Monday, March 17, 2014

Charter Schools Work - Time For School Vouchers

A recent study in California shows that kids going to public Charter Schools achieve much higher test scores than kids going to regular public schools.  This may be because Charter Schools are usually run by separate Boards more responsible to kid's parents than the normal school board.  And, it is easier to hire and fire teachers in a Charter School than teacher union dominated regular public schools.  No doubt, parents who choose to send their children to Charter Schools are probably more involved in the day to day running of the school, as well.

So why on earth is New York's new Socialist Mayor Bill DeBlasio out to destroy Charter Schools in New York City even though mostly minority parents are begging him to back off.  The answer is simple.  Teacher Unions fear and hate Charter Schools because they have less say and power related to the running of these schools.  DeBlasio could care less about the education of these mostly minority kids that benefit from New York City Charter Schools because DeBlasio, like all Socialists, including Obama, are owned, lock and barrel by the Teacher Unions. 

We need to go the rest of the way by providing School Vouchers to inner city parents with kids in failing public schools.  These parents should not only have the right to choose public Charter Schools; but also private schools.   The state money should follow the kid whenever and wherever the kid is in a public school that is providing a lousy education.   The rich and upper middle class, including most politicians, already have the means to send their kids to great schools, either because they can afford to live in areas with good public schools, or they can afford private schools.   If we are going to break the cycle of poverty, poor parents should have the same right.  It is time to do what is in the best interest of the children, rather than allowing Teacher Unions to hold these inner city kids hostage to benefit Teacher Union bosses.    

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