Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Red Ripple & Abortion

It appears that Republicans will take over control of the US House of Representatives.  When the dust settles, Republicans will be the majority in the House by an additional 10 - 20 seats above the 218 needed.  This is the case because Republicans gained 14 seats in 2020, which still gave the Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) majority control by just a few votes.  As of this posting, it is possible that the Republicans will also take over the Senate.  The count could be a majority of 51 or 52 seat depending on election final results in Nevada, Arizona and Georgia.  Or we could still be at a 50 - 50 Senate when the dust settles.  

It would be easy to conclude that the predicted Red Wave was really a Red Ripple except for some other factors.  There was a Red Tsunami in Florida as Republicans took over the whole state.  Governor Ron DeSantis won so overwhelmingly that he is now positioned to challenge President Trump for the Republican nomination for President.  And, Republicans won numerous House seats in Blue States or  Districts including in California, New York, Florida, Texas and other states.  Further, the majority of Governors are Republican, as well as, the majority of state legislatures are controlled by Republicans.  Most important, many states have Republican Attorney Generals who will challenge Biden's unconstitutional Executive Orders in Court.  Of course, you will not hear any of this from Fake News.  What you also won't hear is that of Trump's endorsements, 174 won and 9 lost.  Of the 9 that lost, some were really lousy candidates.  

So what is coming next.  First, there will be multiple investigations in the House of Representatives concerning corruption at the DOJ, FBI, DHS and IRS, Covid mismanagement, the border in addition to the Biden Crime family.  The House will vote to defund the 87,000 gun toting IRS agent that the Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) included in one of their SwindleUS Bills.  They will channel that money into more Border Patrol Agents and to finish the Wall and dare Biden to veto the bill.  Second, Fancy Nancy Pelosi will either be pushed out by the Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) and or she will finally retire on her own.  When she does retire, we can expect Governor Gruesome of California to appoint Pelosi's daughter, a Democrat activist in California to her seat; so there is likely to still be a Pelosi in Congress.  

Most important, the abortion issue played a big roll in making this election a federal Red Ripple rather than a Red Wave.  When the Supreme Court struck down Roe V Wade, it mobilized single issue Pro-Choice Americans to vote against Republicans.  Joe Biden will claim victory saying it could have been a lot worse had he not made the case for Democracy and Abortion.  However, losing is still losing.  And losing control of the House of Representatives and perhaps the Senate will end his Presidency.  

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