Friday, December 9, 2022

Time To Defund Woke Public Libraries

Many woke public libraries supported by taxpayer dollars allow radical LGBTQIA Story Hour often implemented by Drag Queens reading books celebrating the Gay lifestyle to small children.  Assuming their parents approve, no matter how inappropriate at a young age, since we live in a free country, though I would prefer that my taxpayer dollars be spent differently, so be it.  

The problem is that these same public libraries have refused to allow Kirk Cameron of child acting fame and now with a production company making Christian oriented movies to implement the same Story Hour promoting his new book, As You Grow, which is based on traditional Family, Faith and Biblical Wisdom.  These woke public libraries presumably claim that it promotes hate speech.  Are they serious or just stupid.  These woke Library administrators should be FIRED.  Most important, we must defund these woke libraries that are attempting to cancel those advocating the traditional family and moral values.  

I certainly don't want my tax dollars funding libraries that oppose traditional family values while advocating an alternative lifestyle.  And, in an Internet era when everything is available on line anyway, maybe we no longer need libraries at all.  The concept may have outlived its usefulness when there are so many other things we need to pay for like Social Security, Medicare, National Defense and securing our border.  We need to prioritize.  Woke Libraries should be on the chopping block.  First, buy Kirk Cameron's book as a great Christmas gift for your children and grandchildren.  And next, tell your elected officials to pull the plug on woke public libraries.  We don't need them anymore.  


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