Monday, November 28, 2022

Joe Biden - Enemy of the United States & Just Plain Stupid

Feckless Joe Biden has approved Chevron resuming drilling for oil in Venezuela, a country ruled by a Communist dictator whose government the United States does not even recognize.  Biden is attempting to do a nuclear deal with Iran so we can begin buying oil from Iran again.  Joe Biden wants Saudi Arabia to start pumping more oil.  The United States does not need to buy oil or natural gas from any other country.  We are energy rich.  Why on earth would Joe Biden do anything to buy oil from any other country making them rich, costing us jobs and making us poor.  It is about as stupid as it gets.  

Further, Joe Biden has failed to enforce more stringent trade laws against China because the own the Biden family lock, stock and barrel.  And, the Green New Deal, which will destroy the American economy resulting in a lower standard of living for our people, but make China even richer is just plain crazy.  Joe Biden continues to prove that he is an enemy of the United States.  Biden's actions benefit other countries at the expense of the American people.  Instead of being an America First President, Joe Biden is an America Last President like so many before him.  

Everything Biden does including allowing the open border and the invasion of illegal aliens and drugs entering our country is bad for America.  If Joe Biden does not announce he is not running for President in 2024, he must be impeached.  We can't take another two years of this clown in office.  Americans are struggling to buy food and pay their bills.  There are shortages announced daily of things like antibiotics, baby formula and even pasta.  We see stores with empty shelves.  It is only a matter of time that we will see the gas lines that occurred during the Carter Presidency, another incompetent buffoon.  

As Barack Obama always said of Joe Biden, "given the opportunity Joe Biden will always screw things up.  Boy, was Obama right.  We can't take too much more of Biden's stupidity.  Hopefully, Republican control of the House of Representatives might help to make things better; but the Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) in the Senate will vote lock step to stop anything that puts America First.  These are bad times that will only get worse as long as Joe Biden is in office.  Sadly, as Forest Gump always said, "Stupid is as Stupid does."  In this case, Joe Biden is one very stupid man suffering from dementia.      

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