Sunday, March 23, 2014

Senator Dirty Harry Reid - War On The Koch Brothers

Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader is losing his marbles.   Reid usually suffers from foot in mouth disease so that is nothing unusual; but now Reid is making war on the Koch Brothers, successful businessmen and Conservatives who use their money to support other Conservatives.  In a sign of desperation since 12 Senate seats are now in play and Dirty Harry fears a Republican take over of the Senate, which is looking like a real possibility, Reid has to create a demon to fire up the base of the Socialist Party.   The only problem with this strategy is that most Americans know little of the Koch Brothers and Obama and ObamaCare is hanging around Socialist Party candidates like a lead balloon. 

Obama's approval rating is around 38%, not far from where Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter were when they left office.  The vast majority of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction.   Traditionally, the party in power loses seats anyway in off year elections.  In this particular year, there are six Senate seats up held by Socialists; but in very Red States that both McCain and Romney carried by a big margin.   In addition, even some of the states that Obama carried, like New Hampshire, Michigan and Colorado are now in play.   The odds are now better than 50/50 that the Republicans will both maintain the House of Representatives and maybe even gain a few seats and take the Senate.  If that happens, at least legislatively, the Obama Presidency is over.  Obama will then resort to unconstitutional Executive Orders to rule by fiat many of which should be challenged in court. 

Here is the reality.   The Supreme Court Case in Citizens United that allowed for spending money in elections as a form of free speech leveled the playing field.  Prior to this court case, big unions could give unlimited sums of money to support Socialists; but Conservatives and individuals were limited in the sums they could give.   This has allowed both Socialists like Tom Stayer and George Soros, along with the Koch Brothers and others to use their money to influence elections.   Their are many Socialists groups doing just that.  

The Koch Brothers founded Americans For Prosperity along with other groups to support Conservative candidates and issues.   However to say that this is just Koch Brother's money is just plain wrong.   AFP has 90,000 donors and 2.3 million members.   The Socialists of course hate having a level playing field and we saw what happened when the IRS was directed to target Conservative groups like the Tea Party.  Yet no one has gone to jail for their illegal activity.   And, Liar Attorney General Eric Holder will not convene a Special Counsel to conduct an unbiased investigation of this scandal.  Surprise, Surprise.   Always remember, Socialists like Obama, Holder, Reid, Pelosi and all the rest of them will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort, target their enemies and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough. 

In Dirty Harry's case, he likes living at the Ritz Carlton in Washington DC instead of that hell hole he calls home in Searchlight, Nevada.  He and his family have become millionaires from his six plus terms in office.  So Harry will do anything or say anything to stay in power feeding at the trough, including making war on the Koch Brothers who own Koch Industries employing thousands of Americans.   But here is the best part.  Koch Industries owns Georgia Pacific, one of the largest makers of toilet paper in the world.  Whether Dirty Harry likes it or not, somewhere, someplace he is using Georgia Pacific toilet paper, since it is unavoidable, making the Koch's even richer.  Ha Ha Dirty Harry.   Guess the Koch's will win in the end no matter what Dirty Harry does or says.      

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