Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Socialists Suffer Big Defeat In Florida Special Election

Socialists suffered a big defeat after spending millions of dollars in an effort to win a Special Election Congressional seat in Florida's 13th House District.  Republicans made this election a referendum on ObamaCare, which is likely to be the playbook in 2014 and 2016.   Even though Socialist Alex Sink outspent Republican David Jolly by 3 to 1, Jolly received 48.5% of the vote to her 46.7%.  However a Libertarian candidate, who no doubt also opposed ObamaCare, got 4.8% of the vote, which means that a good majority of the people in this Tampa/St. Petersburg district rejected the Socialist Party message.   This election is particularly important since President Pinocchio Obama carried this very same district in both 2008 and 2012. 

Just wait and see, Socialists running for reelection in red states, or swing districts will start running away even faster from Obama and ObamaCare in an attempt to survive their elections in 2014 and 2016.  Special Elections often portend the trend to come.  Republicans are going to win big in 2014.  The only question is how big.   Republicans will hold the House of Representatives and maybe even gain a few seats.  Republicans will gain Senate seats as well; but it is still uncertain as to whether they will gain the 6 seats they need to take control.  The odds are 50/50 assuming they don't screw up again by running bad candidates and or candidates that are not in sink with the base of the Republican Party. 

It is time for bold colors, not pastels, as often referenced by Ronald Reagan.   Republicans need to run Common Sense Conservatives for office that can broaden the base of the party by offering real solutions to deal with the problems facing our country.  It is not just repeal ObamaCare; but instead replace it with real health care reform.  We do need to support common sense Immigration Reform to attract more Hispanic voters.   We should be for School Choice to allow poor parents to get their kids out of failing public schools. We should support reasonable restrictions on abortion that just make sense.  We can be for Gay Civil Unions, without violating our principles that marriage is between a man and woman.  Most important, Republican candidates must be for limited government, lower taxes and less regulation to grow our economy and jobs again in America.  Republicans can win; but only if they present a real option to the Socialist Party.   We don't need RINO, want a be Socialists, running for office.  Running RINO's is a sure road to defeat. 

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