Friday, March 21, 2014

Obama Giving Up Control Of The Internet

Bowing to foreign pressure, Socialist President Pinocchio Obama is giving up American control of the Internet that was invented by the US Military.  Obama is turning over the quasi government agency, managed by the US Government, that controls Internet domains away to some unnamed foreign consortium.  Obama has finally gone over the edge in his betrayal of our nation.   The Internet is based on the American concept of freedom of speech, outlined in the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights in our Constitution.  So now, potentially countries that do not allow freedom of speech like Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran and others will somehow have control over the Internet.  Obama continues to show his true colors and they are not Red, White and Blue.

Obama believes in the "International Community" he always looking to in order to solve his problems, not American Exceptionalism to the detriment of both the American people and our nation.  We see the end result all over the world of Obama's failed foreign policy.  The last thing we should be doing is turning the Internet over to an unstable, International Community often run by thugs and dictators that hate freedom.  We will see censorship related to who is allowed domain names.   Without a domain name, it is impossible to do business on the Internet.   Who knows, Blogs like National Freedom Forum could be outlawed because this Blogger speaks the truth about politicians, countries, government programs etc.

I am quite certain that Obamanistas and all their Socialist pals in governments around the world do not like to see the truth on topics like Global Warming, Big Government Failures, Socialist Schemes, Tin Horn Dictators and a myriad of other topics close to their hearts.   The best way to limit free speech is to pick and choose who has access to provide information over the Internet.  Naturally, Big Brother in all countries wants to control the news, or propaganda to allow politicians to continue feeding at the trough.  Obama is making it easier to stifle free speech by giving up control of the Internet to some International organization, maybe at the United Nations.   WE THE PEOPLE should do anything we can to stop this from happening.   Call your elected representatives in Congress and just say NO.       

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