Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Fusion Energy Is The Future - Not Wind & Solar

Scientists have discovered how to produce fusion energy, which can best be described as nuclear energy without the radioactive waste and no carbon emissions.  This is an incredible breakthrough that involves splitting of hydrogen atoms using lasers.  Fusion energy is the future, particularly since Wind and Solar cannot power a modern first world economy.  As a result, we should reconsider our national energy policy now to prevent a waste of trillions of dollars on technologies that will not work to power our nation.  

It may be a few decades before fusion energy is a commercial reality; though if we fast track research maybe it can happen sooner.  In the meantime both plentiful and portable natural gas and nuclear energy should be the bridge to the future.  And, oil is not going away anytime soon if we are to maintain a high standard of living.  The Green New Deal as proposed today is obsolete with the discovery of fusion energy.  It makes no sense to invest trillions of dollars in Wind and Solar, since they are not effective in large scale use.  

Unfortunately, climate fanatics can't see the forest for the trees.  The Green New Deal is just another Socialist scheme to redistribute wealth from first world countries to third world countries.  We always had to have a break through technology to eventually end our dependence on carbon energy.   So now with fusion energy, we can see the forest and the trees so it is time to rethink our entire energy strategy.  The best technology today for cars is hybrid technology not all electric cars to increase miles per gallon of gas.  

All electric cars have their own challenges in that the batteries are costly when replacement is required.  And, nobody seems to be talking about where all these used batteries are going when they are no longer functional.  We have not heard about recycling so it must not be an option.  Will there be special battery dumps needed to ultimately bury these batteries.  No answers to these questions have been forthcoming.  

In any case, fusion energy is the future.  Let's fast track it to make it happen sooner.  We need to chart a logical course for our energy future not one based on climate fanatic hysteria.  Most important, the Green New Deal will destroy our economy and standard of living.  We can't let that happen.   

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