Monday, March 31, 2014

Socialist Election Game Plan

The Socialist Election Game Plan in 2014 will be same old, same old.   Socialist will attempt to paint Republicans as "extremists" because in general Republicans are Pro-Life, support less spending and fewer regulations to grow our economy and jobs and want sensible rules in reference to the environment.   It is already happening in the Colorado Senate Race.  Socialists will say that Republicans want to deny women their contraceptives and abortion on demand right up until conception.   Socialists will also say that Republicans want dirty air and water.   Of course, all of his is ridiculous; but it does play to the low learners in our society, Obama's PEEP's, many of whom are on the dole one way or another and or are just clueless.

Hopefully, the rest of the American people will be smarter this time around because the Socialist Election Game Plan is just not true.  It all may not work anyway because ObamaCare is wildly unpopular and most Americans finally realize that the Socialists did this do them.  Further, the demographics in a mid term election do not favor the Socialists.   The voters will be Whiter than in the general election, which favors Republicans.  Further, Independents often critical in many races are favoring Republicans this time around.   Even young people are disenchanted with Obama because Obamanomics has failed to produce jobs for them.   Finally, there are many more Socialist seats in jeopardy than Republican seats. 

As result, the odds are better than 50/50 that the Republicans will not only gain seats in the House of Representatives, they will get the six or more seats they need in the Senate to take over the whole Congress.   If it happens, at least legislatively, the Obama Presidency will be over.   However, this will make Obama even more dangerous because the Liar In Chief will use unconstitutional Executive Orders to further his Socialist Schemes.   All of those orders must be challenged either in Congress, or in Court to strike them down.   In any case, watch for the Socialist  Election Game Plan, it is coming our way.  It is getting really old. 

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