Monday, November 28, 2022

Pope Francis - Deal With The Devil

Socialist Pope Francis signed a deal with the Communist Chinese in 2018 to guarantee the Catholic Church certain rights in China.  In doing so, Francis ignored his priests, Bishops and Cardinals on the ground in China.  In many ways, he betrayed them.  One of the deal points was that the Pope had the right to approve new Bishops and Cardinals in essence appointed by the Communist Chinese.  Francis was a fool.  The Communist Chinese just created a diocese somewhere in China and installed the Bishop without any Papal approval.  Pope Francis' deal with the devil proved to be illusionary, yet Francis just extended the deal.  

There is no country in the world that appoints Bishops or Cardinals to the Catholic Church.  It just does not happen.  While Francis presumably believed that the deal he reached with China was the best he could get, he should have known better.  The Communist Chinese have closed down Catholic Churches and put priests in prison.  They have removed crosses and other symbols of the Church from buildings.  What was Pope Francis thinking or maybe not thinking. 

It is impossible to do a deal with the Devil.  The Devil can never be trusted.  Ask the people of Hong Kong many of whom are now in prisons.  The people of Taiwan know they are dealing with the Devil, which is why they do not want to be part of China.  They have seen promises broken related to Hong Kong so they know they cannot trust the Communist Chinese.  In this case, Communists hate all religions.  The only religion they allow is the state religion of Communism.  

Pope Francis needs to cancel the deal he made with the Devil and insist on normal Papal Authority in China.  There in nothing in Papal Authority that threatens the Chinese Communist regime.  There is much coming from the Communist Chinese regime that threatens all religions in China.  Pope Francis was naive thinking that he could do a deal with the Devil.   Hopefully, the Pope learned a lesson; but doubt it.  There can never be a compromise with Evil.  

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