Wednesday, November 30, 2022

TikTok - A Threat To National Security & Our Freedoms

President Donald Trump called it right when he said that Chinese owned TikTok is a threat to our national security.  This App that many people especially kids have on their IPhones is a means of collecting data and spying on Americans.  The information ultimately is placed in a database in China to keep tabs on our people.  If you or your children have TikTok on your computer or phones, remove it immediately.  Big Brother or in this case Chinese Comrades are watching everything you do. 

The power of the Internet is both wonderful and evil.  Google and Apple monitor everything we do.  Isn't it interesting that if my wife and I discuss buying new shoes all of a sudden shoes start popping up on our IPhones.  And, one time, I had a conversation with a potential tenant of a rental we own.  And, within 15 minutes I had a call from somebody representing Google to determine if I wanted to advertise my rental on Google.  Obviously, they spied on my conversation.

In addition to Big Tech spying on all of us, the US government has a huge facility in Utah that was established to track terrorists after 9/11,  except that now it also tracks all Americans.  Big Brother is watching everything we do, buy, eat, drive, watch on TV and all bank and credit transactions.  Anyone who thinks otherwise is naive.  This is bad enough; but feckless Joe Biden has weaponized the Department of Justice, FBI, Homeland Security, CIA, IRS etc. to monitor their political enemies; translation Republicans, especially MAGA Republicans and Conservatives.  But left wingers, they are watching you too to make sure that you adhere to their party ideology.  

We are living in the most dangerous times in our history not just related to foreign enemies, but in many cases related to our own government that is a real threat to our freedoms.  They attempt to cancel or censor anyone that does not tow the party line.  They are working to do Elon Musk in because he is attempting to make Twitter a real platform for free speech.  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) and their crony supporters in the Deep State hate free speech because when we can speak freely, we challenge their authority.  So, we have China spying on all of us along with Big Tech and our own government.  This is not good for democracy.  

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