Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Disney Is Getting The Message - Money Talks

The Board of Directors of the Walt Disney company has brought back former CEO Bob Iger to get the company back on track.  While Disney is very profitable because of the outrageous fees they charge for everything Disney, apparently they have been negatively impacted by offending half the country that has stopped visiting the parks and buying things Disney including their newest movies, which have flopped.  Iger is being the common sense businessman at Disney to scale back the woke culture wars their left wing childish even silly employees have motivated.   

Bob Iger realizes that you can't deride the traditional beliefs of faith, family and country of half the people in the United States and expect to get business from them.   Iger has told Disney employees that the company needs to "quiet down" the culture war baloney going forward.  And, making war against the state of Florida, now a very Red state and the home of Disney World was pretty darn stupid.  It is costing them the special status they had in Florida since their founding, which now means they will be paying Florida a lot more in taxes.  I guess money really does talk.  

There are many other very large companies in the United States especially in Big Tech that also need to get the message.  Clearly, Elon Musk gets it and is attempting to make Twitter a platform committed to free speech rather than woke censorship, which is the case at other Big Tech companies.  Ultimately, the Board of Directors of every company and their senior management are there to generate revenues and profits.  Offending customers that then boycott their firms is not very smart.  

It really is best that all companies stay out of woke politics and just mind their own businesses.  No doubt, these woke companies have employees that do not agree with many of the positions that they take.  In the extreme, these employees end up leaving these companies because the pressure to be woke is so great that they cannot possibly work in such environments.  I am waiting for the racial discrimination class action lawsuits that are inevitable as White employees face discrimination at many of these companies.  The 14th Amendment equal protection clause protects people of all races from discrimination.   Believe it or not, White employees also have rights in the workplace.  

We will see if Bob Iger is able to manage the radicals that work at Disney.  It could be that some will need to be fired if they can't stick to business.  The happiest place on earth can't be very happy if half the country sees Disney as a place that does not welcome them and their families.  And, with Disney prices so outrageous, why bother anyway.   

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