Friday, December 16, 2022

Helping Ukraine Is Hurting US National Security

Aside from the billions of taxpayer dollars that the United States has provided Ukraine to defend their country against the Russian attack, feckless Joe Biden has depleted our stockpile of military weapons to dangerous levels.  The same as Biden has depleted the Strategic Oil Reserve.  This is all creating a serious national security threat to our nation in addition to a potential confrontation with Russia directly.  Apparently, it takes 2 - 5 years to build the various weapons systems that we have given Ukraine.  

All of this is great for the military industrial complex in terms of billions of dollars in business; but in the meantime, if the United States had to respond to an attack by China on Taiwan, a attack by North Korea or South Korea, or an attack by Iran on Israel or Saudi Arabia,  we don't have the conventional weapons sitting there to respond aggressively.  All we can hope is that the Russia run out of weapons before we do.  However, that says nothing about China, Iran or North Korea.  

One thing is for sure.  Vladimir Putin will not settle for defeat in Ukraine.  Right now he is using missiles to destroy Ukraine and he will use more; but when that stock pile runs out, Putin will then use tactical nuclear weapons to protect his army to defeat Ukraine.  And, then what.  The United States has provided Ukraine with 4 times the assistance in money and equipment as the European Union.  Here we go again.  Rich countries in Europe are not stepping up to the plate to defend Ukraine even though the war is on their doorstep.  If Donald Trump was still President, he would be demanding that the Europeans pay their fair share.  Unfortunately, since Joe Biden is an America Last weakling, he is making no such demands. 

Most important, Biden is exposing the United States and our Allies to danger.  We do not have the conventional weapons to respond aggressively to an attack somewhere else in the world.  Our only option would be nuclear weapons to stop an attack on Taiwan, South Korea, Israel or Saudi Arabia and then all bets are off.  Joe Biden is a clueless clear and present danger to our country.  Congress better figure this all out and soon.  Somebody needs to act to preserve and protect our country.  Given the invasion happening at our border, that somebody is obviously not Joe Biden.  

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