jim Crow and discrimination, misery and murder for freed Blacks.  In other words, Lincoln did not think through the long term impact of many of his decisions as has happened in many wars.

There is no way to know what would have happened had Lincoln lived to complete his second term.  Lincoln preached reconciliation; but that was not his party's policy.  He would have had to deal with his own party composed of Radical Republicans determined to punish White Southerners for causing the Civil War.  The reality is that both sides caused the Civil War.  The fact is there was no plan to deal with freed slaves. Perhaps, each slave should have been given $100 and a mule and encouraged to move West to homestead farms.  Instead it would be 50 years before many of them moved North to work in factories only to experience discrimination almost as bad as what they experienced in the South.  

I know second guessing all of this is easier to do in retrospect than when the events of the Civil War and long after occurred.  However, our country is still paying the price for some very bad decisions by Lincoln and those that came after him.  In some ways, we have learned that wars no matter how horrible are the easy part.  The lessons of history teach us time and again that what comes after the wars are over is the hard part.  

Friday, April 22, 2022

Poor Joe Biden - Wrong On All The Issues

Joe Biden is obviously suffering from early onset Dementia, which is why he confuses issues and or often has that deer in the headlights look on his face.  It really is pretty sad to watch.  It is bad when the Easter Bunny at the Easter Egg Hunt at the White House has to pull Biden away from the crowd because of what he was saying to people there.  Biden's ratings are in the toilet at under 40% approval because he is wrong on all the key issues.  Biden is losing Hispanics and non-college educated working people without whom Socialist Fascists will face a blood bath during the upcoming elections.  It is very likely that Republicans will also get a pretty good share of Black voters as gas approaches $5 or more a gallon across the country and inflation soars to 10%.

Poor Joe.  He just can't catch a break.  Bidenistas are insisting on the mask mandate on airplanes and trains, which is a loser.  The border is completely out of control as about 2 million illegal aliens have invaded our country since Biden took office with many more on the way.  Even many Democrats in Congress have abandoned Biden on the border issue.  

And then there are the public schools as Bidenistas characterize parents protesting Critical Race Theory Marxist racist revisionist history and 1619 Project indoctrination and imposition of the radical LGBTQIA agenda right down to Kindergarten as "domestic terrorists".   Soccer Moms and many others are not happy and are organizing all over the country to remove woke School Board Members from office and fire woke Superintendents.  They will be voting for Republicans in 2022 and 2024.

Finally, Biden's radical Climate Change Agenda is great for countries like China, India and Russia but absolutely lousy for America.  We are already seeing energy prices go through the roof because Biden is making it harder for companies to drill for oil and natural gas.  Most people cannot afford electric cars at $60,000 or more.  These elitists live in a dream world.  People facing higher energy prices will be voting for Republicans in 2022 and 2024.  Expect some Blue States to turn Red.  It is coming.  

Joe Biden is suffering from Brain Fog that often impacts people who have had Chemotherapy.  The old man is clueless.  Biden reads the scripts put in front of him by the Socialist Fascists in his administration pulling the strings.  The fact is that Joe Biden does not even understand what he is reading, or the impact on the American people.  Oh well, when the Socialist Fascists lose of the Congress in 2022, they will blame Joe Biden and push him to resign.  The day is coming.  The will be like rats jumping off a sinking ship.  It will be Bye Bye Biden.  Joe Biden will not even see the train coming until it runs him over.  

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Joe Biden Declares War on Parents & Children

Everyone knows that the Socialist Fascist Party is owned lock, stock, and barrel by the radical teachers unions.  As a result as long as Socialist Fascists control schools board or Blue States, we will NEVER see the reforms needed to improve the quality of education in the United States because teacher unions oppose things like meaningful evaluation metrics to measure teacher and administrator performance, merit pay to reward great teachers, an end to teacher tenure to fire bad teachers and other measures aimed at actually improving test scores. It is no wonder half the kids in the United States  cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level. 

Further, there is a real disincentive to improve test scores because federal Title I monies tie to dismal test score results.  The last thing the teacher unions and education establishment wants are kids who can read or do math at grade level because billions of federal Title I dollars would go away along with their jobs and cushy, fat pensions.  So like keeping slaves on the plantation, Socialist Fascists feeding at the trough will do nothing to improve the quality of education.  They need to hold kids down to keep the gravy train coming.  I have seen this first hand both while I was an inner city public school teacher in Los Angeles years ago and today as I have pushed the Washoe School District in Reno where we live to establish a Quality Education Task Force to improve the District's dismal test scores and bupkis.  They just won't do it!

The current majority on our Washoe County School Board and most administrators and teachers are Socialist Fascists.  What a surprise!  It also no surprise that Nevada ranks 49th in the nation in terms of academic achievement because both Clark county (Las Vegas) and Washoe County (Reno) comprise the two largest school districts in the state and both are terrible as a result of incredible mismanagement for years. 

So now Joe Biden comes into the picture.  Biden's poll ratings are in the toilet.  Biden can't afford to lose teacher union support along with the rest of the country.  Biden has been given his marching orders by the teacher unions.  As such, Bidenistas support Critical Race Theory Marxist racist, revisionist fake history and 1619 project indoctrination, as well as the imposition of the radical LGBTQIA agenda right down to kindergarten.  They are pushing gender screening and totally inappropriate sex education.  In the Washoe County 4th and 5th grade sex education curriculum, it is no longer acceptable to refer to boys or girls.  Instead, girls are now a body with a vulva.  Boys are referred to as a body with a penis.  This is sick.  

Teacher unions also support abortion right up until birth and even beyond in addition to Black Lives Matter.  They support censorship and cancelling people they hate and oppose the First Amendment guaranteeing freedom of speech, press and religion.  The oppose the Second Amendment guaranteeing our gun rights.  Teacher unions literally HATE half the country that supported President Trump.  That makes teacher unions the enemy of half the country.  

Further, Bidenenistas are out to destroy public charter schools that are growing across the country because they are not controlled by Socialist Fascist school boards,  or teacher unions.  They also usually achieve better test scores than regular public schools.  Parents and separate charter school boards control curriculum, discipline, and hiring and firing of teachers.  What horror to teacher unions.  And, we all know that Biden's Justice Department is pursuing parents who complain as "domestic terrorists", which is outrageous.  The FBI can now be called in to investigate parents rather than focus on drug lords, murderers and real terrorists.

Republicans need to stress a Parents Bill of Rights in their 2022 and 2024 election messages.  They don't have to worry about offending teacher unions because they only donate to Socialist Fascists.  It is time to both take back our public schools by electing Conservatives to serve on School Boards and firing incompetent woke administrators and teachers.  We must also implement School Choice to give parents the right to choose the schools that best reflect their values, the same right the rich have today.  The money needs to follow the kid wherever the parents choose to get their kids out of failing public schools and off the plantation.   This is the civil right issue of this era.  This battle must be fought for the good of all children.  

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Time To Revoke Woke Disney's Special Status In Orlando

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida is proposing to revoke the special status Disney was given in 1967 as an incentive to bring Disney World to Orlando, which at the time was a backwater swamp agricultural part of Florida.  They created the Reedy Creek Improvement District, which allowed Disney to rule over 38.5 square miles with little or no state or local governance.  That means that Disney has avoided additional local and state taxes for years.  Woke Disney has decided to meddle in local politics in opposition to Republicans insisting on more parental control of public schools. 

So now the Republican controlled state legislature and the Governor are looking to revoke Disney's special status, which means they would be subject to the laws of Orange County where they reside.  I would think that 55 years of this special status is enough.  That would also mean that Orange County can begin imposing taxes on Disney, which no doubt will result in even higher ticket prices that are already outrageous.  

The days are gone when a family could enjoy going to a Disney Park without taking out a second mortgage.  The ticket and food prices are so high that spending more than a thousand dollars a day for a family of four would be normal and that would not include lodging.  And, what is really bad is that Disney Parks are so crowded because they don't really limit attendance that just getting on three or four rides in a day is about all that occurs because the lines are so long.  Unless of course, you pay an extra $20 per person to get to the front of the line per ride.  Disney World has become a real rip off. 

There are lots of other great entertainment options for far less money.  In the meantime, the state of Florida needs to send a message to Woke Disney.  Stay out of the culture wars and stick to your business, or face the consequences.  Hopefully, the Board of Directors of Disney will insist that they get back to their mission to provide wholesome family entertainment at a reasonable price.  If not, take a pass.  Vote with your feet and wallets.  Half the country that is not woke needs to stop supporting Disney.  What other option can there be?  

Monday, April 18, 2022

No More Masks - Free At Last - Free At Last

A federal judge struck down Biden's executive order still requiring masks on public transportation including airplanes, trains, buses etc.  We are Free, We are Free at last.  What we learned from the Covid nightmare is that we can never allow big government to take control of our daily life ever, ever again.  The Socialist Fascists in the Deep State destroyed thousands of small businesses, spent trillions of dollars on pet projects that has resulted in double digit inflation,  wrecked education for millions of children and generally made life miserable for the American people.   They are going crazy that Masks are over as a result of a Trump appointed judge's ruling.   

And, now we know that all of their mandates did little to slow Covid deaths.  In fact, Red states that opened up sooner did better than Blue states that kept the mandates in place.  It was all BS.  Taxpayers spent billions of dollars to develop a vaccine, which was great for Big Pharma; but did not kill the virus.  Instead, we should have invested far more on therapeutics to treat the virus to save lives.  Flip Flop Fauci should be FIRED for the havoc he caused in our country.  

Masks were a worthless preventative.  Big Pharma and their allies prevented remedies that cost little like taking Zinc, Vitamin D and Curcurin along with malaria pills.  Other countries successfully used this cocktail to treat Covid, but not in the US because there was little money to be made.  Covid was a classic case of government overreach, dictatorial powers and Big Companies feeding at the trough.  We must say NEVER AGAIN, NEVER AGAIN.  Many were feeding at the trough getting rich off Covid at the expense of the American people.  Big business did just great, while small businesses lost everything.  Lessons learned.  Government, Fake News, Big Business and Tech and the Deep State Establishment can't be trusted; but then we knew that already.  

Sunday, April 17, 2022

The Civil War Did Not End In 1865

While the Civil War officially ended in 1865, the fact is that it really did not end for another 100 or more years.  Yes, the slaves were freed; but suffered decades of mistreatment, discrimination and even murder.  One can only wonder if things had been handled differently, would there have been a better less painful outcome.  In reading a new book on Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass, it is fascinating to see that Lincoln ponder options related to freed slaves.  For a long time, Lincoln believed that slaves should be sent back to Africa and or maybe Haiti, which had become a free country run by former slaves.  By the end of the Civil War there was about 4 million Blacks living in the United States both slave and free.  

Sending 4 million people back to Africa though theoretically feasible would have taken years so it was discounted as a real option.  And, it is highly doubtful that these people would have been better off in the long run since Africa has been plagued by poverty to this day.  The better option could have been what occurred in Washington DC where the slaves were freed before the end of the Civil War.  Slave owners were paid $300 per slave to free them.  While this recognized that slaves were property, which is degrading, at least slave owners received compensation to free their slaves, which made it more palatable.  

This did not happen when the slaves were freed in the South.  So slave owners that had more money invested in slaves than in land lost a substantial amount of money.  And some my say, so what!  Slavery was a terrible injustice.   True, but the end result was the Jim Crow laws and decades of misery for freed slaves until many of them finally left the South and went North for jobs only to face discrimination in those states.  If Slave owners in the South had been paid that same $300 per slave and then slaves were each given $100 or some amount of money to start a new life out West, just maybe the United States would not have experienced 100 years of turmoil.  And, just maybe freed slaves would have become an owner class of people with many more owning land and businesses.   

Looking back on history to ask the what if's doesn't change the history.  But it does at least help everyone understand why we are where we are.  Abraham Lincoln is seen as a saint who saved the union and freed the slaves.  Others argue that the election of Lincoln by a minority of the population caused the Civil War, which is true.  Perhaps if Lincoln had not been assassinated he would have been able to convince the radical Republicans in his party that punishing slave owners did more harm to slaves than to slave owners.  It is what is it.  As a former history teacher, I think there could have been better outcomes if different decisions had occurred.  Sadly, that ship sailed long ago and we are all the worse for it.  

Crooked Hillary - When Is The Witch Going To Jail

The Durham investigation continues to point toward Crooked Hillary Clinton's involvement in the Russia Hoax.  The old witch was in this deal up to her broomstick.  So when is she going to jail.  The answer is probably never.  This is the woman who destroyed evidence, perjured herself numerous times, conspired with other Deep State Swamp lizards to spy on the Trump campaign and used her influence to get millions of dollar to the Clinton Foundation that made Crooked Hillary and Bubba multi millionaires.  The Biden Crime family is bad, but it could be a toss up as to which is worse, the Clinton corruption or the Biden Crime Family.

Justice delayed related to the rich and powerful erodes confidence in our democratic system.  The American people see all the crooked deals in the DC swamp.  We see all the shenanigans at the FBI, Justice Department, Homeland Security, the IRS, the CIA, the Military and other government departments and it becomes clear that government can't be trusted.  Billions are stolen every year as a result of waste, fraud and abuse by those feeding at the trough.  The United States is no different than what happens in Russia.  

Crooked Hillary is just one of thousands of crooks operating in Washington DC stealing from the American people.  She should have been in an orange jumpsuit years ago; but she is protected by other Deep State swamp lizards because so many would be implicated in her crimes.  Crooks of a feather flock together.  First, we need term limits to break the chain of corruption.  These characters of both parties feeding at the trough for decades must end.  Second, our legal system is broken.  Laws are in place that actually protect corruption rather than weed it out.  And, all the shysters in the Deep State perpetuate these crimes against the American people.  

The relationship between big business and government is designed to protect them all and keep the gravy flowing to them.  Big companies need to be broken up because they comprise too much power in too few hands.  Our system is broken.  It may all come tumbling down with the economic collapse of the United States.  In the meantime, Crooked Hillary still walks free.   Lock her up.  

Friday, April 15, 2022

Sending Illegal Immigrants To Blue States

The border state Governors should round up illegal aliens coming into their states and bus them to Blue States.  So, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico on the front lines should do as Governor Abbott of Texas is doing and send them on to Washington DC and or other Blue States run by Socialist Fascists that support open borders.  California is a border Blue State so illegal aliens are already welcome there.  Texas and Arizona should send more of them to California as well. 

Governor Ron DeSantis, an American hero, of Florida, a Red State has made it very clear that illegal aliens are not welcome in Florida.  He has said that if they come, he will ship them to Delaware.  Good for him.  Let the taxpayers in Blue State support the millions of illegal aliens entering our country.  And other Red State Governors should also make it very clear that they will be shipping any illegal aliens entering their states to Blue States and Washington DC, as well.  

Thanks to feckless Joe Biden and his open border policies, the United States is facing an invasion at our Southern Border.  Two million illegal aliens have entered our country during his first year in office. Millions more are on the way.  Fine, if Blue States support open borders, the taxpayers of those states should foot the bills to pay for them.  

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Socialist Fascists & Big Tech Panic Over Elon Musk Offer To Buy Twitter

Elon Musk already bought 9% of Twitter.  Now he wants to take the company private with a $43 Billion offer to take over Twitter.  Socialist Fascists and Big Tech are in a panic because they don't support Freedom of Speech.  Everybody knows that Twitter and other Big Tech platforms are Socialist Fascist propaganda machines pushing their far left agenda.  Anybody who disagrees with the party line is cancelled.  So if you are pro-life, pro-gun, pro-American Energy Independence, pro-school choice, anti CRT indoctrination in our schools, or opposed to imposition of the radical LGBTQIA agenda in our country and pro -traditional family you are persona non grata on Twitter, Facebook etc. You will be cancelled. 

Along comes rebel Elon Musk who says just wait a minute. Musk supports the First Amendment of the US Constitution, which protects Freedom Of Speech, Press and Religion.  Musk knows that Twitter is a radical Socialist Fascist Big Tech Platform completely opposed to the First Amendment.  Musk knows that our democracy depends on First Amendment freedoms so what Twitter and other Big Tech platforms has been doing in anti American and very detrimental to our country.  Obviously, if Musk is successful in buying Twitter many of the Socialist Fascists that work there will have to go.

This America First patriot is rooting for Elon Musk.  The very notion of cancelling anyone for their beliefs provided they are not advocating violence is contrary to our democracy.  It has to stop.  Big Tech has far to much power and should be broken up.  We cannot allow a handful of people in our country to control what we think and or to dictate what they think on the rest of us.  Our freedoms are under threat like never before and worse than from any foreign enemy.  Let's hope Elon Musk is successful in his take over of Twitter  Our freedoms depend on it.  

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Forgiving Student Loans - A Very Bad Idea

About 94 million people in the United States around 42% age 25 or older hold some form of college degree.  The majority of degree holders are White.  So obviously that means that 58% of people in this same age group do not hold college degrees many of whom are people of color.  Socialist Fascists want to see student debt forgiven.  Other than to buy votes, the question is why?  Everybody knows that college graduates tend to make more money than those who do not graduate from college.  So presumably since student debt forgiveness would be paid for by taxpayers many of whom make less money than college graduates, how on earth is that fair.  

And, then there are people like my daughter-in-law who worked for years to pay off her student debt.  Should she get a refund?  Then there are people like Me who worked my way through several university degrees without taking out any student loans.  Forgiving student debt would make both me and my daughter-in-law suckers.  Look, no matter how long it takes, those who borrow money to earn college degrees should pay off their debt.  And, or companies could be given tax breaks to help those they recruit pay off their loans.  

There are creative ways to deal with this issue.  Work as a teacher for five years in an inner city or rural area to get debt forgiveness.  Join the military to get debt forgiveness.  Most important, the American taxpayer should not be on the hook for student loans.  This is about personal responsibility.  Those who benefit from higher education should pay for it. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Lack Of Forest Management Causing Devastating Wildfires

The Socialists tell us that disastrous wildfires happening all over the Western states are the result of Climate Change.  And, whether true or not, the reality is that these fires are caused by the lack of proper forest management.  In a recent hearing in the House of Representatives broadcast on CSPAN, Department of the Interior management testified that there needed to be logging and removal of dead trees on more than 50 million acres of forest land that is not happening today because of lack of resources and or lawsuits filed by various environmental groups stopping forest management from happening.

It was said that the federal government can implement perhaps 1 million acres a year of forest management with current funding provided they are not stopped from doing so by litigation.  They further said it would take decades to deal with the 50 million acres of forest that requires forest management now.  The end result is devastating forest fires that have destroyed thousands of homes and made many areas in the West unlivable because of terrible and dangerous smoke during the fire season.

Radical environmentalists put the rights of animals over the rights of people.  They want to protect habitat as though birds and other animals that are completely mobile would not just move to the millions of acres still available to them.  In fact, no doubt more animals are lost during these fires than would be impacted by proper forest management.  

It is time for business groups and others to organize to demand that Congress enact laws to prevent many of these lawsuits and provide for proper forest management.   Logging trees is a completely Renewable resource.  Thousands of jobs have been lost in the logging industry because these environmental groups supported by Democrats have been stopped from logging on federal lands.  It is ridiculous because this is a renewable industry.  For every tree cut, two are usually planted to provide for harvests in the future.  And, dead and diseased trees must be removed to provide for healthy forests.  What we need now is some common sense.  These devastating fires can be prevented; but it requires comprehensive forest management that is not happening today.

Monday, April 11, 2022

Concentration Camps In Russia

 Vladimir Putin has ordered his troops to deport thousands of Ukrainians at gun point presumably who might be trouble makers to "Filtration Camps" in Russia.  Given Russia's history murdering millions of Russians in the Gulags of Siberia aside from the danger to Ukrainians, Russians better beware because Putin would also put Russian trouble makers in these same concentration camps.  

As a former history teacher who knows the history of Adolf Hitler and his concentrations camps  very well that murdered millions of Jews, Handicapped, Gypsies and Gays, we are starting to see history repeat itself with the butcher of Moscow and I am not talking about Josef Stalin; though he fits the description too.  Putin is a war criminal that must be brought to justice and I am not just talking about sanctions against him and his family.  I am talking about hanging the same as happened in World War II with war criminals.  The Russian army has brought in portable crematoriums to deal with the murders they are committing in Ukraine to destroy that evidence.  There are many other Russian war criminals as well that must be brought to justice. 

The world cannot stand by much longer and watch history repeat itself.  It is time to use cyber warfare to shut down the Russian Military.  We have the technology to do it.  At least stop the killing at its source making it easier for the Ukrainians to push the Russians out of their country.  How many more atrocities must the world see before the world not just the United States takes action.  It has to stop now and Russian assets wherever they are in the world must be confiscated to rebuilt Ukraine.  This should not boil down to the American taxpayer again as always seems to happen.  There are Russian assets that can be seized to do the job.  

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Abortion After Signs Of Human Life Is Murder

When the Supreme Court enacted abortion into the law by a contorted opinion of the 14th amendment equal protection clause and right to privacy in the Roe V Wade decision in 1973 by a 7 to 2 vote, there wasn't the technology there is today that shows conception by about 7 days after fertilization and a human being heart beat as early as 7 weeks. There weren't the definitive sonograms that there are today that shows a fully formed baby by 3 months of gestation.  I know because as a proud grandfather I was seeing all of these visuals on my cell phone sent to me by my daughters-in-law through 4 pregnancies so far.  The notion of just calling this a blob of tissue also known as a fetus after there is a heart beat to avoid the words human being is ridiculous. 

What we have now in many Blue states is abortion on demand right up until birth and even after in the name of a woman's right to choose this infanticide murder of entirely viable babies.  Five were recently discovered in a medical dumpster in Washington DC; but this is happening all over the country.  And after about 3 months, the suction method is no longer feasible.  Instead, the abortionist must use clamps to reach into the uterus and literally pull the baby apart limb from limb to destroy a child.  There are also partial birth abortions happening where the baby's spinal cord and brain are destroyed half out of the woman's uterus.   If this is not the hand of the devil, I don't know what could be worse.  We know now that babies are viable at about 5 months of gestation.  We know that babies in the woman uterus feel pain because when surgeries on performed on babies while in the womb they must have anesthetics to avoid pain.

We know so much, but what is really important is that we know that abortion after signs of human life is murder.  Many Red state are now passing laws that prohibit abortions once there is a heart beat.  Other Red States are prohibiting abortion after 12 or 15 weeks of pregnancy.  Cases will come before the Supreme Court this term to determine if these restrictions are reasonable.  The court would not need to strike down Roe V Wade to abortions once there are clear signs of human life.  Hopefully, this time around, there will be a majority on the Supreme Court the recognizes the technology that exists today proving that abortion after sign of human life is murder.  The mother may have a right to choose abortion; but only before life is visible.  At that point, the baby has a right to life; not to mention the father who may not want his baby aborted.  

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Woke Public Schools Have Reached Insanity Related To Teaching About Sexual Orientation

When half the kids in the United States cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level, woke public schools now want to teach kids as young as kindergarten about sexual orientation and their body parts.  Many of these kids are fresh out of being potty trained.  Young children are being told that it does not matter what their biological sex may be that instead they can be any sex they want to be.  This is radical LGBTQIA indoctrination and totally inappropriate for children in elementary school.  It will cause incredible gender confusion, which is their objective.  

The Public Schools are badly broken and even sick.  The good news is that Conservatives are winning school board elections across the country and may be able to help stop the insanity; but in most areas without a fight or state laws, it will continue.  That is why we must fight tooth and nail for School Choice. All parents must have the same rights as the rich to send their kids to the schools that match their values and belief systems.  The money must follow the kid wherever the parents want it to go.  Woke parents can keep their kids in woke public schools if that is their choice.  People of faith or just sound mind should be able to choose otherwise. 

This is the civil rights issue of this era.  We need a federal Parents Bill of Rights, which will happen if Republicans take back control of the government.  Parents need the right to approve curriculum.  Parents need to see what is going on in classrooms, which is now possible with live video feeds with a login in for parents.  Parents must be able to rate teachers, administrators and schools so other parents can see those that would be a danger to their children.  That means that parents must have regular access to public school classrooms.  It must be Trust But Verify going forward.  

It is time for a revolution in education.  Half the country is not buying what the woke Socialist Fascists are selling.  So, we have to starve the beast in order to get them to listen.  It will not happen any other way.  Only when it costs them jobs and pensions, they will get the message.  

Socialist Fascists See Election Disaster Coming in 2022

Since Joe Biden's poll ratings are in the toilet and he has made such a mess of things, Socialist Fascists, Fake News, the Deep State and their supporters see election disaster coming in 2022.  Obama when asked about the upcoming election said "the Socialist Fascists should just tell their story."  What story?  Gas prices at $5 a gallon.  Inflation approaching 10%.  The invasion of illegal aliens at our border.    The disgraceful exit from Afghanistan.  The war in Ukraine.  Policies that ended US energy independence.  A lousy deal with Iran that will not stop them from having nuclear weapons.  Schools closed for two years.  Public Schools pushing Critical Race Theory and the radical LGBTQIA agenda.  Riots, looting and businesses destroyed.  Crime that is out of control.  And finally, a Covid vaccine that did not end Covid.  What part of this story is good news. 

Socialist Fascists are so panicked that they may attempt to go nuclear; calling Republicans Nazi Racist, Misogynists, Homophobes that want to destroy Roe V Wade and end abortion.  Of course none of that is new.  It happens every election cycle.  The Socialist Fascists have nothing to run on.  The best they can do is scare their voters to get them to the polls.  The problem is the the price at the pump is a constant reminder of their failures.  The best part is that 6 months ago they were telling oil and gas companies to stop pumping and drilling.  

Now the Socialist Fascists are insisting that oil and gas companies pump and drill like crazy because they know that if gas prices remain high, they will lose the Congress.  The prognosticators now believe the Socialist Fascists will lose 60 seats in the House and enough seats to lose the Senate, as well.  Republicans will also pick up Governor's seats and state legislatures in purple states.  

There is a Red tsunami coming and it scaring the hell out of the Socialist Fascists and their supporters.  Bad news for Joe Biden is that the Biden Crime Family corruption is now out in the open front and center with the Big Guy, daddy Joe getting his 10% cut.  Betting that after the shellacking the Socialist Fascists will take in November, they will force Joe Biden to resign.  They won't want Biden anywhere to be found in 2024.  Not that Quemala Harris is any better; but Biden will have to be the fall guy for the huge electoral losses that are coming.  

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

ObamaCare - 12 Years Later - A Scam

ObamaCare was signed into law 12 years ago without one single Republican vote in Congress.  It was supposed to provide healthcare for all at reasonable premiums and deductibles.  Of course, none of that happened.  There are still about 30 million people in the United States without healthcare because even if they get medical insurance with a subsidy, they can't afford the deductibles, which can range as high as $10,000 a year.  Obviously, if these people could not afford to buy their own health insurance, how on earth can they pay the deductibles.  And, those that do not get subsidies can't afford the premiums, which have skyrocketed because of all the "free benefits".  It was all a Big Lie.  Remember, if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.  Never happened.  

The real impact of ObamaCare was the expansion of Medicaid in most states so that the poor are not even getting private medical insurance.  They are on Medicaid much like Medicare only better because there are no premiums and no deductibles.  State and federal governments just pay the bills assuming a doctor or hospital will take a Medicaid patient.  Many will not take Medicaid patients.  However, the real impact of expanded Medicaid that will bankrupt our country is that 65% of Senior Citizens living in nursing homes or assisted living is paid for by Medicaid.  The government just takes most of someone's Social Security check and otherwise pays all the the bills.  Everybody knows how to work the system.  Homes and other assets are turned over to family members five years earlier so in essence the Senior has nothing and therefore qualifies for Medicaid.  

78 million Baby Boomers are turning 65 at the rate of 10,000 a day for the next 15 - 20 years.  Many of them will end up in Senior Communities or nursing homes that will take them on Medicaid.  The nicer facilities will not take Medicaid patients.  They only focus on private pay customers that can pay higher fees and charges.  Eventually, this will turn into a crisis because there will not be enough facilities willing to take Medicaid residents.  The day is coming.   In some areas, it is already here.  

So, ObamaCare was the Big Lie, all smoke and mirrors.  It did not solve the healthcare crisis in America.  Premiums and deductibles for most people, even those that get insurance from their employers are higher than ever.  People are paying way more for healthcare today than before ObamaCare.  There is nothing to celebrate.  ObamaCare, like most government programs made things worse than before.  

The Biden Crime Family - 10% For The Big Guy

Joe Biden lied through his false teeth when he said he knew nothing of Hunter Biden's corrupt business dealings.  There is now substantial evidence being reviewed by the Grand Jury indicating that the Big Guy, Daddy Joe, was getting 10% out of all Hunter Biden's crooked deals.  Drug and sex addicted Hunter Biden was selling influence to get to his father.  Hunter made deals worth millions of dollars with China, Russia, Ukraine and other countries that came to the Biden Crime family including Joe Biden's brother.  This is probably the biggest case of corruption in American history aside from all the Clinton shenanigans.  

Fake News and the Deep State covered it all up to get Joe Biden elected.  But now the evidence is coming out and they eventually will use it to destroy Joe Biden after the midterm elections.  Joe Biden has become an inconvenient anchor around their necks.  Biden's poll ratings are in the toilet, which will lead to a bloodbath in 2022 at the polls.  The Republicans will take over the House and take back the Senate in 2022.  After than happens, Joe Biden will have to go.  Biden will be the fall guy, when in fact it is Socialist policies that are being rejected by the American people.  

While there are grounds to impeach Joe Biden for corruption and his many failures, or they could use the 25th Amendment to get rid of him as a result of his dementia, it could be that Republicans will stand back and let Socialists hang in the wind.  If that happens, Socialists, Fake News and the Deep State will push for Biden's resignation because they will not want to go into 2024 with Biden still in the picture.  One way or another Biden will be done in the next year.  The only question is how will it happen.  

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Disney - The Wokest Place On Earth Not So Happy

The Disney company is in big trouble with half the country with many calling for a boycott of all things Disney.  Companies really need to stay out of the culture wars and stick to business to protect both the interests of all their employees and their shareholders.  In this case, Disney has decided to support the radical LGBTQIA agenda in opposing Florida's new law that prohibits any kind of sex education in grades K - 3.  No where in the bill is the word Gay mentioned; but the wokesters have described this new law as the Don't Say Gay Law.  Of course, that is baloney.  

Can we get back to common sense, please.  Children in grades K - 3 should be focused on the primary colors and learning to read.  This is particularly important since half the kids in the country cannot read or do math at grade level. Many inner city kids are way below grade level.  Spending this critical time dealing with sexual orientation of any kind with kids that are just a few year out of wearing diapers is ridiculous. 

There are lessons that should be taught to kids at this level like learning how to learn and tolerance of differences of all kinds.  The focus in early grades should be on discipline, self-control and on preventing bullying and or using fighting to solve problems.  In all cases related to sex education, nothing should be taught that is not age appropriate.  And, all curriculum and subject matter should educate not indoctrinate. The radical LGBTQIA agenda is way beyond what should be emphasized in elementary school.  That does not mean that once kids can understand that there can be differences in sexual orientation, particularly after puberty hits around the 8th grade that appropriate discussions should take place; but in context of science from a biological standpoint, or maybe social studies related to civil rights.   

Disney is doing damage to its brand.  They will lose business because they have chosen to support the radical LGBTQIA agenda.  They are creating a hostile work environment for many of their heterosexual employees.  Don't be surprised if they are not faced with a class action lawsuit for discrimination against heterosexual employees.  The 14th Amendment equal protection clause of the US Constitution protects the rights of all peoples not just LGBTQIA persons.  And, now there are politicians in Florida calling for Disney to lose its special status, which granted Disney the right to complete control over the land that Disney owns in Orlando.  

If this special status is revoked by the Florida Governor and legislature, Disney will be subject to city and county governance, which could mean regulations and taxes that do not apply today.  Other companies should heed what is happening with Disney and stick to their knitting to avoid offending half the country.  That does not mean ceasing to support diversity, inclusion etc.  It does mean doing so in a way that doesn't push employees, shareholders and customers away.   

President Trump - Better Than Ever

While Joe Biden needs a nap every afternoon and weekends in Delaware to rest at his multi-million beach house, Donald Trump is out on the road holding rallies in front of thousands of people every time.  Trump's stamina for a man his age is truly incredible.  Trump can give a 90 minute speech at accelerated energy levels and not even break a sweat.  That is the reason that Socialist Fascists, RINOS, Fake News, Hollywood, Big Companies and the rest of the Deep State fear Trump so much.  They have been out to destroy Trump since he and Melania came down that escalator to announce he was running for President and nothing has worked.  

Trump is a New York street fighter who is tough as nails.  Trump's endorsements are gold on the campaign trail because Trump owns the Republican Party.  It is highly unlikely that any Republican candidate can win election without Trump's endorsement.  This drives Establishment Republicans and RINOS crazy because they know they must kiss his ring to stay in power.  It is really fun to watch. 

There is now some thinking that the Republicans will gain more than 60 seats in the House of Representatives in 2022 because of all the Biden messes.  When that happens, Fancy Nancy Pelosi will retire.  Governor Gruesome, a relative will probably appoint one of Pelosi's children in San Francisco to fill her seat just to keep the Pelosi name in office.  The odds are pretty good too that the Republicans will take back the Senate in 2022 as well because inflation is killing people. 

Assuming Donald Trump is healthy, he will run for the Presidency in 2024 with a Republican Congress in power because of him.  By then, people will be so fed up with Biden that even if another Socialist runs in 2024, it would be impossible to win.   Trump is likely to pick Ron DeSantis or Mike Pompeo as his Vice President to set him up to run for President in 2028.  Trump is a force to be reckoned with.  The desperate Biden Justice Department may file charges against Trump for the January 6 riot; but it will go nowhere.   Donald Trump is likely to be the 47th President of the United States.  Let's Go Brandon!

Friday, April 1, 2022

The Real World In America

One would think that all of America is focused on LGBTQIA or Black issues.  The reality is that only about 5% of people in our country are some form of Gay.  13% of Americans are Black.  And, many of these people do not subscribe to radical woke ideology.  They even vote Republican.  That is not to say that anyone's concerns should be ignored and clearly these groups do have historical grievances; but it to say that prejudice has impacted virtually all immigrant and religious groups over the years.  Jews, Catholics, Moslems, Italians, Chinese, Japanese, Hispanics, Arabs, Persians and many other peoples have faced discrimination and prejudice.  Many seem to forget that the Ku Klux Klan hated immigrants, Catholics, Jews and Blacks so it was never just a Black history story.  

In fact, my Italian immigrant grandfather joined with other immigrants shot guns in hand to chase the Ku Klux Klan out of the little town in Ohio they lived in during the 1920's.  Socialist Fascists, Fake News, Hollywood, public schools and universities, big companies including Big Tech and the Deep State in government in an attempt to cancel American history in favor of Black History and or the LGBTQIA agenda is pushing a fake narrative.  Seeing American history through the lens of slavery as articulated in Critical Race Theory, or the 1619 Project is absurd.  Slavery was part of the story; but it certainly was not the whole story.  

While the rights of anyone who is LGBTQIA must be protected so must the rights of everybody else and in particular people of faith that do not support the gay lifestyle.  Half the country is not buying what the radical left is selling.  That does not make half the country racist or homophobic.   It just recognizes that half the country see things through a different lens that is the traditional version of American and World history that recognizes the great, good, bad, and ugly of both American and World History.  Calling all White people oppressors is ridiculous and it will not be tolerated.  

Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history indoctrination and imposition of the radical LGBTQIA agenda down to kindergarten in our schools is not acceptable to half the country.  That is the reason for the battles happening all over the country.  People are mad as hell and they are not going to take it anymore.  We vote and we can scream just as loud as they can.  

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Causing Gender Confusion In Children - Criminal Malpractice

There are school teachers and administrators supported by teacher unions and the Biden Administration causing gender confusion in children to advance their radical LGBTQIA agenda. This is not about being anti-Gay or homophonic as they would allege.  This is about completely inappropriate activity that is happening in classrooms in many areas across the country.  Teachers telling children as young as Kindergarten that is does not matter if they were born a boy or a girl assuming they are even using those words and that they can choose to be whatever sex they want to be is criminal malpractice. 

So much so that the state of Florida has made it illegal to discuss any kind of sexual issues in grades K - 3 because this is when kids should be focused on primary colors and learning to read not sexual orientation that may become obvious later in life.  Calling these laws Don't Say Gay Laws is absurd.  No doubt other Red States will soon pass similar common sense laws.  For the most part these inappropriate teacher and administrator behaviors are happening in woke public schools; but teachers and administrators in some woke private schools are also practicing this inappropriate gender screening.  Parents need to file litigation not only against school districts and school board members allowing these things to happen, but also against specific teachers and administrators abusing their children.  

And, now we learn that in some areas, teachers and administrators are actually giving young children powerful prescription hormones to block puberty in kids that they believe and or encourage to be transgender or otherwise LGBTQIA without parental permission or knowledge.  In fact, these same teachers are telling kids to hide their sexual orientations from their parents.  First, what doctors are participating in this activity by prescribing these drugs without parental permission.  And second, all of this is criminal malpractice and child abuse.  Teachers, Administrators and Doctors doing this should be prosecuted for child abuse and lose their state licenses and jobs.  

A school nurse in Connecticut blew the whistle on this activity in a Facebook post without naming specific children or teachers and administrators involved in this activity and now she has been suspended from her job in a public school district.  Some Blue States like Washington and others are actually passing laws allowing this sort of thing to happen without parental knowledge or consent.  There are even some woke parents approving mutilation sex change operations for their children at a very young age.  This is sick.  None of this should be happening until a person reaches adulthood and can give personal consent, since it is not usually reversible.  Texas has enacted a law to stop this from happening that is now in the courts.  

States must step in and make many of these practices illegal resulting in jail time and very high fines for anyone who implements these activities.  This obsession by Socialist Fascists and their supporters with the radical LGBTQIA agenda has reached a level of crazy in our country.  Certainly, all people have a right to be whatever sexual orientation is their destiny. But school teachers and administrators, not qualified to deal with these issues should not promote a particular sexual orientation and or must be prevented by law from interfering in parental rights.  When I was a school teacher years ago, we were not allowed to give a kid an aspirin without parental approval let alone powerful prescription hormones.  Trip slips signed by parents were required any time we took a kid off campus.  Teachers did not discuss their personal sexual orientation with children one way or the other and there were openly Gay teachers back then too.  We were there to teach not indoctrinate.  

At a time when half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level, it is clear that public education and even some private schools have lost their way.  While schools should teach tolerance of all differences not just sexual orientation to prevent bullying that is real, gender screening and promoting the radical LGBTQIA agenda at very young ages crosses many lines.  Teachers and Administrators causing gender confusion in very young children is just plain wrong and should be illegal.  Woke school board members permitting and or encouraging such activity in adopted curriculum must be removed from office.