Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Respect For Marriage Act - White House Circus

Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) in Congress felt the need to codify Gay and Interracial marriage by enacting the Respect for Marriage Act to satisfy their political base.  This law was unnecessary because various court cases have made Gay and Interracial marriage the law of the land.  But ok.  After the Supreme Court struck down Roe, the federal legal murder of innocent babies by abortion,  Socialists decided that they better make Gay and Interracial marriage the law rather than just enforceable by court precedents. 

So of course, feckless Joe Biden had a signing ceremony at the White House and this is when the circus began.  To celebrate the signing of this law, Biden invited a flamboyant Drag Queen to attend the ceremony.  And, while nobody really cares if Men want to dress as outlandish women, they are certainly not representative of most Gays in the United States that are usually indistinguishable from others living in the United States.  Male Gays are often portrayed on TV as flamboyant personalities and nothing can be further from the truth.  The fact is that most Gays that I have known in my life time that work in every profession, look and dress just like others in the United States that are heterosexual.  In both cases, some are more stylish than others or not; but that is a matter of personal taste.  The stereotype male Gay often on TV is a fabrication and insulting.  

Asking a Drag Queen who looked like clown to the White House to somehow demonstrate that he or she was representative of the Gay population in the country should be an embarrassment to most Gay people.  But what is even worse than all of that silliness, is that Joe Biden commented that presumably Red States prohibiting the mutilation of young children in sex change operations was somehow wrong.  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) and Joe Biden have reached crazy on this issue.  

The notion that young children are given puberty blockers to stop normal sexual development and then sex change operations before they are of legal age to consent for themselves is medical criminal malpractice and parental child abuse in those cases where parents are approving these surgeries.  It is sick.  What is really bad is that in some cases this is happening without parental approval, which must be completely illegal.  

Most people don't oppose Gay or Interracial marriage.  However, the majority of Americans are shocked at the mutilation of young children in sex change operations.  There absolutely should be federal laws making this practice illegal with criminal penalties and jail time for doctors and hospitals that perform these surgeries.  Anyone that wants a sex change operation is free to get one once they are of legal age to provide consent.  These surgeries are life altering and should not be happening to young children under the age of 21, drinking age in most states.  

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