Tuesday, November 22, 2022

The Middle Class Fleeing Cities Run By Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats)

Cities run by Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) around the country have become like cities in third world nations.  They are often filthy, crime invested and full of homeless people with lousy public schools and collapsing infrastructure.  The rich often live in gated communities or buildings with security and send their children to private schools so they avoid the misery on city streets.  The poor are often on the dole one way or another so they continue to vote for Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) as their benefactors to care for them. 

Since the middle class cannot afford private schools or to live in gated communities,  they end up escaping to the suburbs or even further by moving out of state presumably to Red States and or cities run by Republicans.  The Middle Class needs government to work for them by providing safe streets and good public schools that educate rather than indoctrinate their children with woke fake history and gender ideology.  

The Middle Class leaving these Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) run cities is fine with these politicians because the Middle Class if they stayed would vote them out of office.  The rich that stay often vote for these Socialists because they are immune from their bad governance.  The Poor vote for these Socialists because they need the benefits provided to them and therefore can more easily be manipulated by these corrupt politicians.  

The problem with all of this is the eroding tax base.  There just are not enough rich people to go around left in these cities to pay for the largesse handed out to the poor by corrupt Socialist politicians, which in the end causes the demise of these once great cities.  California, the Bluest of states will once again have huge deficits because of the erosion of their tax base.   Many of the rich have left California to avoid the highest taxes in the nation.  The Middle Class is also leaving California in droves to go to Red States.  People are voting with their feet.  

So these Blue states and cities will be left with mostly poor people dependent on government for support.  It just can't work.  There are too few people paying taxes and too many people on the dole.  The Makers are leaving while the Takers are increasing.  This is a recipe for societal disaster and we see it big time in cities run by Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrats) where crime is rampant, homeless are everywhere, the public school stink, these cities are filthy and the infrastructure is collapsing.  In the meantime, Red States and cities run by Republicans are booming.  Socialism throughout history always leads to poverty, misery and history teaches us even murder.  We see history repeating itself in the United States.  

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