Monday, November 14, 2022

Arizona - Another Stolen Election Due To Shenanigans

We cannot trust election results in any state where votes are counted days or weeks after election day.  What Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) do is wait to see how many votes they need to find by ballot harvesting and all of a sudden those ballots just show up.  It happened in Nevada as the Culinary Union worked to  "cure" 5000 ballots that were not properly submitted about the number needed by Cortez Masto to keep her Senate seat and defeat the Republican, Adam Laxalt.  In Arizona, it appears that Kari Lake who was way ahead in the polls lost by a hand full of votes to a lackluster Socialist Candidate, Katti Hobbs, the Secretary of State in Arizona who presided over the election.  Hopefully, Kari Lake will demand a recount.  

Call me an Election Denyer or better yet just someone with common sense.  Somehow Red States that have made it easy to vote; but hard to cheat are able to count all their ballots by Election Day to provide results that night.  And, states like Florida, Ohio and other Red States have had record turn-out, even with stricter Election Integrity laws, so the  Voter Suppression argument is completely bogus. 

If half of the American people lose faith in our elections, our Democracy is over.  The real threat to our Democracy is not Election Denyers; but instead Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) that want federal laws to codify Shenanigans in all states.   They want No Citizenship requirement, No Voter ID, No signature verification, unmanned drop boxes, mailing out unsolicited ballots, ballot harvesting and counting ballots for days and or weeks after Election Day.  This is all a recipe for fraud; but then again Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) have no problem with winning elections even if it take voter fraud.  Funny how tough it is for Republicans to win in Blue States with Shenanigans, yet they prevail in states with Election Integrity laws. 

Assuming the Republicans win the House of Representatives, which as of this blog posting looks pretty certain; though until the dust settles who knows for sure, they must enact a federal Election Integrity Law that requires proof of citizenship, Voter ID, Signature verification,  manned drop boxes with surveillance to see who is dropping off hundreds of ballots at a time, no unsolicited ballots mailed out, prohibition of ballot harvesting and final results for an Election on Election Night.  Feckless Joe Biden will veto the law if it were to make it through a Socialist controlled Senate; but that is Ok.  Republicans need to make an issue of Election Integrity for the good of the country.  

If we don't have Election Integrity in our country, it will lead to the dissolution of the United States.  The American people living in Red States will want out rather than be governed by corrupt politicians in office elected by voter fraud.  And, this time, rather than a Civil War, it will be Red States just saying ENOUGH.  We want out of a bad marriage that is not working.  Divorce may be the only alternative.  

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