Sunday, December 4, 2022

The Stolen Election of 1824 & Donald Trump

In 1824, there were four candidates for President of the United States.  Andrew Jackson won more popular and Electoral College votes than any of the other three; but not enough to win the Presidency outright.  So, the election was thrown into the House of Representatives as is required by the Constitution.  It was there that the House of Representatives elected their old pal John Quincy Adams as the sixth President of the United States even though he we not the highest vote getter.  Adams had been a member of the House and the Senate and was a Deep State Swamp lizard.  Jackson was an outsider so naturally the DC Swamp elected John Quincy Adams.  As it turns out both John Adams, his father and the second President of the United States and John Quincy Adams were both one term Presidents and rather inconsequential while in office.  

Naturally, Andrew Jackson screamed corruption and stolen election, which was true.  Sound familiar.  Andrew Jackson came roaring back in 1828 to beat John Quincy Adams in a landslide victory.  Jackson was the first President elected from the West, the frontier of Tennessee.  Jackson was a Populist, man of the people who went on to serve two terms and became famous for his brand of Jacksonian Democracy.  Jackson was clearly an outsider famous for his command in the Battle of New Orleans in 1812 where he defeating the British.  

Jackson battled the banks, Big Business and the Deep State.  Native Americans do not like Andrew Jackson because he ordered their removal from their homeland in Southern states to states further West. But, clearly Andrew Jackson was a very, strong and effective President who changed the nation forever.  Yes, Jackson owned the Hermitage Plantation outside Nashville and was a slave owner like many of the President before him, another blemish. 

There are interesting parallels between Andrew Jackson and Donald Trump.  Both were hated outsiders vehemently opposed by the Deep State and the Establishment in the DC Swamp.  Both were Populists appealing to the common man.  Both were rough and tumble guys who were not politically correct.  Both accomplished great things during their Presidencies.  History usually repeats itself.  So, if Donald Trump runs for the Republican nomination for President and wins it, there is a very good chance that he will be elected to his second term.  Time will tell.  Things certainly worked out for Andrew Jackson.  Jackson turned a stolen election into a landslide victory four years later.  Question is will Donald Trump be able to do the same thing.  We will know in a year or two.  

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