Saturday, December 3, 2022

Drug Shortages - Thank You China

While China seems to have no problem producing the raw materials to make the fentanyl that is killing our people, suddenly they are not able to produce the raw materials that they and Big Pharma need to make things like antibiotics and other life saving drugs.  It is bad enough that that the brainiacs that run our country allowed five million manufacturing jobs to go to China and other countries, which resulted in the closure of 70,000 factories in the United States, but allowing the supply chain for drugs to end up in China is a national disaster.  

We are now dependent for 80% of our generic drugs on China.  India makes much of the rest of them.  And, China makes the raw materials needed for many other drug prescriptions.  The globalists that encouraged trade with China thinking that one day it would make them a democracy duped all of us.  So, yes we get cheap flat screen tv's and other electronics that are made in China.  But the production of various other products that are critical to daily life like prescription drugs should NEVER have been allowed to leave our country.

One antibiotic in short supply is amoxicillin that is used for young children to treat ear infections.  Without it in addition to the pain that the infection causes, kids can lose their hearing.  We are short intravenous fluids needed to perform operations.  There are also shortage of anesthetics needed for surgeries.   This is a national crisis, yet we hear nothing from feckless Joe Biden.  It was bad enough when parents could not buy formula to feed their babies; but now shortages of life saving prescription drugs are even more serious.  

What the hell is happening in our country.  There is the theory of mutually assured destruction related to nuclear weapons meaning that no country would dare use them because it would result in mutual annihilation.  Now as a result of global trade, we have shortages for the first time in my life time.  While the Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) focus on climate change that may impact us sometime in the future, they are not focusing on things that are impacting us today.  It is time to bring manufacturing of all critical things back to the United States.  This is a national security issue.  We cannot be dependent on other countries for the food we eat, the drugs we take, the energy we need to sustain life and the military hardware we need to protect our people.  It is just common sense something that is often missing in the DC swamp.  

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