Friday, March 28, 2014

Senator Dirty Harry Reid - Losing His Mind

Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, appears to be losing his mind.   There have been rumors in Nevada, where this Blogger lives, the Reid has suffered a series of mini-strokes over the years, which may account for his usual foot in mouth disease.  What the Senator apparently does not realize is that his statements are on video so when he lies, it is easy to see the truth. 

A few weeks ago Dirty Harry went on the Senate Floor to tell all Americans that those people complaining of horror stories, as a result of ObamaCare, were all liars financed by the Koch Brothers.   Even though this statement is on video, this week Reid said that he never said those who have suffered because of ObamaCare are liars.  Perhaps, Reid's staff needs to put the script in front of him and only allow him to say what they approve because Reid is starting to look like an idiot.  This Blogger  knows many people, including my company employees, that have been negatively impacted by ObamaCare.  The Brookings Institute, a liberal Think Tank has said that 80% of Americans will pay more for medical insurance and care because of ObamaCare. 

A neighbor in particular had his policy cancelled only to face a 42% increase to buy a new policy that includes all the ObamaCare mandates.  One man in Nevada that thought he had ObamaCare, had to have heart surgery three weeks later only to find out that he did not have insurance.   He now has been billed $400,000 for his surgery because of a screw up in the Nevada State ObamaCare Exchange.  So, there is no doubt that all of the stories we are hearing about are true; despite Dirty Harry's pronouncement calling these people liars. 

Everybody in Nevada knows that Dirty Harry Reid is a crook.  That is nothing new.  Reid has used his position to enrich his family members that are paid lobbyists in Washington DC making millions of dollars.  Reid himself has made millions involving shady real estate deals in Nevada.  In the latest scandal, Reid gave his granddaughter a $17,000 gift using campaign money, which is illegal.  Usually, Reid is smarter than that using campaign money to buy his worthless book, which the campaign then gives out as gifts.  This time Reid is under investigation by the Federal Elections Commissions for the illegal gift he gave his granddaughter. 

Of course, Obamanistas will sweep Reid's corruption under the rug because Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, extort, borrow and target their enemies to remain in power feeding at the trough.  Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid is a master at this game; but this time once again he got caught with his mind missing and his pants down. 

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