Sunday, March 2, 2014

Obama & The Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama is weak, naive and ineffective and we see the end result.  Despite warnings by Obama that there would be "costs" if Russia invaded the Ukraine, a country in the middle of Europe, Vladamir Putin invaded the Ukraine to protect its interests in the Crimea.  This has happened in the very week that Obama announced major cuts to the US Military, signaling further Obama's intention to pull back from the world in a way that is really dangerous.

Obama drew another line in the sand that has been crossed.  It should be no surprise.   Ronald Reagan's adage of "Peace through Strength" and even Richard Nixon's comment that the world needed to think that the President of the United States was just crazy enough to push the nuclear button is also true to insure that it will never be necessary.   No one in the world believes that Obama will do anything in the face of aggression.   The fact that Obama is a LIAR with no credibility in the United States does not help either. 

It is time for Obama to act.  That does not mean military action; but rather taking action that the Russians would hate even more.   Obama should immediately announce that he will authorize placement of missile defense systems, that the Russians really hate, in Poland and the Czech Republic.   Obama gave this away early in his first administration as part of his Reset Button with the Russians and got nothing in return from Putin.  Reset obviously has failed.   Russia is an enemy of the United States with nuclear missiles aimed at Europe and the US.   Russia also supports our enemies in Iran and North Korea.  While we don't need to restart the Cold War, we do need to recognize reality.

Further, since Putin is out to reconstruct the old Soviet Union, Obama should throw Russia out of the G-8.   They are not there because of economic power anyway; but rather military power.   Obama can also freeze Russian assets in the United States.   Putin, like other Russian leaders, only understands raw power.   While we don't need to wield it through the barrel of a gun, today economic power is even more lethal. 

Finally, since the Syrians are not living up to the Russian deal to hand over their chemical weapons, Obama should act to destroy the Syrian Air Force to prevent them from using it against the rebels in Syria out to over throw Assad.  Since Syria is Russia's satellite, this would send a clear message to Putin that the line has been crossed and that when the President of the United States speaks, there will be real consequences.  

These are things Obama should do now; but don't count on it.  Obama, the Liar In Chief, does not understand his role as Commander In Chief.   Obama has created a vacuum in the world and when that happens thugs and dictators move in to fill that vacuum.   Obama is a clear and present danger, not only to the United States; but to the world.   The Russian invasion of the Ukraine is just one more dangerous example of Obama drawing lines in the sand and then doing nothing when they are crossed.  The end of the incompetent Obama Presidency can't come soon enough.

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