Saturday, November 26, 2022

Mass Murder In America - Breaking The Cycle Of Violence

Every week we hear of mass murder somewhere in America.  Whenever a senseless act of violence is committed by a murderer with a gun of any kind, Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) seize on the tragedy to call for more gun laws adding to the thousands already on the books.  The fact is that Democrats would like to do away with the Second Amendment protecting our right to bear arms because they fear an armed populace that could rise up against their Socialist Fascist Schemes designed to limit our freedoms.  More gun laws will not stop mass murder.  

This should be evidenced by the fact that murderers have used cars, knives, explosives and their bare hands to kills the innocent.  So just getting rid of guns will not solve the problem.  Instead, we need to discuss honestly the root of the problem, which is dysfunctional families.  More often than not these mass murderers are men or boys of all colors and sexual orientations that grew up without a father in the home.  And, or if a father was in the home, he was probably alcoholic, a drug addict and or abusive and prone to violence.  The fact is that children that grow up in two parent, intact loving families are not the profile of these murderers.  

We cannot deal with mass murder if we don't deal with family dysfunction and the causes of it.  7 out of 10 Black babies are born to single mothers.  5 out of 10 Hispanic babies are born to single mothers.  4 out of 10 White babies are born to single mothers.  And, when this happens these children usually end up in living in poverty with no healthy male role models.  Young boys need to experience loving Dads who care for them and their mothers.  I am not just talking about care related to material well being; though living a comfortable life is a good thing.  I am talking about a caring role model who makes a difference in the lives of people.  

So, if we want to deal with mass murder in America, we first must recognize the underlying causes.  Since mass murders are committed by a variety of means,  more guns laws will not stop these murders from happening.  Dysfunctional men and boys with mental illness will just find another way to kill.  We are dealing with evil and some might even say the devil in these men and boys.  It is not so difficult to see this coming early on in school.  These children are usually anti-social troublemakers in school.  They need help from a very young age.  And, if they are growing up in completely dysfunctional homes, Social Workers must be assigned to these cases in an attempt to break the cycle of violence.  

As a society, we are kidding ourselves unless we are prepared to deal with family dysfunction no matter how difficult it may be.  In some cases, many of these children should be placed in foster homes; though that is no panacea either.  The point is children who experience violence in the home will commit violence outside the home.  Organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters and others can help create positive role models for young children.  One way or another the cycle of violence must be broken to prevent violence.  It will not happen any other way.  

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