Saturday, December 31, 2022

Predictions For 2023

While no one has a crystal ball, this Blogger would be willing to bet that the following will happen in 2023.

1.  30 year mortgage interest rates will hit 8.5% or more.
2.  Home prices will fall by more than 10% in many markets.
3.  Gas will average $4 a gallon or more in many areas.
4.  Inflation especially related to food will persist.
5.  There will be shortages of many items since supply issues are not fixed.
6.  We will be in Recession in 2023, which the Bidenistas if they admit it is happening will blame on the Republicans.
7.  The House will pass legislation to secure the border, increase energy independence, guarantee election integrity and insure parental rights related to public schools.  Those laws will go nowhere in the Senate.  And, if they were enacted feckless Joe Biden would veto all of them.
8. The House will launch investigations of the Biden Crime Family,  Covid origination, The FBI and DOJ and Big Tech.  The Deep State will stonewall all investigations.
9.  Twitter revelations will reveal more Deep State shenanigans related to President Donald Trump proving that Trump has been right all along related to their illegal actions.  
10.  President Trump will begin holding several rallies a month to clear the field for his nomination for President.  Ron DeSantis will not challenge Trump.  The Socialists, Fake News and Deep State will implement every dirty trick in the book to prevent Trump from running.  They will fail.  
11.  Unless the Russians use nuclear weapons, which is possible, the war in Ukraine will continue, which means another $100 Billion from the US.
12.  Another 2 million illegal aliens will enter the US in 2023.
13.  Pope Francis will either resign or die in 2023 resulting in the election of a new Pope.
14.  China will move on Taiwan one way or another.  
15.  There will be more Covid restrictions in some countries.  
16.  Joe Biden will announce that he is running for reelection unless he dies first, or is impeached for Biden Crime Family high crimes and misdemeanors.  Biden may dump Quemala Harris.  

A lot can happen in the next 12 months; but the odds are pretty good that many of the things listed will occur before the end of the year.  The train has already left the track on many of these issues.  Just keep this list to check them off as they happen. 

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