Tuesday, November 15, 2022

President Trump Is Back In The War To Save America - The Battle Begins

President Trump has announced his candidacy for the Presidency in 2024.  Trump did this because now that Republicans have taken control of the House, Trump is not likely to face another bogus Impeachment Trial if he wins reelection.  And, though Big Tech, the Deep State, Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) and Establishment Republicans (RINOS) will intensify their war to destroy Trump because they fear him, the Republicans in the House will now be in a position to investigate the Biden Crime Family and the weaponized DOJ, FBI, IRS, DHS and CIA.  So plenty of dirt will be surfaced in the next year to help counteract all the crap that will come out of Fake News against Trump.  They have tried every accusation except maybe child molestation; but don't be surprised if we don't hear that one too.  

We will see Trump Derangement Syndrome like never before; but its ok because Trump is a New York Street Fighter and counter puncher who will hit back hard.  The election in 2024 is likely to be the dirtiest in American history so hold on folks because we are in for a bumpy ride.  I am willing to bet that 44 year old Ron DeSantis will not challenge Trump.  DeSantis just won big in Florida and has a great gig.  DeSantis is young and can run in 28, since Trump will only be able to serve one term if he wins.  DeSantis has more to gain by sitting out 2024 no matter who wins

There will be other challengers to Trump in the primaries; but Trump is likely to swat them away like flies.  Some of them, except Pence of course will actually be running to be the Vice President.  Trump is not likely to pick anyone who challenges him in the primaries; but they could end up in his Administration.  I could see Trump choosing Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina to position Scott as the first Black Republican President sometime in the future.  Tim Scott is very appealing and smart so he would work well to soften Trump's sharp edges.  

You can bet President Trump will unfold a campaign like no other after the first of the year.  I suspect Trump will raise a billion dollars from that email list he is sitting on.  Lot's of rallies of course; but also very high tech.  And, Trump has figured out that in Blue States, there will have to be ballot harvesters on the payroll to beat the Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) at their own game.  I doubt very much that feckless Joe Biden will be the Socialist candidate for President in 2024 and neither will it be Quemala Harris.  More likely, it will Governor Gruesome of California paired with a person of color facing President Trump in 2024.  Trump would love to run against Gruesome because California is such a mess.  

So the battle is joined.  It will be brutal; but I would never bet against Donald Trump.  While Trump is a character for sure who is offensive to country club Republicans even though he owns numerous country clubs, he is often the smartest guy in the room thinking way ahead of the pack.  Get ready.  This will be great entertainment in the next few years.  

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