Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Feckless Joe Biden Says No Changes & Time To Move On From Investigations - Really!

Republicans will likely take over the House of Representatives and perhaps the Senate this election cycle.  Republicans control the majority of Governors, State Legislatures and Attorney General Offices in the United States.  And, while it would have been great if Republicans had won 30 or more seats in the House and 4 or more seats in the Senate, winning is still winning.  We live in a center right country.  Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) woke radical ideology does not play in the heartland.   Yet, when asked if Joe Biden should make any changes to his policies because of these Republican wins, Biden said NO.  Really! Biden is doubling down on his failed policies.  

So the war on carbon energy will continue no matter how much it hurts our country and helps China and Russia.  The border will remain open allowing millions of illegal aliens and drugs to enter our country.  The Green New Deal will go on even though it is causing inflation and a higher cost of living with little environmental benefit.  If Biden has his way, there will be no cuts in spending even though our National Debt now exceeds $31 Trillion.  Our military will be woke rather than trained to defeat our enemies.  Our public schools, controlled by teacher unions will continue to indoctrinate rather than educate the nation's children with lousy results and poor test scores.  

And, when parents question what is happening in our schools, they will be persecuted and prosecuted as Domestic Terrorists.  When pro-life activist pray in front of abortion clinics, they will be arrested and taken away in chains.  The radical LGBTQIA agenda will be forced on the American people.  This is Joe Biden's world and he is in complete denial about the opinions of the majority of the American people. Biden just does not care.  The Republicans must do all they can to stop all this BS even if it means impeaching Joe Biden. 

Further, when asked about potential Congressional investigations to deal with corruption in the weaponized FBI, DOJ, DHS, CIA, IRS and the Biden Crime Family, Biden says it is time to move on. Really!   But of course it is fine for the FBI and DOJ to continue their investigations and persecution of President Donald Trump to stop him from running for the Presidency and taking office again.  Joe Biden is clueless.  There will be investigations by the House and Senate if the Republicans take over.  It is payback time for the 7 years of misery that the Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) have caused our country, Conservatives and particularly President Trump.  The Congress is now full of Trumpsters.  Does Biden really think they will let bygones be bygones.  No way.  Joe Biden should be impeached for many offenses and violations of his oath of office.   Biden has to go for his crimes against the American people.  Biden is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.  Lock him up! 

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