Monday, March 31, 2014

ICE Releases 68,000 Illegal Alien Criminals

Rather than deport them, Obama's Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) released 68,000 illegal alien criminals in 2013 on to our city streets.   What the hell are these Obamanistas thinking.  These are not "dreamers", illegal alien children in our schools, or others with younger children born in the United States to illegal alien parents, these are actually illegal aliens that have been convicted of crimes.  Obama and his minions continue to violate our laws by Executive Orders.  In this case, allowing illegal alien criminals to go free that very well will commit more crimes in our country is a criminal act in and of itself. 

This Blogger supports comprehensive Immigration Reform; but it would certainly never include allowing illegal aliens that commit crimes in our country to stay in our country.  These people should be deported upon conviction and told that if they enter the United States again illegally, if they are caught, they would be put in jail for life as a deterrent to reentry.   When is Obama going to get serious about his job.   Lax enforcement of our current immigration laws is delaying comprehensive Immigration Reform because Republicans do not trust the President to enforce the law and why should they?

Obama and his Liar Attorney General Eric Holder tells state Attorney Generals and various departments of government to simply ignore the laws they disagree with.   The rule of law is falling apart in the United States, which is very dangerous to our country and way of life.  The Constitution requires the President, any President to execute the laws of the land, not make them up on a daily basis.  Apparently, President Pinocchio Obama, the Constitutional Law Professor must have missed those classes when he was actually went to law school. 

Socialist Election Game Plan

The Socialist Election Game Plan in 2014 will be same old, same old.   Socialist will attempt to paint Republicans as "extremists" because in general Republicans are Pro-Life, support less spending and fewer regulations to grow our economy and jobs and want sensible rules in reference to the environment.   It is already happening in the Colorado Senate Race.  Socialists will say that Republicans want to deny women their contraceptives and abortion on demand right up until conception.   Socialists will also say that Republicans want dirty air and water.   Of course, all of his is ridiculous; but it does play to the low learners in our society, Obama's PEEP's, many of whom are on the dole one way or another and or are just clueless.

Hopefully, the rest of the American people will be smarter this time around because the Socialist Election Game Plan is just not true.  It all may not work anyway because ObamaCare is wildly unpopular and most Americans finally realize that the Socialists did this do them.  Further, the demographics in a mid term election do not favor the Socialists.   The voters will be Whiter than in the general election, which favors Republicans.  Further, Independents often critical in many races are favoring Republicans this time around.   Even young people are disenchanted with Obama because Obamanomics has failed to produce jobs for them.   Finally, there are many more Socialist seats in jeopardy than Republican seats. 

As result, the odds are better than 50/50 that the Republicans will not only gain seats in the House of Representatives, they will get the six or more seats they need in the Senate to take over the whole Congress.   If it happens, at least legislatively, the Obama Presidency will be over.   However, this will make Obama even more dangerous because the Liar In Chief will use unconstitutional Executive Orders to further his Socialist Schemes.   All of those orders must be challenged either in Congress, or in Court to strike them down.   In any case, watch for the Socialist  Election Game Plan, it is coming our way.  It is getting really old. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Battle For Charter Schools

About the only significant reform to impact public schools, in a positive way, in the last ten years are public charter schools.  Conservatives and Republicans support charter schools that give parents more say about the running of these schools, at the expense of teacher unions, that are often sidelined.  As a result, teacher unions and their more radical Socialist allies HATE charter schools because they diminish union power, since charter schools are run by their own independent boards, not the typical board of education, that is paid for and owned, lock, stock and barrel by the teacher unions. 

Socialist Mayor De Blasio of New York City is trying to shut down many of the successful charter schools in his city, even though they often benefit minority children, as a pay off to the unions.   It is criminal.  Socialist Governor Andrew Cuomo and supposedly even President Pinocchio Obama support charter schools.   Remember, these are still public schools; using public money, but they operate more like tuition free private schools.  Parents in New York City, with kids in those charter schools that De Blasio is trying to close, are furious with the Mayor insisting that he back off.   De Blasio is such a Socialist and maybe even Communist ideologue that he is pushing forward, even though Governor Cuomo is opposed to closure.  So, since state money is probably also involved a show down is looming. 

A recent study in California, that is common of other data around the country, shows that kids in charter schools achieve higher test scores than kids in regular public schools.  In fairness, this probably happens to some degree because the parents of kids in charter schools are more involved in their kid's education.   But so what.  Aside from providing all kids in failing public schools, school vouchers so parents can choose to send their kids to any school they choose, including private schools, which should also be an option, charter schools are the next best thing. 

We need major education reform in the United States, not necessarily more money spent on our schools.  Common Core, which is more federal control, is not the answer.  Kids should be tested in eight grade to determine if they should be college bound, or placed in vocational education to learn a trade.   Some will say this is racist; but again so what.  In a worse case scenario a kid that may be a late bloomer might learn to be an electrician and then decide to go to Community College to begin to get an academic  university degree.  That kid could even work his way through school, with a trade in hand, rather than have to borrow money and incur huge debt.  This would be a good thing for all concerned.   It is time for common sense educational reform.  It will not happen as long as the teacher unions control our public schools and the Socialist politicians they help elect.  While fat cat union leaders get rich, the kids suffer a poor education.  It is just shameful. 

ObamaCare Smoke & Mirrors

Everything about ObamaCare is a lie.  Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress lied about the cost.  It will end up costing three times what was originally projected as insurance companies will require a bail out since the numbers don't work.   Obama lied when he said if you like your doctor and medical insurance plan, you can keep your doctor and medical insurance plan.  More than 6 million Americans had their plans canceled and those that got insurance on ObamaCare are very restricted as to the doctors and hospitals that will accept the plan.  Further, if they did not qualify for subsidies, they are paying much more than they were paying.  The average family was supposed to save $2,500 a year, when in fact the average family is paying $2,500 a year more as a result of ObamaCare. 

Obamanistas will shortly come out with the biggest lie of all.  They will claim that 7 million Americans have signed up for ObamaCare, the number they said should be considered a success for the first year.   First, that number will be lie because enrolling does not really occur until the recipient actually begins paying the premium.  Second, so what even if it is true.   More than 6 million Americans that had medical insurance before ObamaCare had their policies cancelled.  Naturally, some of those Americans may sign up for ObamaCare.  Third, they needed 40% of sign up's to be young, healthy people, willing to pay higher than necessary, for the numbers to work, which is not going to happen.

While many may have signed up for expanded Medicaid to get medical insurance for free, a good number of those people already had Medicaid. The reality is that 30 million or more Americans did not have medical insurance before ObamaCare and 30 million or more Americans don't have medical insurance today.  The only difference is that Obama and his Socialist pals in government have spent billions of dollars putting this monstrosity in place and 80% of Americans are now paying more because of it. 

It is pay back time.  The American people need to rise up in 2014 and 2016 and throw the Socialist bums out of office that did this to us.  Not one Republican in Congress voted for ObamaCare.  Republicans in the House of Representatives have voted more than 40 times to repeal it.  The Socialists own this turkey 100% and now they must pay the price for their horrible crime against America.   

Friday, March 28, 2014

Senator Dirty Harry Reid - Losing His Mind

Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, appears to be losing his mind.   There have been rumors in Nevada, where this Blogger lives, the Reid has suffered a series of mini-strokes over the years, which may account for his usual foot in mouth disease.  What the Senator apparently does not realize is that his statements are on video so when he lies, it is easy to see the truth. 

A few weeks ago Dirty Harry went on the Senate Floor to tell all Americans that those people complaining of horror stories, as a result of ObamaCare, were all liars financed by the Koch Brothers.   Even though this statement is on video, this week Reid said that he never said those who have suffered because of ObamaCare are liars.  Perhaps, Reid's staff needs to put the script in front of him and only allow him to say what they approve because Reid is starting to look like an idiot.  This Blogger  knows many people, including my company employees, that have been negatively impacted by ObamaCare.  The Brookings Institute, a liberal Think Tank has said that 80% of Americans will pay more for medical insurance and care because of ObamaCare. 

A neighbor in particular had his policy cancelled only to face a 42% increase to buy a new policy that includes all the ObamaCare mandates.  One man in Nevada that thought he had ObamaCare, had to have heart surgery three weeks later only to find out that he did not have insurance.   He now has been billed $400,000 for his surgery because of a screw up in the Nevada State ObamaCare Exchange.  So, there is no doubt that all of the stories we are hearing about are true; despite Dirty Harry's pronouncement calling these people liars. 

Everybody in Nevada knows that Dirty Harry Reid is a crook.  That is nothing new.  Reid has used his position to enrich his family members that are paid lobbyists in Washington DC making millions of dollars.  Reid himself has made millions involving shady real estate deals in Nevada.  In the latest scandal, Reid gave his granddaughter a $17,000 gift using campaign money, which is illegal.  Usually, Reid is smarter than that using campaign money to buy his worthless book, which the campaign then gives out as gifts.  This time Reid is under investigation by the Federal Elections Commissions for the illegal gift he gave his granddaughter. 

Of course, Obamanistas will sweep Reid's corruption under the rug because Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, extort, borrow and target their enemies to remain in power feeding at the trough.  Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid is a master at this game; but this time once again he got caught with his mind missing and his pants down. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

ObamaCare Deadline Extended - What A Surprise

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama has added to his 36 Executive Orders modifying ObamaCare, by extending the March 31 deadline to sign up to mid-April.   Obama did this after his minions were all over TV in the last few weeks saying the deadline would not be extended.  No one should be surprised, Obama always draws lines in the sand that he does not enforce.  The Obama daughters are very lucky.  They never have to worry that their dad means what he says.  So when he tells them they have to be home for 10 pm, forgettaboutit girls, 10 pm does not really mean 10 pm.  Or maybe it means 10 pm the next day.   Who knows with Obama?

Now the excuse is that Americans are too stupid to use the Internet according to Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader necessitating the extension.  Really!  Tell that to Amazon or EBay.   Obama already approved an extension for anyone with a hang nail.  However, people don't have to use the Internet to sign up for ObamaCare.  They can just call the 800 number and a Navigator, who could have a criminal record, will just take down their personal information to sign them up.   The reality is that ObamaCare is collapsing before our eyes along with Socialist election chances in 2014 and 2016.  

If ObamaCare was so wonderful, why is Obama spending a billion dollars to advertise the program to get people to sign up.  The government does not need to advertise Social Security or Medicare.  People go on line, or call in to sign up for those programs everyday.   Supposedly, there were more than 40 million people in the United States without medical insurance that was the basis for Socialist enactment of ObamaCare.  Where the hell are those people.   Perhaps about 5 million people, many of whom already had insurance cancelled because of ObamaCare, have signed up for ObamaCare, if we can believe the numbers coming from Obama, which is doubtful.  Most of the 9 million people that have signed up for free Medicaid were already eligible for that program before ObamaCare. 

And, 80% of Americans are now paying more for medical insurance because of ObamaCare.  Where is the promised $2,500 an American family was supposed to save because of ObamaCare.  The answer is no where because the average family is now paying $2,500 more to subsidize all of Obama's PEEP's getting ObamaCare for free.  ObamaCare is the second biggest Ponzi Scheme in human history after Social Security.  We also know now that it will cost three times what was originally projected and that the federal government will have to bail out the insurance companies because the numbers don't work. 

So what if Obama moves around a few deadlines.  None of it matters.  ObamaCare is a train wreck that has hit the American people.  ObamaCare is a national disaster as bad as Katrina.   Let's hope voters remember what the Socialists did to them when they go to the polls in 2014 and 2016.  It is pay back time to throw the bums out of office. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Many Judges In America Should Be Impeached

The judicial system in America is supposed to provide justice for all Americans.   Yet, we sometimes see rogue judges that live in some alternative universe when they make their rulings.  In a recent ruling, a Washoe County, Nevada District Judge Brent Adams sentenced a man to just one year in jail for molesting a 6 year old girl more than 100 times.  Adams previously had given this criminal 10 years to life after the plea bargain allowed for a life sentence.  Adams then reversed himself on some silly technicality.   Supposedly, Adams is retiring in a few months; but otherwise, he should be impeached and denied his pension for life. 

In Massachusetts, Judge Joseph Johnson has denied custody of Justina Pelletier to her parents because they did not agree with a Boston's Children's Hospital diagnosis that their daughter suffered from psychiatric issues, rather than the mitochondrial disease diagnosed by specialists at Tufts Hospital.  Their daughter was doing fine while being treated by the Tufts doctors.  She is now near death as a result of being taken off medication at the Boston's Children's Hospital.  Johnson has given permanent custody of Justina to the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families.  This judge should be impeached for this outrageous ruling. 

The US Supreme Court has oftened failed to enforce the separation of powers ceding more and more power to the Executive Branch of the government to the detriment of our freedom.  ObamaCare is just one  example of many, as President Pinocchio Obama continues to make laws by Executive Orders, while disregarding laws on the books.  While our judicial system works for some, it clearly does not work for all.   WE THE PEOPLE need to act to throw the bums out, by impeachment when they have a lifetime job, when they do wrong.     

Monday, March 24, 2014

Common Core - Bad For America

Some rich businessmen, like Bill Gates and others, some Republicans and most teacher union controlled Secular Socialists are attempting to impose Common Core on the American Public School Educational System.   Even though we have spent trillions of dollars on public schools in the last thirty years, only to see poor test score results compared to other industrialized countries, now these influential people, most of whom have never worked in education are trying to impose a one size fits all curriculum as the new solution supposed to create educational excellence.   Forgettaboutit!

How can the same curriculum work for inner city school districts, where most kids are below grade level in reading and math as for school districts in some suburbs where kids may be way above grade level.  As a former educator who taught junior, senior and adult schools in Los Angeles for six years, I can say this is wishful thinking at best and folly at worst.  Yes, all kids should be taught reading, writing and arithmetic along with history and science; but the curriculum, books and pace could be very different.   In addition, the real change we need to make in public education is a recognition that not all kids are university bound.

Instead, we should adopt the system used by other countries that identify kids through testing, by the end of junior high school, to determine if they should be university bound, or if they would be better off learning marketable trade.   Years ago and perhaps even today, this approach was considered racist because in many cases inner city kids, that are often not at grade level would be placed in vocational education.   The thinking was that all kids should be able to go to a university.   Really?  How is a kid reading at 5th grade level in the 12th grade supposed to finish a BA degree.   This is the reason that many colleges and universities have to offer remedial education to help these kids that are often way behind grade level.   It is ridiculous. 

It would be far better for a kid, below grade level, to graduate with a marketable skill.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a plumber or electrician that often earn more than teachers.  And, if a kid is below grade level because of being a late bloomer, we have the Community College system as a safety net, which are open to all that does not exist in many other countries.   Common Core is not the answer.  Throwing more money at public education is not the answer.   We need to reinvent our public schools to make sure that all kids are either university bound, or trained to do a marketable job that pays more than minimum wage.  It is time for common sense, not Common Core.          

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Radical Environmentalism - Destroying Our Freedom & the American Economy

The Clean Air and Water Acts enacted in the 70's to make certain that we have a healthy environment had bi-partisan support.   After all, President Richard Nixon signed the Clean Air Act in 1970 because no one then or now is in favor of dirty air, or water.   The problem is that what we have today is Radical Environmentalism that is destroying our freedom and the American economy.   Secular Socialists have taken over the environmental movement.  They see it as another way to expand the role of government into all aspects of daily life.  In addition, the notion of Cap and Trade is just another Socialist Scheme focused on higher taxes and more regulations. 

We see this taken to extreme lengths by Obamanistas using Executive Orders to go way beyond the original intent of these laws.  Since Obama could not get Cap and Trade through Congress even when the Socialists controlled both Houses of Congress, during his first two years in office, Obama is now turning the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) into one of his Gestapos through Executive Orders, many of which are probably unconstitutional and should be challenged in court.  The end result is that Obamanistas are out to destroy the coal industry and all carbon based energy sources no matter what they say.  Actions speak louder than words. 

Radical Environmentalists have destroyed the timber industry in many states, including Oregon costing thousands of good paying jobs. It is no coincidence that millions of manufacturing jobs have been moved overseas because environmental regulations in the United States are often either impossible to meet, or so costly as to making manufacturing in the US unfeasible.  These used to be good paying Middle Class jobs and in many cases they were union jobs.  Ironically, Obamanistas talk about income inequality that they have caused by their Radical Environmentalism. 

Global Warming, which they are now referring to as Climate Change because we may actually be experiencing Global Cooling, is just another Socialist Scheme to raise taxes and redistribute world wide income from the richer nations to the poorer ones.   This is not about protecting the polar bears that are doing just fine; but rather confiscating more of our hard earned money in all sorts of taxes on energy. 

WE THE PEOPLE must stand up before it is too late.   The EPA Gestapo is even out to control rain water run off from our roofs, as just one more goofy idea.  They are bankrupting families attempting to use their privately owned land, including a family in Wyoming that built a little fish pond on their 8 acre farm, fully in accordance with state law and permits.   The EPA recently closed down a Gold Mine in Alaska to protect salmon without any proof that it would have any effect.  This amounts to confiscation of property without compensation.  The EPA is not only a threat to our freedom, they are job killers.  It is time for common sense not Radical Environmentalism.  No one wants dirty air or water; but at the same time Americans need jobs to prosper.  Stand up and just say NO.  Tell your elected representatives to reign in the EPA by starving the beast of funding.   

Senator Dirty Harry Reid - War On The Koch Brothers

Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader is losing his marbles.   Reid usually suffers from foot in mouth disease so that is nothing unusual; but now Reid is making war on the Koch Brothers, successful businessmen and Conservatives who use their money to support other Conservatives.  In a sign of desperation since 12 Senate seats are now in play and Dirty Harry fears a Republican take over of the Senate, which is looking like a real possibility, Reid has to create a demon to fire up the base of the Socialist Party.   The only problem with this strategy is that most Americans know little of the Koch Brothers and Obama and ObamaCare is hanging around Socialist Party candidates like a lead balloon. 

Obama's approval rating is around 38%, not far from where Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter were when they left office.  The vast majority of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction.   Traditionally, the party in power loses seats anyway in off year elections.  In this particular year, there are six Senate seats up held by Socialists; but in very Red States that both McCain and Romney carried by a big margin.   In addition, even some of the states that Obama carried, like New Hampshire, Michigan and Colorado are now in play.   The odds are now better than 50/50 that the Republicans will both maintain the House of Representatives and maybe even gain a few seats and take the Senate.  If that happens, at least legislatively, the Obama Presidency is over.  Obama will then resort to unconstitutional Executive Orders to rule by fiat many of which should be challenged in court. 

Here is the reality.   The Supreme Court Case in Citizens United that allowed for spending money in elections as a form of free speech leveled the playing field.  Prior to this court case, big unions could give unlimited sums of money to support Socialists; but Conservatives and individuals were limited in the sums they could give.   This has allowed both Socialists like Tom Stayer and George Soros, along with the Koch Brothers and others to use their money to influence elections.   Their are many Socialists groups doing just that.  

The Koch Brothers founded Americans For Prosperity along with other groups to support Conservative candidates and issues.   However to say that this is just Koch Brother's money is just plain wrong.   AFP has 90,000 donors and 2.3 million members.   The Socialists of course hate having a level playing field and we saw what happened when the IRS was directed to target Conservative groups like the Tea Party.  Yet no one has gone to jail for their illegal activity.   And, Liar Attorney General Eric Holder will not convene a Special Counsel to conduct an unbiased investigation of this scandal.  Surprise, Surprise.   Always remember, Socialists like Obama, Holder, Reid, Pelosi and all the rest of them will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort, target their enemies and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough. 

In Dirty Harry's case, he likes living at the Ritz Carlton in Washington DC instead of that hell hole he calls home in Searchlight, Nevada.  He and his family have become millionaires from his six plus terms in office.  So Harry will do anything or say anything to stay in power feeding at the trough, including making war on the Koch Brothers who own Koch Industries employing thousands of Americans.   But here is the best part.  Koch Industries owns Georgia Pacific, one of the largest makers of toilet paper in the world.  Whether Dirty Harry likes it or not, somewhere, someplace he is using Georgia Pacific toilet paper, since it is unavoidable, making the Koch's even richer.  Ha Ha Dirty Harry.   Guess the Koch's will win in the end no matter what Dirty Harry does or says.      

Friday, March 21, 2014

Obama Giving Up Control Of The Internet

Bowing to foreign pressure, Socialist President Pinocchio Obama is giving up American control of the Internet that was invented by the US Military.  Obama is turning over the quasi government agency, managed by the US Government, that controls Internet domains away to some unnamed foreign consortium.  Obama has finally gone over the edge in his betrayal of our nation.   The Internet is based on the American concept of freedom of speech, outlined in the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights in our Constitution.  So now, potentially countries that do not allow freedom of speech like Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran and others will somehow have control over the Internet.  Obama continues to show his true colors and they are not Red, White and Blue.

Obama believes in the "International Community" he always looking to in order to solve his problems, not American Exceptionalism to the detriment of both the American people and our nation.  We see the end result all over the world of Obama's failed foreign policy.  The last thing we should be doing is turning the Internet over to an unstable, International Community often run by thugs and dictators that hate freedom.  We will see censorship related to who is allowed domain names.   Without a domain name, it is impossible to do business on the Internet.   Who knows, Blogs like National Freedom Forum could be outlawed because this Blogger speaks the truth about politicians, countries, government programs etc.

I am quite certain that Obamanistas and all their Socialist pals in governments around the world do not like to see the truth on topics like Global Warming, Big Government Failures, Socialist Schemes, Tin Horn Dictators and a myriad of other topics close to their hearts.   The best way to limit free speech is to pick and choose who has access to provide information over the Internet.  Naturally, Big Brother in all countries wants to control the news, or propaganda to allow politicians to continue feeding at the trough.  Obama is making it easier to stifle free speech by giving up control of the Internet to some International organization, maybe at the United Nations.   WE THE PEOPLE should do anything we can to stop this from happening.   Call your elected representatives in Congress and just say NO.       

More ObamaCare Insanity

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama has advised young people if they can't afford ObamaCare that they should cancel their cell phones and cable TV to pay for ObamaCare.  Has the President completely lost his mind.  Young people have their cell phones attached to them, since they live on Facebook and other social media venues.   There is no way any young person will give up his or her cell phone to buy ObamaCare.   In addition, no one today can live without cable if they want to stay connected.  Obama is so desperate to get young people to sign up for ObamaCare in big numbers to pay for the older, sick people signing up because it is the only way to pay for his monstrosity.    Young people have to pay more so that older, sick people can pay less.  It cannot work any other way.  Even, then all the numbers ObamaCare was predicated on are phony.   And, Obama needs the sign-up's to be 40% young people and that is just not happening.  The end result will be a government bail out of the insurance companies that were promised a bill of goods to support ObamaCare. 

Now we learn that there is another glitch in the law.  If those insured by ObamaCare stop paying their premiums, doctors and hospitals, could be stuck with the bills.  There is a little provision in ObamaCare that shifts this responsibility from the insurance companies to the doctors and hospitals that already get screwed by ObamaCare.   ObamaCare is the national disaster that just keeps on giving.   80% of Americans are paying more in medical premiums, co-pay's and deductibles so that 20% can get highly subsidized, or free medical insurance.  After Social Security, this is the biggest Ponzi Scheme in human history.  

Obama has issued more than 30 Executive Orders to try to blunt the horrible impact of this law before the 2014 and 2016 elections because Socialists know they are going to get slaughtered because of ObamaCare.   But, the truth is that ObamaCare can't be fixed.   It must be repealed and then Congress needs to enact real health care reform that works for everybody, not just Obama's PEEP's.   ObamaCare, the monstrosity that it is, must be sent to the ash heap of history along with all Socialists and their big government Schemes that are destroying our country. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dealing With Russia and China

It is about time that Socialist President Pinocchio Obama put on his big boy pants in his dealings with Russia and China.  Both of these countries are being run by quasi dictators in tailored business suits.  Vladamir Putin used to run the KGB, the secret police in the old Soviet Union. Putin has stated that one of the worst days in Russian history was the break up of the Soviet Union.  The Russians refer to the countries that surround them as the near abroad.   Czars and Communist Commissars for centuries and now Putin have all been determined to control these countries.  What we see happening in the Crimea and the Ukraine is old news.   The fact that Obama slapped sanctions on a few rich Russians, in response to Putin's invasion of the Crimea, is seen as weak and feeble by the Russians and all our enemies around the world.

Most importantly, the Iranians Mullahs in Tehran that have no intention of ending their nuclear program must be laughing hysterically.   The Russians have now said that because of our opposition to what they are doing in the Ukraine that they may change their position on Iran.  The fact is that the Russians support both the dictators in Iran, the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world and Syria.   Obama needs to wake up and smell the vodka in his dealings with Russia.  Putin is not our friend.  Russia is not our friend.  Putin seeks to rebuild the old Soviet Union, including its military and nuclear capabilities.  If Obama can't see this by now, he must be deaf, dumb and blind. 

Obama should immediately authorize placement of the missile defense systems in Poland and the Czech Republic that he canceled, getting nothing in return from Putin, when Obama was first elected to "reset" the relationship with Russia.  At the same time, we should supply Ukraine with whatever weapons they need to defend themselves from a Russian invasion that is otherwise coming.  We also need to become energy independent to blunt both Russia's and Iran's influence in the world.  Obama should then take out the Syrian air force because Syrian Dictator Assad has failed to turn over their chemical weapons as part of the deal negotiated with them.  

Finally, if Iran does not move to end its nuclear program, Obama should either work with Israel and Saudi Arabia to take out their program, using military force, or provide nuclear capability to both these countries to maintain the balance of power in the region.  I know this all sounds very hawkish; but as a student and teacher of history, I am sensing the appeasement in Munich with Hitler that caused World War II.  Most important, if Obama, the President of the United States, draws lines in the sand, he must act definitively when they are crossed, or otherwise keep his big mouth shut. 

Finally, what is happening in the Ukraine could have implications in Asia Pacific, as both Russia and China want to take over islands that belong to Japan.  In this case, the Japanese have to re militarize to protect themselves and maintain the balance of power in the region, which also means the development of nuclear weapons.   We can't do it all for Japan.  They will have to step up to the plate to protect themselves.          

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cigarettes Bad - Marijuana Good - Really??

Most everyone acknowledges that tobacco based cigarettes are bad, since it is well documented that they do cause cancer and other health problems.   This Blogger's dad died of liver cancer that was the result of 60 or more years of smoking.   I get it.  E-cigarettes do not involve tobacco; but instead are based on turning a liquid that may or may not have nicotine in it into a vapor simulating smoking.  Marijuana, unless made into some kind of pill or liquid, for medical purposes, involves ingesting smoke into the lungs.   Cigarettes are required to having warning labels advising of their danger.   Now that marijuana is being legalized in some states like Colorado, why are there are no such warning signs. 

The reason is that the left wing lame stream media, Hollywood and the Secular Socialists they support smoke POT to get high.  Libertarians often also support legalization because they see the cost of law enforcement to deal with marijuana as a waste of money.   What this Blogger does not get is that our country spent three decades convincing young people and others to stop smoking cigarettes.   And, now states are moving to legalize this gateway drug.  How can ingesting marijuana smoke be good for anyone.   And, how can getting high and driving a car be any better than driving drunk. 

Now states are moving to declare e-cigarettes the same as tobacco products so they can levy a tax on them, just like regular cigarettes, even though they involve no tobacco.   Of course, this is just the long arm of government out to confiscate more money from American taxpayers.   We don't even know if e-cigarettes are dangerous to health.  They certainly can't be any worse than POT, or regular cigarettes. 

None of this makes any sense to me.  I know government is just interested in new taxes and revenue sources.   However, as an employer, we do drug testing.  If marijuana comes up, the candidate will not be hired.  I am not interested in having a bunch of Pot Heads on our staff no more than I would want a bunch of alcoholics.  Where is all of this going.   It can't be good.     

Monday, March 17, 2014

Charter Schools Work - Time For School Vouchers

A recent study in California shows that kids going to public Charter Schools achieve much higher test scores than kids going to regular public schools.  This may be because Charter Schools are usually run by separate Boards more responsible to kid's parents than the normal school board.  And, it is easier to hire and fire teachers in a Charter School than teacher union dominated regular public schools.  No doubt, parents who choose to send their children to Charter Schools are probably more involved in the day to day running of the school, as well.

So why on earth is New York's new Socialist Mayor Bill DeBlasio out to destroy Charter Schools in New York City even though mostly minority parents are begging him to back off.  The answer is simple.  Teacher Unions fear and hate Charter Schools because they have less say and power related to the running of these schools.  DeBlasio could care less about the education of these mostly minority kids that benefit from New York City Charter Schools because DeBlasio, like all Socialists, including Obama, are owned, lock and barrel by the Teacher Unions. 

We need to go the rest of the way by providing School Vouchers to inner city parents with kids in failing public schools.  These parents should not only have the right to choose public Charter Schools; but also private schools.   The state money should follow the kid whenever and wherever the kid is in a public school that is providing a lousy education.   The rich and upper middle class, including most politicians, already have the means to send their kids to great schools, either because they can afford to live in areas with good public schools, or they can afford private schools.   If we are going to break the cycle of poverty, poor parents should have the same right.  It is time to do what is in the best interest of the children, rather than allowing Teacher Unions to hold these inner city kids hostage to benefit Teacher Union bosses.    

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Senator Rand Paul - Republican Nominee In 2016?

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has won another straw poll at a Republican Conference in the Northeast after just winning the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) straw poll.   The question is will he be the Republican nominee for President in 2016, or is this just an indication that the base of the party is not interested in another Republican Establishment Candidate.   What is clear is that Senators like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are shaking things up both within the Republican Party and in Washington DC and that is good.   Clearly, the Republican Establishment like House Leader John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell don't like it; but tough S--T.   They have done little to advance the Conservative agenda of limited government, lower taxes, less regulation and free market capitalism.  

The fact is that Establishment Republicans dislike the Tea Party because it is a threat to their power.  They too, like their Socialist comrades have been feeding at the trough for years, which is a great argument for Term Limits.  The base of the Republican Party is strongly Conservative not moderate.   We are sick and tired of the 100 years of Socialist Creep, often advanced by compliant Establishment Republicans, that is destroying our country.  We want change.   We want real Conservatives in office not RINO's. 

Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and Governors like Scott Walker, Bobby Gindall and Rick Perry are the future of the Republican Party, or it will be no more.   The divide in our country is real.  In reality, there are two distinct political parties.  The Conservative Party and the Socialist Party of America.   Conservatives share little common ground with Socialists.  Meeting them half way is and always has been a road to fiscal bankruptcy.  That road has now led to a dead end that will cause the economic collapse of the United States.   WE THE PEOPLE can't let that happen.  If we have any hope of getting our country back on track, assuming it is not already too late, we must elect Common Sense Conservatives in 2014 and 2016 to end the fiscal insanity.  We have to stop politicians at the Local, State and the Federal government levels from continuing to borrow money to fund operating expenses to win elections.   These characters are pushing our country toward financial Armageddon.   Just to to to see the ugly picture.  It has to stop and soon.        

California Debt & High Speed Rail

A recent study indicated that local and state government in California has amassed a debt of about $1 Trillion.  The Socialists that control all offices in State Government continue to borrow billions each year to fund operating expenses because the state Constitution prohibits deficit spending.  What a laugh.   And Californians continue to vote for Bond Issues; as though it is free money.  In addition, there is well over $100 Billion of unfunded liability sitting out there to fund local and state public employee pensions.   To put this all in perspective, the California state 2014 - 15 budget will be around $155 Billion.  

At the same time, there are Socialists in California, including Governor Moon Beam Jerry Brown, who is running for reelection, that want to fund a high speed train between Northern and Southern California that is not needed, using more borrowed money to pay for it.  Are they insane.  California does not even have good public transportion within most major cities in Southern California, which leads to grid lock on their freeways.  If the state was going to spend this money, it would be much better to focus on a high speed monorail system, within Southern California, that people could use to go to work every day.  Both Texas and Florida would also like to see such rail systems built connecting their major cities; but in those Republican run states,  it will not happen unless done with private money. 

Californians live in La La Land as though the bill will never come.   This may be because 20 million Californians out of 35 million get some kind of government check every month.  However, in fairness, the same thing is happening all over the United States, including in places like little Puerto Rico that has $70 Billion in debt and still issues junk bonds to keep the party going.  Once politicians of both parties figured out that they could borrow money to win elections in order to keep the pork flowing to their PEEP's, it put many states and the federal government on a path toward bankruptcy.   There is not enough wealth and assets in the United States, assuming all were confiscated, which the Socialists would love to do, to cover all of the Debt that exists in our country.

The end of this story is a national disaster that will hit the people of the United States like a nuclear war.  The only outcome this Blogger sees is complete economic collapse and default on all this Debt, which history teaches us would lead to civil strife on our streets and the potential dissolution of the United States.  While foreign countries that buy our Debt, including China, that owns about a Trillion dollars in T-Bills and other instruments will lose their money, when all of this comes crashing down, so will all the pension funds and individuals that have bought tax free local, state and federal bonds presuming a "safe" investment.  The fact is that none of these bonds are safe.  When interest rates go up and they will go up and all these bonds need to be refinanced, we will reach a point when the interest on the Debt alone is unsustainable.  Then what?   We are facing a big mess.  California is just one of many examples of fiscal insanity that exists in our country.  This is all just one gigantic Ponzi Scheme. 

WE THE PEOPLE better stand up and take control by electing Common Sense Conservatives in 2014 and 2016 and beyond as our only hope of getting all of this under control before it is too late.   Sadly, it may already be too late.  In the meantime buy guns, gold and real estate to plan for the worst that could occur.   

Friday, March 14, 2014

EPA Gestapo Targeting Wyoming Family

The EPA Gestapo is targeting a Wyoming Family for building a small stock pond to hold fish and attract wild life on their 8 acre farm.  Andy Johnson and his family built a little pond in accordance with Wyoming state regulations and the permit they got from the state.  They followed the rules.  Now the EPA Gestapo has come in under the Clean Air and Water Act trying to control any and all ponds, streams, lakes, run-off etc. etc.   The EPA Gestapo does not care that the Johnson's had state approval to build this little pond.   Both Republican Senators from Wyoming have demanded that the EPA cease and desist from threatening this family with fines of $75,000 a day if they don't remove this pond, even though EPA regulations exclude ponds like this.

We have an Obama government out of control.   The EPA Gestapo is even trying to control rain water coming off our roofs.   That is just plain nuts.   It is time for WE THE PEOPLE to stand up and say enough.   These environmental wackos have to be stopped.   They are destroying our economy, killing jobs and whole industries.   Obamanistas are a clear and present danger to our nation as bad as any foreign enemy we have ever faced.   These people are Un-American fascists that must be stopped.   American people, wake up and vote for Common Sense Conservatives in 2014 and 2016 as the our only hope to take our country back from these radical nuts. 

We are losing our country as a result of 100 years of Socialist Schemes that are threatening our freedom.   These Socialists ignore our Constitution and the law.   Like all Fascists and Communists, they will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort, target their enemies and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  Obama is using his Gestapos, the EPA, the IRS, the Justice Department, Homeland Security, the Department of Education and Health and Human Services to transform our country into a Socialist, or even Communist nation.   We have to stop them before it is too late. 

Secretary of State John Kerry Not Up To The Job

Brie eating, French speaking, kept man, Secretary of State John Kerry is not tough enough to be Secretary of State.   Kerry recently failed to strike a deal with his counter part, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to get the Russians to pull out of the Crimea.  Both Kerry and Obama apparently never took any world history classes.  The Crimea and more importantly the Russian Naval Base at Sevastopol have been part of Russia for decades.  Even the rest of the Ukraine has traditionally been part of Russia.   The Russian Orthodox Church emanates from Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.  About half of the Ukraine is Russian oriented practicing the Orthodox faith.   The other half is Roman Catholic more like Poland.  Vladamir Putin, the quasi dictator of Russia, is not pulling out of the Crimea any time soon.   The only question is, will he  also move to annex the half of the Ukraine that is more Russian in nature. 

Imposing sanctions on Russia will do little to stop Putin from pursing the same path pursued by both Czars and Communist Commissars for about 500 years.   The Crimea is Russia's warm water port to access the Mediterranean and trade beyond.  It will be annexed to the Russian Federation.  This discussion is now about the rest of the Ukraine, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and other former Soviet territories that have no interest in being part of Russia again.   Keep in mind that all of these countries have Russian natives living in them.   Putin could use the same logic to annex these countries as he is using to annex the Crimea.   The only way to stop him is raw power not more talking and "negotiations". 

Obama should immediately authorized the installation of the missile defense systems in Poland and the Czech Republic that he canceled as soon as he was elected to "reset" our relationship with the Russians, without getting anything in return.  Putin would have just seen this as weakness, not a gesture of goodwill.  The United States must become energy independent as soon as possible so that we can ship oil and liquefied natural gas to Europe to blunt Russia's influence as their major source of energy.   This would do more to damage Russia and Putin that anything else we could do.  Finally, it makes sense for NATO to include the other former territories of the Soviet Union as members of NATO to deter Putin.  The Russians only understand raw power.  The time for more words is over. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Obama Hurting Millions of American Employees

With a stroke of the pen, President Pinocchio Obama has issued an Executive Order to convert millions of salaried Exempt employees into hourly Non-Exempt employees eligible for over time.  Unfortunately, since the President has never worked in business, he never understands the negative impact and unintended consequences of his actions.   Right now, many employees classified as Exempt receive a weekly salary no matter how many hours they work.  Many of them also receive bonuses, incentives and commission of various types that provide real upside income potential.   If employers are forced to pay overtime, the first thing that will happen is that wages will be cut.  The second thing that will take place is that these additional compensation mechanisms will be eliminated.   And finally, as another Obama job killer, more jobs will be pushed overseas to avoid both ObamaCare and these new rules; yet to be released by the Labor Department. 

This will result in turning office workers into factory workers as companies will place the old time clocks on the office floor to properly monitor time on the job.  This will allow for docking hours whenever someone has to attend to a sick child, or other family related issue, which today often does not take place with Exempt salaried employees.  Obama thinks that he is helping the Middle Class; but this is a major step backwards for many people.   At our company, we don't pay Non-Exempt employees any kind of bonuses because they are actually prohibited by law.  Presumably, once other employees are classified as Non-Exempt hourly employees, we will also not be able to use these other compensation mechanisms.  

Honestly, our country cannot stand three more years of Obama.   This President is like Katrina on a daily basis killing our economy and jobs.   The US Chamber of Commerce, representing perhaps 350,000 American companies of all sizes and millions of employees that work for them, should immediately file a lawsuit to stop this latest Obama Executive Order.   The President is not a King.  Obama does not get to pick and choose the laws he will enforce and create new ones that negatively impact our country.   We need to see more lawsuits from those with status to stop all this nonsense.  Hopefully, the courts will act to restore the checks and balances intended by our Founding Fathers.  If not, our country and the American people will continue to suffer as a result of Obama's dumb ideas. 

Socialists Suffer Big Defeat In Florida Special Election

Socialists suffered a big defeat after spending millions of dollars in an effort to win a Special Election Congressional seat in Florida's 13th House District.  Republicans made this election a referendum on ObamaCare, which is likely to be the playbook in 2014 and 2016.   Even though Socialist Alex Sink outspent Republican David Jolly by 3 to 1, Jolly received 48.5% of the vote to her 46.7%.  However a Libertarian candidate, who no doubt also opposed ObamaCare, got 4.8% of the vote, which means that a good majority of the people in this Tampa/St. Petersburg district rejected the Socialist Party message.   This election is particularly important since President Pinocchio Obama carried this very same district in both 2008 and 2012. 

Just wait and see, Socialists running for reelection in red states, or swing districts will start running away even faster from Obama and ObamaCare in an attempt to survive their elections in 2014 and 2016.  Special Elections often portend the trend to come.  Republicans are going to win big in 2014.  The only question is how big.   Republicans will hold the House of Representatives and maybe even gain a few seats.  Republicans will gain Senate seats as well; but it is still uncertain as to whether they will gain the 6 seats they need to take control.  The odds are 50/50 assuming they don't screw up again by running bad candidates and or candidates that are not in sink with the base of the Republican Party. 

It is time for bold colors, not pastels, as often referenced by Ronald Reagan.   Republicans need to run Common Sense Conservatives for office that can broaden the base of the party by offering real solutions to deal with the problems facing our country.  It is not just repeal ObamaCare; but instead replace it with real health care reform.  We do need to support common sense Immigration Reform to attract more Hispanic voters.   We should be for School Choice to allow poor parents to get their kids out of failing public schools. We should support reasonable restrictions on abortion that just make sense.  We can be for Gay Civil Unions, without violating our principles that marriage is between a man and woman.  Most important, Republican candidates must be for limited government, lower taxes and less regulation to grow our economy and jobs again in America.  Republicans can win; but only if they present a real option to the Socialist Party.   We don't need RINO, want a be Socialists, running for office.  Running RINO's is a sure road to defeat. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Obama's Back Door Amnesty For Illegal Aliens

With Immigration Reform stalled in Congress, President Pinocchio Obama has decided to do by Executive Order what he can't get through Congress.   Obama gave the children of illegal aliens, called Dreamers, legal status.  Now with the stroke of a pen, Obama has given relatives of anyone serving in the military, not only the right to a Green Card; but various benefits typically given to members of the military.   This is nothing more than back door amnesty, not only for illegal aliens already in the United States; but relatives yet to come. 

It is clear that Obama is using every trick in the book to provide legal status to illegal aliens.  To be clear, this Blogger supports comprehensive Immigration Reform enacted by Congress; not Presidential Executive Order.   Just wait and see, Obama will use any pretext he can to provide legal status to the 12 million illegal aliens in the United States giving them access to Welfare and Food Stamps, Obama's real objective.   This has to stop.

We need comprehensive, logical Immigration Reform that includes dealing with the 12 million illegal aliens in our country,  young foreigners who graduate from our universities, attracting people from other countries with skills that we need and a guest worker program.    One of the reasons some Republicans refuse to act is because they don't trust Pinocchio Obama to execute whatever law is enacted.  Republicans have good reason to be suspicious because Obama is ignoring many laws, including Immigration laws on the books now.

We can't have a President, any President, picking and choosing which laws he will enforce.   We can't have an Attorney General telling the state Attorney Generals to simply ignore any state laws they disagree with.  Yet, that is exactly what we have today in the person of President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder.   Both of these characters are a clear and present danger to our democracy as bad as any foreign enemy we have ever faced.   Let us hope that the American people will vote in 2014 and 2016 to throw the bums out.  If not, our democracy and our country are lost. 

States Gaming System To Give More Food Stamps

Congress has wisely cut Food Stamps by $8.6 Billion over the next ten years, which actually is a drop in the bucket.   As a result of Socialist President Pinocchio Obama's lousy economy and loose administration, 20 million more Americans are now on Food Stamps, since Obama first took office in 2008. We are currently spending $80 Billion a year on Food Stamps going to almost 50 million Americans.   But that is not enough for New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania that are gaming the system to provide even more in Food Stamps to their recipients.   Officials in these states have figured out that if they just spend a few million dollars more in state money to provide the poor with Home Heating Oil that it somehow triggers hundreds of millions of dollars more in federal money for Food Stamps.  Bernie Madoff went to jail for his scam that bilked people out of billions of dollars.   Why aren't these politicians and bureaucrats that bilk the taxpayer out of billions of dollars going to jail.   Instead, those in government get promoted for their murky schemes.  

It is time for Congress to act; but don't count on any support from the Obama Justice Department led by liar Attorney General Eric Holder.   If anything, Obamanistas are likely to encourage other states to do the same as the crooks in New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut to get around the cuts enacted by Congress. THESE CROOKS ARE BANKRUPTING OUR COUNTRY.   The National Debt under Obama has grown to more than a 100% of Gross Domestic Product, currently at $17.3 Trillion and growing with no end in sight.   We cannot keep putting more Americans on the dole.   As it is, even without ObamaCare, there is $127 Trillion of unfunded liability sitting out there related to Social Security and Medicare.  These are promises made to Americans who paid into the system their entire working life's.   The money will not be there to cover the 78 million Baby Boomers that are reaching 65 at a rate of 10,000 a day.   

In addition, we have ObamaCare that will add Trillions to our National Debt and the unfunded liability for all the bloated local, state and federal public employee pensions that will explode on the American people.   There is only $109 Trillion in collective assets in the United States.   If all assets were confiscated, which the Socialists would love to do, it is impossible to pay for all off this.   We cannot tax the "rich" alone to pay for all the promises that have been made.  The fact is that we cannot tax our way out of this mess even if we raise taxes substantially on the Middle Class.   The only way out is to cut spending and reform Entitlements NOW and grow the economy to create more good paying jobs.   

Wake up America.  When you vote in 2014 and 2016, you better vote for Conservatives that support limited government, lower taxes, less regulations and free market capitalism.  Voting for Socialists is a road to the economic collapse of the United States and then all bets are off.   We will have civil strife on our streets and chaos.   We could even see the dissolution of the United States.   For the sake of our children and grandchildren, we just can't let that happen.  

Sunday, March 9, 2014

US Foreign Policy - Now What

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama has made a real mess of our foreign policy as a result of his "leading from behind" posture.   Obama is hopeless because he has not learned the lessons of Economics 101, International Relations 325, or World History 101.  It will be up to the next President to clean up the mess and restore American positioning around the world.  This is Jimmy Carter II followed by Ronald Reagan, once again.   The next President will have to deal with those in both political parties that support Isolationism; but for different reasons.   The Socialists want to gut the military both to diminish American power and to spend the money on their PEEP's, rather than National Defense.   Some Republicans are Isolationists both because they fear foreign entanglements and because they want to end deficit spending and pay off the National Debt.  

This Blogger supports ending deficit spending and paying off the National Debt; but as a student and teacher of World History, I know that a weak United States is dangerous to world peace.   A strong National Defense that guarantees our freedom and deters tyrants and dictators should be our nation's first priority above all else.   Hopefully, our next President will be a Ronald Reagan and not another Jimmy Carter, regardless of political party.  Assuming we elect a President who understands his role as Commander In Chief, to restore the damage done by Obama, we should do the following: 

1.  Immediately authorize missile defense systems in Poland and the Czech Republic that were unilaterally cancelled by Obama without getting anything in return from the Russians.
2.  Restore monies cut from the Military budget to make sure the United States has a military second to none.
3.  Insist that our Allies step up to the plate to spend more on their own defense.   This means that Germany and Japan, in particular, must rearm to deal with an aggressive China and Russia, including the deployment of nuclear weapons.
4.  If we cannot get North Korea and Iran to end their nuclear programs, we will have to assist Israel, Saudi Arabia and South Korea with becoming nuclear powers.
5. The US must become energy independent so that we can export oil and natural gas, both to Europe and Japan in particular, to blunt Russia's economic power.

I know, I know, it sounds crazy to encourage various countries to become nuclear powers, however, all of this is about the balance of power.   The strategy of MAD, mutually assured destruction, worked for decades and actually prevented nuclear war.   All nuclear powers during the Cold War knew very well that a nuclear attack would bring a counter attack and total destruction, which prevented any country from pushing the button.   While Iran and North Korea might just be nuts enough to push the button to destroy Israel and South Korea,  that likelihood is lessened if both Israel and South Korea can push the button in return.   Clearly, the next President will have a mess to clean up in North Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia Pacific.   Let us hope that he or she has the guts to do the job.   

Friday, March 7, 2014

Conservatives Are From Mars, Socialists Are From Venus

The very popular book Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus suggests that men and women not only communicate differently; but that we see the world differently.   Gosh, that is also so true related to Conservatives and Socialists in the United States.   Our country has never been more divided since the Civil War because Conservatives Are From Mars and Socialists Are From Venus.   The majority of people living in Red States do not see our country and the world the way the majority of Socialists in Blue States see the world.  

Conservatives are self reliant believers in the American Dream.   We believe that anyone can succeed if they are willing to get a great education and work very hard.   Socialists instead portray all of their PEEP's as helpless victims that have suffered lack of success not because of their own actions, or intelligence; but instead because of George W Bush, Big Business, Rich People, Evil Capitalism and the need for bigger government to "help them".   Of course, there are the cultural wars, as well.  Conservatives cling to our religion, guns, traditional families and moral values.   Socialists are Secularists who often hate religion, fear gun owners and push for the "modern family", which means every combination; but traditional marriage between a man and a woman and an anything goes morality. 

Conservatives support limited, smaller government, lower taxes, less regulation, a strong national defense, rugged individualism, fewer people on the dole and free market capitalism.   Socialist support bigger government, higher taxes, more regulations, a weak national defense, collectivism, more people on the dole and Crony Capitalism where the government picks winners and losers.   Conservatives want the government off our backs.  Socialists support government intrusion into all aspects of daily life.  

Obviously, Conservatives and Socialists have irreconcilable differences.   There is no half way compromise possible between all of these positions.   This is the reason Conservatives oppose RINO's, that have gone along to get along, feeding at the trough, allowing 100 years of Socialist Creep.   Conservatives Are From Mars and Socialists Are From Venus.   We don't speak the same language and perhaps never will.   Let us hope that these major differences don't result in another Civil War.    Instead, the only logical option is total victory at the polls to cause the demise of the Socialist Party of America.   There is no other way.  

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Obama's 2015 Budget - Just More Tax and Spend Socialist Schemes

Declaring the era of austerity is over, Socialist President Pinocchio Obama proposed a $3.9 Trillion 2015 Budget that seriously increases taxes and spending on his PEEP's, those on the dole, those that pay no income taxes at all, radical feminists and environmentalists, trial lawyers, public employee union members and Crony Capitalists, while at the same time gutting our Military and cutting Medicare benefits to Senior Citizens.   Surprise, Surprise.   Even though Obama got more than a trillion dollars in new taxes over the next ten years and in the Fiscal Cliff Deal and ObamaCare, it is never enough for Obama and his Socialist pals in government.

How Obama can talk about "ending austerity" when he added $7 Trillion to the current $17.3 National Debt, in his first five years in office, more than any other President in American history, is laughable.   The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office now projects that the Obama spending trajectory will add $10 Trillion more to the National Debt in the next ten years.   However, we will see the economic collapse of the United States long before as the markets Just Say No.   It is becoming clearer by the day that Obama's goal is to intentionally bankrupt our country in order to "transform" America into a Socialist or Communist nation.   This is part of Obama's evil scheme to destroy our military and make the United States a second rate nation.

Fortunately, Obama's tax and spend, big government 2015 Budget, like all his budgets in the last five years is dead on arrival.   Even Socialists in Congress have not supported Obama's Budgets because they have been so outrageous and ridiculous.   Wake up America, President Pinocchio Obama is out to destroy our nation.   The only way to stop him is to elect Common Sense Conservatives (not RINO's) in 2014 and 2016 that support limited Constitutional Government, lower taxes, less regulations and free market capitalism.   With the right economic policy, spending cuts and Tax and  Entitlement Reforms, we can grow our way out of our financial mess.  There is no other way.  

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

IRS Director Lois Lerner Takes The Fifth Again

IRS Director Lois Lerner, who is at the center of the Obama IRS Dirty Tricks Scandal, has taken the Fifth again before a House Congressional Committee.  This woman should be in jail, not getting a bloated government pension in retirement, which is the reason she is asking for immunity from prosecution to testify.   It is clear that Lerner has been instructed by Obamanistas to clam up because one way or another, this Scandal with the IRS targeting Conservative and Religious groups, leads all the way to White House.  It is no coincidence that the IRS Commissioner met with White House operatives dozens of times in the years before the 2012 election.  The only question is who in the White House gave the order.  

Based on testimony from others, we know that targeting Obama's perceived "enemies" happened because of orders coming out of Washington, not as a result of some rogue IRS agents in the field. Lerner may just be the tip of an ugly iceberg.  Remember, Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort, target their enemies and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  We know it because now Obamanistas are attempting to codify this IRS procedure that Obama originally said was unacceptable.   Using the IRS for political purposes was tried by Richard Nixon; but now Obama has been taken to a new level.  But it should be no surprise.  Obama is using the IRS, Justice Department, Homeland Security, the NSA, the EPA and Health and Human Services to go after the President's perceived "enemies".  Obama makes Richard Nixon look like a choirboy.  

These agencies are becoming Obama's Gestapo and it is dangerous to our democracy.   WE THE PEOPLE must stand up and say NO to more intrusion into all aspects of daily life, NO to an attack on our freedoms and NO to dictator Pinocchio Obama.   The best way to say NO is to vote the Socialists bums out of office in 2014 and 2016 by electing Common Sense Conservatives, not RINO's.   We have to do it for the sake of our children and grandchildren.  In the mean time, Lois Lerner needs to go to jail.  

Obama - Weak, Ineffective, Naive, Incompetent

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama never took and passed Economics 101, which is the reason he continues to call for higher taxes, more regulations and more government spending, all job killers.  Now we see that Obama did not take and pass International Relations 325, or World History 101 as he makes a real mess of our foreign policy.   Clearly, Obama is weak, ineffective, naive and incompetent and Vladamir Putin the quasi-dictator of Russia, knows it.  

Putin is pursing the Russian goal of 300 years of dominance over the territories near their borders. This is nothing new.  What is new is that Obama is clueless regarding Putin's intention, which is to restore the old Soviet Union.  Let's not forget that Putin was the head of the Communist KGB before he became a "democrat".   Ha Ha.  Unfortunately, Obama has no credability overseas because he keeps drawing lines in the sand and then leads from behind.  

It is time for Obama to grow a pair and take action.   Obama should immediately authorize placement of the missile defense system that was supposed to go into Poland and the Czech Republic.   We should freeze Russian Assets in the US.  Obama should throw Russia out of the G-8.  Most important, since Putin and Assad have reneged on the deal to turn over Syria's chemical weapons, Obama should give the order to destroy Syria's air force to prevent Assad from using air power against the rebels in Syria.  If Obama fails to act, which is likely, it creates a dangerous vacuum.  This along with Obama gutting the American military is a clear and present danger to the United States and our allies.  It is time for action not more feckless words.  

Monday, March 3, 2014

Obama To Deport Christian Home Schoolers

Uwe and Honnelore Romeike were given political asylum in the US in 2008.   They left Germany because apparently it is a crime to home school their children in that country.  Had they stayed in Germany, the state would have taken their children from them.   Fast forward to 2014.   President Pinocchio Obama and his Justice Department decided to revoke the Romeike's Asylum Status to force them to go back to Germany.  The US Supreme Court refused to hear the Romeike's case, which means they will soon be deported, or have to find another country that supports religious freedom. 

We have 12 million illegal aliens in the United States.  Obamanistas are ignoring immigration laws on the books that would require deportation; yet Obama has wasted tax payer dollars persecuting this Christian family that wants nothing more than to home school their children.  Secular Socialists, including Obama, hate Christians.   They also hate home schoolers that they see as a threat to public schools and teacher unions. 

Persecution of this family, both by Germany and Obamanistas is disgraceful.  Germany is trying to create good little Socialists; but the United States was founded by immigrants seeking religious freedom.   The fact that Obamanistas would go out of their way to deport this family speaks volumes about their left wing Socialist orientation.  Remember, Socialists like Obama, will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort, target their enemies and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  In this case, home schoolers are a threat to public schools and teacher unions so they have to go.  It is a very sad day in America. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

ObamaCare March 31 Deadline - Not Going To Happen

The odds makers in Las Vegas should be booking bets related to the extension of the ObamaCare March 31 deadline.   Clearly, the goal set by Obamanistas of signing up 7 million Americans in ObamaCare, by March 31, is not going to happen.  Of the 3 or 4 million people that have signed up, most are those signing up for free expanded Medicaid and or those getting substantial subsidies.   Those qualifying for Medicaid would have gotten it anyway, so all this hoopla, disruption to our health care system and extra expense just to sign up Medicaid recipients is a ridiculous waste of time and taxpayer money.

There is no reason for anyone in the private market, not getting a subsidy, to buy medical insurance through the federal, or state ObamaCare exchanges, since it is a hassle and they can buy medical insurance directly from insurance companies.  Though, the premiums and deductibles will be higher than necessary, either way, because of ObamaCare mandates.   We have certainly experienced the worst of ObamaCare at our company as premiums went up 10%, half of which was the result of new ObamaCare taxes and now our employees are facing higher deductibles and premiums.   So much for Obama's promise that on average ObamaCare would save an American family $2,500.   Like the Obama promise that you could keep your doctors and current plan, it is not going to happen for millions of Americans. 

So when Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, called all Americans complaining about the negative impact of ObamaCare LIARS, I can say personally that Reid is full of baloney.  But always remember, Socialists, like Reid and President Pinocchio Obama, will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort, target their enemies and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.   We will see more of these Socialist lies and propaganda as we get closer to the 2014 and 2016 elections because like NAZI's, they practice the Big Lie theory constantly spewing propaganda. 

In any case, just watch.  Obama will extend the March 31 deadline because the numbers just don't work.  This is the reason Obama will have to bail out the insurance companies in the amount of billions of dollars.  That day is coming soon.  The 2015 Enrollment Period actually begins next November.   Obama will just blend the two years arguing that the website debacle made it hard for people to sign up in 2014, warranting an extension.   In addition to the federal website mess, Blue States in particular, like Maryland, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Oregon and others have also had major problems with their state exchanges, compounding the problem.  

However, if ObamaCare is so great and such a good deal with subsidies, why must the federal and state governments spend hundreds of millions of dollars to advertise it to get people to sign up.  Where are these 30 or 40 million uninsured Americans that were supposed to flock to ObamaCare.   Given all the publicity in the last three years, good and bad, it is virtually impossible for even brain dead, low learner Obama Voters to be unaware of ObamaCare.   Why aren't they signing up for ObamaCare. 

The Brookings Institute, a liberal Think Tank has concluded that 80% of Americans, including Senior Citizens, will pay more for medical insurance and care as result of ObamaCare.  Only 20% of Americans will actually benefit from ObamaCare; but where are they.   In the next few weeks, we will hear every excuse possible from Socialists to justify extending the March 31 deadline.  Since Obama has already made more than 30 changes to ObamaCare by Executive Orders, which are probably unconstitutional, my bet is on extension by Presidential Executive Order. 

Obama & The Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama is weak, naive and ineffective and we see the end result.  Despite warnings by Obama that there would be "costs" if Russia invaded the Ukraine, a country in the middle of Europe, Vladamir Putin invaded the Ukraine to protect its interests in the Crimea.  This has happened in the very week that Obama announced major cuts to the US Military, signaling further Obama's intention to pull back from the world in a way that is really dangerous.

Obama drew another line in the sand that has been crossed.  It should be no surprise.   Ronald Reagan's adage of "Peace through Strength" and even Richard Nixon's comment that the world needed to think that the President of the United States was just crazy enough to push the nuclear button is also true to insure that it will never be necessary.   No one in the world believes that Obama will do anything in the face of aggression.   The fact that Obama is a LIAR with no credibility in the United States does not help either. 

It is time for Obama to act.  That does not mean military action; but rather taking action that the Russians would hate even more.   Obama should immediately announce that he will authorize placement of missile defense systems, that the Russians really hate, in Poland and the Czech Republic.   Obama gave this away early in his first administration as part of his Reset Button with the Russians and got nothing in return from Putin.  Reset obviously has failed.   Russia is an enemy of the United States with nuclear missiles aimed at Europe and the US.   Russia also supports our enemies in Iran and North Korea.  While we don't need to restart the Cold War, we do need to recognize reality.

Further, since Putin is out to reconstruct the old Soviet Union, Obama should throw Russia out of the G-8.   They are not there because of economic power anyway; but rather military power.   Obama can also freeze Russian assets in the United States.   Putin, like other Russian leaders, only understands raw power.   While we don't need to wield it through the barrel of a gun, today economic power is even more lethal. 

Finally, since the Syrians are not living up to the Russian deal to hand over their chemical weapons, Obama should act to destroy the Syrian Air Force to prevent them from using it against the rebels in Syria out to over throw Assad.  Since Syria is Russia's satellite, this would send a clear message to Putin that the line has been crossed and that when the President of the United States speaks, there will be real consequences.  

These are things Obama should do now; but don't count on it.  Obama, the Liar In Chief, does not understand his role as Commander In Chief.   Obama has created a vacuum in the world and when that happens thugs and dictators move in to fill that vacuum.   Obama is a clear and present danger, not only to the United States; but to the world.   The Russian invasion of the Ukraine is just one more dangerous example of Obama drawing lines in the sand and then doing nothing when they are crossed.  The end of the incompetent Obama Presidency can't come soon enough.