Friday, March 21, 2014

More ObamaCare Insanity

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama has advised young people if they can't afford ObamaCare that they should cancel their cell phones and cable TV to pay for ObamaCare.  Has the President completely lost his mind.  Young people have their cell phones attached to them, since they live on Facebook and other social media venues.   There is no way any young person will give up his or her cell phone to buy ObamaCare.   In addition, no one today can live without cable if they want to stay connected.  Obama is so desperate to get young people to sign up for ObamaCare in big numbers to pay for the older, sick people signing up because it is the only way to pay for his monstrosity.    Young people have to pay more so that older, sick people can pay less.  It cannot work any other way.  Even, then all the numbers ObamaCare was predicated on are phony.   And, Obama needs the sign-up's to be 40% young people and that is just not happening.  The end result will be a government bail out of the insurance companies that were promised a bill of goods to support ObamaCare. 

Now we learn that there is another glitch in the law.  If those insured by ObamaCare stop paying their premiums, doctors and hospitals, could be stuck with the bills.  There is a little provision in ObamaCare that shifts this responsibility from the insurance companies to the doctors and hospitals that already get screwed by ObamaCare.   ObamaCare is the national disaster that just keeps on giving.   80% of Americans are paying more in medical premiums, co-pay's and deductibles so that 20% can get highly subsidized, or free medical insurance.  After Social Security, this is the biggest Ponzi Scheme in human history.  

Obama has issued more than 30 Executive Orders to try to blunt the horrible impact of this law before the 2014 and 2016 elections because Socialists know they are going to get slaughtered because of ObamaCare.   But, the truth is that ObamaCare can't be fixed.   It must be repealed and then Congress needs to enact real health care reform that works for everybody, not just Obama's PEEP's.   ObamaCare, the monstrosity that it is, must be sent to the ash heap of history along with all Socialists and their big government Schemes that are destroying our country. 

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