Saturday, November 5, 2022

Paul Pelosi Attack - Something Fishy In San Francisco

There is something fishy that smells in San Francisco and it is not Fisherman's Wharf.  Apparently, it has been reported that when the police knocked on the door after 82 year old Paul Pelosi, husband of the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called 911,  Paul Pelosi answered the door to let them in.  But, instead of getting behind the cops, which would be a natural reaction, as they entered the house, Paul Pelosi led them to the assailant.  And, then while the police were there the assailant struck Paul Pelosi in the head with a hammer fracturing his skull.  Another report claimed that the assailant was in his underwear.  Further, why would Paul Pelosi have had to call 911.  If there had been a break in as alleged, it is hard to believe that their alarm system would not have triggered the police going to the home.  It is claimed that the assailant let Pelosi go to the bathroom where his cell phone was charging.  None of this adds up.  

The cops had video body cameras rolling while all this was happening.  And further, even though supposedly nobody was watching, the Capitol Police had the home under video surveillance, which means there is a recording of the break in if there was a break in.   Both the cops in San Francisco and the Capitol Police refuse to make the videos public.  Why would that be?  And, again a break in would have triggered their alarm system, which apparently did not happen.  

Could it be that there was some monkey business going on.  Is it possible that Paul Pelosi was somehow involved with this illegal alien drug addict at 2 am in the morning.  Clearly, if something embarrassing was going on, Fancy Nancy would not want it made public.  Nancy Pelosi surely has enough power to stop any agency from making information public if it would reflect poorly on her family, especially a week before the election.  Especially since Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) including Feckless Joe Biden and Fake News have been pushing the narrative that this deranged man was somehow tied to the MAGA Movement.  

If there was some sort of monkey business happening, Fancy Nancy would not want the real story coming out before the election or maybe ever.  Fake News, the propaganda arm of the Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) Party is not pursuing the story and in fact, NBC that reported some fishy details took down the story from their website.  There is something fishy happening in San Francisco.  Oh what a tangled web they weave when they practice to deceive.  In the meantime, Fancy Nancy has told us that her husband will have a long recovery; translation, Paul is not leaving the house any time soon.  Fancy Nancy has put her husband on house arrest.  The last thing Fancy Nancy wants are reporters asking Paul Pelosi any questions about his "ordeal".  

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